VMAX Q5 Spiral Motor
Most powerful portable spiral
vibration machine
Spiral machines are the latest design for machines that vibrate up to 14 hertz but with a second motor that provides and elliptical motion. This is the latest invention that one company has the patent on. No one can copy it but the importers private label them so you will see them under different names. 

Although the spiral machines look alike, different importers can choose the type of motor, type of control panel which controls the amperage going to the machine, and other components ranging from basic residential to entry level commercial.

How it works:
The dual motors work synergistically to produce more effects that just one motor usually cannot give at the speeds up to 14 hertz.  The spiraling motion of the dual motor seems to loosen everything up so that the pivotal motor can help the body release more toxins and make the lymphatic fluid easier to circulate.

This is not the same as the machines with two motors that move the machines in uncontrollable motions which can, if not properly designed for anything other than residential use, can get out of alignment and the two motors can cancel out. These rarely are seen anymore anyway except triplaner motels that are designed for this but this is usually for gym use, not lymphatic or bone issues.

My previous website on vibration machines focuses on therapeutic and most lymphatic issues as this was what I looked for in the machines that moved the most lymph and detoxed people depending on their weight and health issues.

My focus on this site is the bones and higher accelleration training. See my other site you can see how it has a totally different focus than this website.

Spiral (dip & tip movement)
First their was only pivotal, now their is spiral motion, which has two motors that moves the tips the plate right and left while also dipping it front to back. This dipping motion from the 2nd motor simulates walking more than just pivotal as it dips the pelvis as you would when you normally walk. Having a spiral motion feels can feel more soothing to those with hip and lower back problems, The body responds differently as it is more unbalanced this way, which can also be turned off. This dipping also helps the back become more flexible as the back moves back and forth. The 2nd motor helps work more stabilizer muscles also.

FREQUENCY Oscillating: 5 - 30Hz /
Orbital: 15 - 40Hz /
DualVib: 25 - 50Hz
What this means: The pivotal motion never goes over 30 hertz but how can they say that it goes to 50 hertz when it doesn't?

Answer: when the second motor kicks in, the plate is actually getting 50 vibrations a second. Also, when the setting is at 25 hertz a second, the left and right motion is not going at 25 hertz, but much less. By having a 2nd motor, the body is getting 25 vibrations a second but not all in the same direction and is much smoother in the way it feels. It can make it much easier to stand on a spiral motion at 30 hertz than a single motor motel going at 30 hertz in one direction.

When to choose spiral over pivotal - 
When you add a 2nd motor that tilts just 2mm back and front it creates a circular motion when moved in conjunction with the side to side motion. 
The spiral is good to use AFTER vibrating at the lower 5 hertz as all the toxic lymphatic fluids go back into the blood to be processed in the liver. Many people are just jacking the pivotal motion to 20 hertz because it feels good but that is just recycling the poisoned blood. If you google the lymphatic system or passed Anatomy 101, you should have remembered that the lymphatic system removes waste by a negative pressure system. Vibrating at high speeds can help circulate the blood (vasodilation) but CANNOT create the negative pressure to move lymph efficiently. DON'T GET SCAMMED AND BUY THE WRONG ONE! The best way to use the spiral system is to vibrate at 5 hertz and after the toxins are pulled into the lymph and then to the blood, then and only then, I go to the higher hertz. I never start any session without warming up at the 5 hertz first. Unfortunately most machines don't start at such low frequencies and are mostly focused on exercise. The spiral motion exercises the muscle and ligaments more thoroughly.
It makes no sense to want to improve circulation without cleaning the blood first. It only feels good for a little bit when circulation is increased without cleaning the blood first. No one I have talked to has improved their lymphatic system at the higher hertz machines like they do on machines that go under 6 hertz.

When you are on a spiral, you don't notice the 2mm dipping but you do notice a more smoother, circular motion, especially at the higher levels that most people use for building bone density. Almost everyone who I have interviewed has preferred the motion of the plate when both motors are moving the plate than just one motor. Most of the heavier people notice more of the smoothness than someone who is very light and will appreciate the second motor that much more.

