NOTE: Beet Juice test YOU MUST DO
Find out how long it takes your current digestive state to digest a meal by drinking beat juice. Whole foods will juice it for you for free. If it takes too little time then your body is probably not absorbing all the nutrients. If yet takes longer than it should then their will be too much pressure on the gut and toxins will absorb and can stay in the gut instead of being eliminated.
Wiping: Healthy stools should be tapered and solid. Most people don't like when they get a loose, runny mess but do you want that mucous trapped in your body? Most people don't know if they should have a loose one as they do evertying they can and often take laxatives to "get it out" when the body is not letting it. Study homeostasis. Remember, if the wastes is messy it is probably sticking to the sides of your colon too. Very hard for someone using a vibration machine for more than 2 minutes at a time with a compromised body ecology. Moving 15 lymph turns per minute must be carefully planned. Even if its easy to go on for 10 minutes, 2 minutes is usually recommended.

Take the Excretion Quiz. Our health coach will call you during the time you request to go over your results.

When you start exercising, when do you perspire?
Do you ever have undigested food?
Is your stool:
Is it all in once piece or separated?
Do you sweat a lot when you workout?
Does it float or sink?
​Do you know if your body is acidic?
Do you have any constipation?
What else should we know a bout you
I try to make that everyone that takes the quiz gets called back the same day. If you let me know what time to call, I will try to call you at that time. If I believe someone is too sick to use a vibration machine or there are other steps that should probably be looked at first, I will tell you. There is about 1 in 10 emails that I get that doesn't qualify someone for a machine. Thanks for taking the time to read my site.
Urine: What's your urine Color (deep dark is optimal for detoxing)
Do you have fluid retention in your body?
Do you ever normally when you sleep?
Do you get skin rashes often?
Do your feet have an odor?
Is your hair really dry or coarse?
Does your genitals smell?
Do you have gas?
Do you have a white foam in the corner of the mouth?
Is your hair really dry or coarse?
Are you taking any probiotics?
Do your nails tend to break a lot?
Do you use an antiperspirant under your armpits daily?
Do you have a lot of sinus or head congestion?
Most of my questions I ask on the quizzes are from unsolicited feedback I get. Thank you for reading my site to this point. If there are any questions you don't know the answers to you do not have to answer them. I will try to get back to people within a few hours of taking the quiz.
If the waste doesn't get eliminated by the liver and the gut is too compromised, the skin organ is another means of elimination. Many people are trying to put acne creams all over their face trying to get rid of it but I've learned it is homeostasis and the body doing its job to elminate through the skin. The toxins have to come out somewhere. Fix the gut and there should be no excretion problems.
Contact me today for a free ½ hour phone consultation to discuss how I can help your compare vibration machines that you are looking at, components and engineering differences, and how to determine the right power you need and vibration type based on your body ecology. If I don't think a vibration machine is right for you, I will tell you. About 10% of people that call me have such compromised health that they do not qualify for a vibration machine until other issues are resolved.

I can go a whole workout and not sweat at all
I sweat just a little
yes, sometimes I see undigested food
light brown
very dark
one piece
yes, I sweat a lot
It floats
It sinks
Yes, it is very acidic
Yes, it is and I am on a better diet now to make it less acidic
yes, I have a hard time with my stool
No, my pH is fine.
I start sweating quickly and sweat a lot
very runny
it varies
I sweat on my face or chest or only in the armpits
It is buoyant
It varies
Light yellow
Clear (not usually good)
Deep Dark
sometimes I sweat
yes, and my sheets are often soaking wet
yes, I get rashes often
yes, they stink
no, my hair is healthy
yes, anyes, it is dry or coursed my sheets are often soaking wet
yes, I can smell it
no, smells like a rose
yes, I have been told
yes, and it smells fine. Just carbon dioxide
yes, people have to leave the room when I fart
yes, I am dehydrated but don't really feel it
no, my hair is healthy
yes, I am dehydrated but don't really feel it
no, I do not have gas
yes, from the health food store
yes, extra strong ones (L planetarium)
yes, my nails break often
No, but need to
yes, I am almost always congested