I've been selling the Hypervibe since I found the importers in NYC. Theres a lot of confusion over having level 20 on a vibration machine or 20 hertz. I had to fly up to nyc and make sure it was actually 28 hertz which they claimed. Almost every residential model only goes up to 14 vibrations a second which is standard for machines 500 watts and under.

The Hypervibe does vibrate at 28 hertz and is the most powerful residential model I have ever tested. It has a 900 watt motor which is usually found in the commercial models. Comparing it to the VibraFlex, or Galileo, it is just not built with all the steel and German engineering. It does cost about 600 more than the most powerful 500 watt residential models. The 900 watt motor from Australia is super powerful and relatively low noise for the power it produces.

​The Hypervibe has never overheated even at running the machine at 28 hertz for an entire session. Many of the cheaper machines when running at 14 hertz have a rubber smell from the rubber belts that cook usually towards the end of a 20 minute session. This is why some say use it for 10 minutes and wait 30 minutes till running the motor again.

It also has a very balanced vibration even at the high speeds. I have never heard a complain of it rattling a year later even with heavier people. I won't say it is a copy of the German made models but it is very close at a fraction of the price. It took a long time for the Hypervibe to make it to the states and I have not had one return as of writing this since I have been selling it. If I had to say how reengineered it is to make it close to the German made models with my eyes close, I would say 100% of the power and G force but just not as smooth and quiet as the German made model. The German made models cost around $11,000 that have the power of the Hypervibe. For the speeds from 22 to 28 hertz, the machine is engineered so the plastic/stainless steel frame doesn't reverberate. Most cheap machines make noise from the plastic frame vibrating, not just motor.

​I would recommend a yoga mat to go under this model if using it at close to its 28 Hertz speed. It will definitely dampen the noise. I also recommend cutting off part of that same yoga mat and putting it on the plate when you stand on it at high speeds. Also, when doing pushups and planks where your elbows go on the plate, a cushion is a must.

​There are so many benefits people miss out on when getting an oscillating machine that only goes up to 14 hertz. The only thing in between is the spiral that adds a little kick but nothing compares to the 11mm acceleration in the high hertz range. 

The frequencies above 14 hertz will hit totally different parts of the body that 14 hertz machines can limit.

​The expensive 900 watt motor negligably reduces its speed with any weight you put on it under 265 lbs. The materials are made to give the performance it claims and almost no varience in frequency or G force change. Most companies give the G force of their machine without a person or weight on it which is unfair to the customer. I have personally exposed this earlier. If the display says 28 hertz, I expect it to give me 28 hertz.

It comes with a one year warranty and as long as the weight of the person using it never exceeds the maximum limit, it should last a very long time. 

​A 900 watt motor is capable of delivering the promised G force at 265 pounds or less. If a machine claims it can hold 300 lbs or even 400 lbs, and only has a 200 to 500 watt motor, I would be very........

Put it this way, you will never hear a store say, I am very sorry to say this but, you are too heavy to use my brand of machine". NO, you don't hear that. They INFLATE THEIR WEIGHT LIMITS. 

For the record, they are capable of holding people over 300 lbs but the G force and amplitude of the plate is sacrificed. It becomes a foot massager. If this confused you at all, you are welcome to call and I can answer any questions you might have. I hope I have giving you the right questions to ask and provided relevant information.

NOTE: The Hypervibe, which has commercial components and can handle commercial use because I know chiropractors and phystical therapy clinics that have used the same Hypervibe in their office for at least 2 years that I know of, well, they say you can't use their machine in a clinical setting and only personal use. I personally think this is so people don't abuse the warranty. How in the heck can a 900 watt motor burn out. Even 500 watt motors that are in most of the vibration machines don't burn out after being in a personal training gym or chiropractors office.

The only vibration machine that I know of that states it has a commercial warranty, as I said earlier, that won't void the warranty, is the one made in Germany.

Choosing based on specific concerns
HyperVibe Perfomance
SALE $2,599
Vibration mode: High Acceleration Oscillating
Power consumption: Light Commercial AC motor
Vibration Frequency: 6 Hz to 28 Hz, with 1 Hz increments
Vibration Amplitude: High 11mm
Weight Limit: 180 KG
G force Max: 17.4
Platform dimension: 56.5 cm x 36.5 cm 
LOW EMF: Low Voltage AC Motor


Hypervibe is ETL listed. It is indpendantly testedd and approved for the USA.
Many people use the Hypervibe at 22 to 28 hertz and lay down if the swelling is in the legs. At 28 hertz (a 500 watt 28 hertz machine is fine if you are heavy but not standing on it by putting your legs on the machine while on your back on the floor on a mat. Just the weight of your legs won't bog it down and keep the speed up like the 900 watt Hypervibe motor. See the video below to see how someone does it.

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