Spiral Oscillating Machines: TWO MOTORS
With recent addition of spiral type vibration, the 2nd motor creates a circular motion. With the circular motion at the bottom of the vibration, it has a more of a rolling feel, a smoother feel similar to an elliptical machine many people use in the gym. 

Having a right spinning circular movement puts a helps put a right spin on the blood. Most people who have low energy have a left spin on their blood. When the charge of the body goes up, the spin is stronger to the right. You can take a cheap tester at Radio Shack and it will give you a readout of your voltage of your body (just like a 500 watt motor has more energy potential than a 200 watt motor). As you pinch the red wire and the black one with your other hand, it will tell you how many millivolts your body is at. This is very helpful. I only workout when my voltage is at a certain level, otherwise, I know I am going to have a bad workout. The circular spin of the plate can help bring back the positive charge. If you take some water and spin it to the left and muscle test someone holding it and also have water that you spun to the right, most people notice a difference. Just like the stickers you put on the vibration machines that have AC motors, these stickers can help block the effects of the left spin. If you get an EMF meter, you can see how strong the EMF is from each motor. A good way to tell if you are sensitive is to blowdry your hair for a few minutes and see if you are more tired afterwards. You can also take one of the testers and use the wires to tell you if your voltage of your body went down. Most of the dual motors on spiral type vibration machines have DC motors and there isn't a concern. 

Knee problems:
You need better blood circulation to the knee if you want what what these machines offer. Many people have inflammation in the knee. Tri-motion is one of the most soothing for the knees. Linear is great as long as it goes to the low hertz, such as the sonic models. The oscillating-only models are more limiting as they can't provide circular movement at the higher speeds. At the lower speeds, both the spiral and pivotal are ok, it is the higher speeds which is when people feel the difference. At the tri motions, you can lower the hertz and get the same results as pure left and right motion without as much impact on the body.

Itchyness from spiral machines
More people complain about itchiness from spiral settings than any other type of vibration.

Why do I itch when on spiral machines and others I don't?
A. With higher g forces at the lower speeds while getting the same vibrations you would at higher speeds, more people often feel and itch in their calves and legs. Blood vessels are dialating and this increased circulation can cause itching, similar to sitting in a hot tub and going to a warm shower. The itching usually goes away once the circulation as back to normal.

See our review on the 2014 Vibra-Trim Spiral Vibration Machine. Read our review here.



Spiral models are the latest add on to pivotal vibration and giving an extra boost to standard pivotal vibration. Adding the 2nd motor creates an entire new experience to your workout when using the spiral motor with the pivotal motor. These are the most popular among chiropractors since they have came out. Almost all the dual motor models can go down to 5 hertz and still give high G forces which allows enough time to move lymph which many machines lack.
Make sure your spiral model has at least a 27 inch plate if you want one that goes down to the low hertz, (5 hertz, optimal). If not, and you move up and down at 5 hertz per second and the plate is shorter, you will have less G force and low lymphatic movement can be the result. Please be careful.
This is the lowest priced spiral machine on the market.
I do not recommend this to anyone over 170 pounds although it can work you won't get the G forces at the low speeds. The plate is slightly shorter than 27 inches but it is the best alternative for those that need a lighter duty machine. It is made of plastic and steel, unlike the higher end ones that are 100% steel. This is 200 watts but it has a 300 and 200 watt motor, unlike the others that have 500 and 300 watt motors. Again, if you are under 170, you won't need the extra power and won't know the difference between this one and the better ones when standing on them. If over 160, this is when you notice the light dutiness of this machine.

If you are not sure which machine you need, call me.

This is the most expensive of the spiral machines on the market. This is the first one and is in most chiropractors offices around the states. i have a list of chirorpactors in almost every state, especially Texas, Florida, California, Arizona, and New York that have all agreed to let you come in and try the machine so you can see what it is like before you buy it. 

The components they use in their machine are the highest grade of all the spiral models. Some have 300 watt motors and others have 500 watt motors and other different grade internal components. This is one of the few companies that will let you return it and not pay a restocking fee and will pay to ship it back if you don't like it. There are many brands that make similar looking ones that can have different motors and components that you wouldn't know unless you tried them side by side like we did.

The Trio and Vibra-trim VT400 are the only two solid steel ones I like. If you find a different machine that looks the same, please let me know and I will check it out for you.

