See Jessica Simpson on the FBE Vibration machine
See the older edition FBE Vibration machine on the Tyra Banks Show
1 Hz to 25Hz Freqeuncy
(most only go down to 5 hertz)

10 mm amplitude (high for longer plates that go to high accelerations)

24 inch plate (most only 21 inches of usable plate))

Has programs for people that need to keep legs bent and programs for more gentle standing straight routines.

Digital display w/ LED lighting

Weight Capacity: 350 Pounds

IV400 Weight: 170 Pounds.
(no reports of WF at all due to non vibration handles)

Easy to wheel around - 
Yes, it i CE and ETL certified (many cheap machines are not)
The IV400 is the closest high acceleration oscillating models on the market to the beltless models that cost over 10,000 such as the first Galileo and now two other brands. FBE Wellness also has a $14,000 beltless model that goes to 40 hertz. The model I have reviewed that I am selling to residential users is the IV400 which is the most powerful model I have tested where the hand rails do not shake. This is one of the main things most people complain about.

It weighs 170 pounds and is rooted to the ground. Many machines go up to 25 hertz but they shake and usually the base shakes after about 14 hertz. Even at 25 hertz this machine even when I stand off the plate it does not move across the room.

This can be put in clinics without voiding the warranty. This is a true entry level commercial machine and is inbetween the high end beltless models and the residential models that are all over the net. This is mainly sold to chirorpactors but not high high traffic gyms. Remember this is not a beltless model. The people that live in apartments will like it bease it is heavy and does not rattle and piss off the neighbors next door.

This can be used for more than a 20 minute session without worrying that it will get warm. It feels totally different than the machines that weigh way less. 

This has a 3 horsepower peak drive motor with 600 watts. Most have a 1.5 to 2HP motor at 500 watts. It goes down to 1 hertz for people that are in dire situations.

The boost of G force at 25 hertz is a huge step up above the capabilities of most residential machines. Many people who want bone mineralization can try to get it in two ways. The most common way is on the common machines that go to 14 hertz.  The other type is the high acceleration models. There are 2 ways to someone can help build bone density. One, through mechanical vibration. Similar to how kick boxers have told me that they used beer bottles to tap on their shins and bones repetitively to build bone density. Jumping rope and geting the G forces is also a similar way. The other way is by stimulating HGH by high frequency vibration. Putting the high frequencies on the bones and muscles and tendons they say will stimulate the brain to release growth hormone. 

Even though many companies that sell the 14hertz models say theirs will build bone density. They can but just not the same way as getting mechanical vibration and going to the next level to stimulate growth hormone.

Their other machine can go to 40 hertz, their 14,000 dollar one. There is a point where the plate just vibrates and G forces come so quickely that the body doesn't go up and down like when the plate is going at 5 hertz per second or under.

Ihave tried many machines that go over 14 hertz. This is one of the most solid machines I have tested. Most machines that feel close this cost over 10,000. In the range of 3,900 dollars, I have not found any other machine that compares. I like that the manufacture gives a 100% full refund if you don't like their machine. I have not had a return yet on their machines.
I have said to many people to go to Radio shack and buy a 15 dollar amp meter

so they can see how healthy or unhealthy they are. The range is from - 400 millivolts (mv) all the way to 400 millivolts. If people are in the negative range, the further to -400 the healthier they are. Most people calling my site are in the positive range and the more postive the more health issues people complain about and the more serious the conditions the closer to +400 (positive numbers).

Here is where and which type of problems are at:
-30 mv energy level : this is when a person feels like a million dollars, usually kids and athletes
-20 mv energy level : this is when a person feels good, usually adults

-15 mv energy level : this is when a person feel tired but not sick
-10 mv energy level : this is when a person is sick but not necessarily health concerns
-5 mv energy level : this is when a person starts to get major health concerns and the voltage level slowly goes into the positive range from here. This is where most people start to call me and those that don't do anything to bring up the voltage who call me in the positive range are the ones that almost 99.9999% of the time have sluggish lymphatic systems, low bone density, and pain all over their body. Moving all the waste out of the body with lymphatic flushing and a good probiotic can quickly bring the voltage back into the negative range as the trapped blood proteins and stagnant waste in the lymph gets removed from the blockages.

