NOTE: Because arthritis usually affects the joints, usually the people that are overweight carry so much fluid retention that makes their inflamed joints even worse. By releasing the trapped fluids in the body, the body can lower its weight and take the pressure off the joints and eliminate the acidity in the body that can cause pain.

Take the Arthritis Quiz. Our health coach will call you during the time you request to go over your results.

My favorite pillow. As I detox, I slowly have the need to use a pillow. As people become less positional in- tolerant, the desire to use a pillow is just like an animal. No wild animal needs a pillow. It is not natural to prop our heads up so we don't sufficate in our sleep.
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If your hear some birds in the back ground when we chat, you know where I'm at :)
Which part(s) of your body does arthritis pain affect you?
Do you have swelling or fluid retention?
Do you take flax seed or any omega oil supplements?
When does your arthritis affect you the most?
What type of arthritis do you have?
Are you taking any supplements to help?
​Is your weight creating pressure on your joints?
Do you have a lot of inflammation where the arthritis is at?
Do you do a lot of repetitive motions causing any pain?
Do you exercise regularly?
How is your mobility?
Have you ever seen a specialist for your arthritis?
How often does your arthritis flare up?
Do you feel that your arthritis is from overuse of your joints or more from toxicity and a poor immune system?
​Do you know if your body is acidic?
Are your joints really stiff when you wake up?
If you sit in a car for an hour, is it hard to get out?
Is it hard for you to touch your toes or stretch?
What else should we know about you
I try to make that everyone that takes the quiz gets called back the same day. If you let me know what time to call, I will try to call you at that time. If I believe someone is too sick to use a vibration machine or there are other steps that should probably be looked at first, I will tell you. There is about 1 in 10 emails that I get that doesn't qualify someone for a machine. Thanks for taking the time to read my site.
Is there any other symptoms of your arthritis you want to share?
Getting rid of unfriendly bacteria might be what stops what is causing the problems in the interior of the body.
Contact me today for a free ½ hour phone consultation to discuss how I can help your compare vibration machines that you are looking at, components and engineering differences, and how to determine the right power you need and vibration type based on your body ecology. If I don't think a vibration machine is right for you, I will tell you. About 10% of people that call me have such compromised health that they do not qualify for a vibration machine until other issues are resolved.


We are open now
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We are open now
8am-7pm Central
yes, I do have swelling
no swelling
yes, I do
when I wake up
at night
when I move a lot
yes, and they are helping
yes, but not helping like I want
yes, my weight is affecting my joints
yes, I do have inflammation near the arthritis
I have normal range of motion
I have a limited range of motion
Yes, I have seen a specialist
I am seeing a specialist no
no, I haven't
Often, here and there depending on what I am doing
It is almost always flared up
Toxicity and immune deficiencies
Not sure
Yes, it is very acidic
Yes, it is and I am on a better diet now to make it less acidic
yes, they are stiff when I wake up in the morning?
No, my pH is fine.
I have very little range of motion