Many people call me that want a vibration machine for a bad back. What is funny, every company that I have called has said that their machine can help loosen the back muscles, elongate the muscles, and release lactic acid.

Some of the machines to people that "already" have a bad back and chronic ligament and disk degradation and low bone density give too much ballistic impact that you have to turn the settings to the point where it just feels like a massage. The real issue behind back pain lies in the presence of heavy metals. Until they are removed, there will always be back problems.

Another thing that agrivates me is that the companies who claim to know how their machines work, all have on their exercise charts that tell you how to do situps and plank positions. Don't they get it???? Getting up on your elbows doing the black puts the vibration at a 90 degree angle and gives a horizontal vibration to the backbone. This can really hurt someone with low bone density and all I hear is companies saying to do this and don't even have a warning to people wiht bad backs on the posters or when you call them. They don't even spend the time asking you if you have a back or bone problems before telling you all the good things the machine can do.

Only a few machines are easy on the back and take out most of the ballistic impact so the back is not jarred. Getting a machine for the back is a very sensitive issue. Some people have pinched nerves. Others have low bone density. Some people have upper back and some have lower back pain.

Almost all the minerals in the body go into the hips and femur bones. These are the largest storage area for the body's mineral reserves. This is can be the first place or last place for the bones to get weak as it is the largest storage area where the minerals get robbed from. The people who have bad backs and bad knees are the ones who withdraw minerals from the hips the most to buffer the toxins in their body. This is probably why most people that call me have such low bone density when they get older, especially women that have lower weight hip bones than most men. Although we stop ossifying and don't need minerals to grow bones, when the body is toxic and needs the inwraps to buffer itself, the body can start to "digesting your bones". Remember, the minerals to buffer a toxic body has to come from somewhere. Also, with people that have a sluggish lymph and poisoned blood, and a digestive system full of toxins, it can be hard to assimilate any minerals or supplements taken orally. One of the things that has helped many people that I talk to is clear magnesium oil. It stings like crazy if you have a cut but rubbing it on the body is what everyone says they do to get the magnesium minerals back in the body. Magnesium baths are good too. Whole foods sells the magnesium bath oil. Too many people tell me their results that I have to take their word for it that it works.

If anyone is buying a vibration machine and you have a bad back, I would almost have them put it in writing that you can return it if you don't like it. Almost all the companies I work with have a 30 day 100% money back return policy. If you have a bad back and want to try a certain machine, I will try to locate a demo at a chiropractor in your area before selling you a machine.

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