The higher the positive range, or the more the voltage of the body disappears, the more problems people usually have. The people that call me who are at positive 30 millivolts, these are the people that have serious conditions. Their cells and whole body cannot function and they are always getting sick. In a very acidic body with low voltage, almost anyone would be in pain.

When the body is moving lymph and the toxins are coming out of the body, the cells normally pick up voltage. If the body cannot produce enough energy, at least -50 mv, it will be hard for the body to heal. A good probiotic can help with that to restore the body back to -20 millivolts, that should be everyone's goal. I would test my voltage every day and do whatever it took to get my body voltage back to -20 if mine was in the positive range or I was in the range making me tired all the time. 

Most of the major health concerns fit in a certain voltage range. The body must go to -50 mv BEFORE going back to -20 mv, which is the healthy state. It is very hard to reach -50 for most people that are in the "tired" range unless they know what what to do to get out of that range.

You cannot do it by just eating well nor doing things to increase your voltage without minerals, etc. 
See the FBE Vibration machine on ACCESS HOLLYWOOD
See their other product they sell on the Doctors show. These guys seem to be doing a great job marketing their products.
I am getting numerous calls from people that watch these shows and from the manufacture doing national demonstrations of their machines. I want to thank all the shows and those who go out an demonstrate these machines. I cannot contact them but if there is anything I can do to show gratitude I will. 
See the FBE Vibration machine on EXTRA WITH MARIO LOPEZ
Manufacture's Policy on Vivo Vibe 460
In the unlikely event you would like to return your FBE Wellness machine you may do so within 30 days of delivery. 30 days after delivery.
Their IV400 is commerially rated and can be used in gyms without voiding the warranty. 
Vivo Vibe 460
Name change in progress
3 Horsepower Motor
Maximum power: 1.8 AMP (super high)
Vibration mode: High Acceleration
Power consumption: 600W
Vibration Frequency: 1 to 25 Hz Pivotal
Vibration Amplitude: 10mm
User weight capability: 350 lbs

Buy a IV400 and get
Free Bottle of Green Superfoods
​Free Bottle of Probiotics
Free Bottle of Cell Food
Free Energy Pendant $160 VALUE
Free Cell phone EMF protection
Free 1 hour raw food consultation
Their location in California
Call for availability of demos 1-866-945-9072.
3 horsepower peak drive motor
Their company has now changed names to VIVO WELLESS.  I am keeping the "FBE Wellness" on this page as so many people look up FBE wellness and find me on here. All the people that bought these under FBE wellnesss refer people and I am not going to lose sales due to a name change.
If anyone that has bought the IV400 from me, and sees a different model name soon, I can still get the older models but not allowed to advertise it. It sucks that everytime there's a good product they change names. This has happened 4 @#%ing times with 4 different companies and messes my business up.

The new model will be called Vivo Vibe 460
This videos is the videos that made me buy one of these machines to see what it was about. This machine is on every freakin talk show. I had to buy this at full retail price, just like everone else in order to buy them at the price I do now.

This is the only brand that people claim they lose a full pound after 10 minutes of standing on the machine. Just standing. I tested this with most machines. Very few people know how the body can instantly weigh a pound less after 10 minutes. Do you know?  1 out of every ten customers call me and get it right.
Vivo Vibe 460
Name change in progress
This is the new VivoVibe 260.
Belt driven
Call for Availability and pricing.


This is the new VivoVibe 460.
Shaft driven

Call for Availability and pricing.


This is the New Vivo 260. This goes to 17 hertz.
We have one demo available at a reduced price.

We are open now
8am-7pm Central
We are open now
8am-7pm Central