This is the higher end model of the Vmax fitness line. These machine and warranties are slightly different than the VT400 and this one is slightly cheaper. It also comes with a 2 year warranty. This company give me volume pricing and i usually put my orders in once a week with this company to get a better price so I can offer you a better price. They also give me special pricing when I go to trade shows and I usually have a demo at a reduced price once every few weeks. This company is very good with customer service and ha been in business a long time.

I will give free shipping and no tax if sold to Canada and the lower 48 states.

I also give 30 days to try this machine if there is no chiropractor in your area that has this one. 
Based on interviewing a 35 year in to the business nutritionist and someone I trust that knows more about how to flush toxins out of the body than anyone I have ever interviewed.

Notes from my interview:
To fully pump the lympahtic system and give the body and entire flush each day, you need about 10,000 steps weather that be on uneven ground, jumping up and down or any type of vibration that give us enough time for the valves in the lymph vessels to open and shut and create a negative pressure to flush.

(Note that linear will also do this but if using it every day, getting 10,000 vibrations a day on a linear might make those with knee, hip, or ankle problems sore. This is only talking about the low vibrations (5 hertz or lower). Most linear models vibrate at high speeds and have very little amplitude and this has less effect than at lower hertz.

If you are walking 10 minutes a day, and taking 3,000 steps, then you can eliminate one of your 3 sessions. One lymphatic session of 10 minutes (5 vibrations a second times 1 minute is 300. Then if a session is 10 minutes, then 10 times 300 (3000 vibrations). Most people do some type of walking during the day and if the person is taking 3000 steps then that leaves 7000 steps for the machine to do, or a little over 20 minutes. Many people cannot do a 30 minute session on these as their body's are not capable of digesting all of that lymph at once.

Realize that moving 4 teaspoons of lymph a minute, or 40 teaspoons in 10 minutes is only good if you can process it all that quick. It's like doing a third of the day's walking in 10 minutes. A good probiotic hsould help. Their are some good probiotics that take the blood poisons and trapped blood proteins by the hand and only walk them through the gut from the liver if they are ready to go. The probiotic is kinda like the door man at a fancy night club telling people who can go in and who has to wait in line until they pay or whatever.

There are many things that can tell you if your lymph system is stagnant. Most people have a white haze on the back of their tounge and not matter if they use a tounge scrapper or brush their teeth, they still get that haze. It is the poisoned blood and yeast build up from a poor body ecology. No animal in nature has this haze. It smells and is nasty. But, what is funny is that no one seems to care. Usually couples both have the haze and the other person doesn't smell (or taste) it when they kiss because both of the people have it. It's just nasty. The first thing I do on a date before I kiss someone is check out their tounge. I had to go to my car last time and go in my glove compartment and grab a tounge scraper. It was after the movies and she thought I was reaching for "something else". The date ended there. I refuse to kiss a girl who has a white haze on her tounge that won't even talk about it. If you call me and tell me up front that you won't get offended I can start the conversation without worrying you are gonna hang up one me if I offend you. So, just tell me when you call me and I will keep it real. If not, I will try to keep it less graphic, PG 13.
Video: Many people are confused on what spiral vibration frequencies are. It is not linear. It is not pivotal either. It is spiral, circular. If you Google what happens when you put a right spin on the body (the directional spin of the cells as opposed to a left spin), the new spiral machines work with 2 motors giving a right spin to the body at the same time the plate teeter totters. These spiral machines put a serious right spin on the cell. Almost 99% of the sick people that call into my site have a left spin to their body which I can take a tool and the people that have left spins feel a huge tingling sensation when I put back the right spin on the blood. The right spinning vibration is the most soothing feeling to my back. I feel much better when using the spiral motor at the same time as the pivotal motor runs.
Our bodies lose the water spiral as we age.
AB-NORMAL: When the spin of the body is anti-clockwise where it shouldn't be, this is when most people are in a sick and an inflammation state.

NORMAL: Having the right spin on the body by having no blockages "cellulite", inflammation, swelling, and less constrictions with poisoned lymph and blood.

Cleaning this stagnant debris with a spiral moving vibration machine.
This kinda makes me feel like I have to picks sides of the fence but I don't like one brand over another. Some people are light weight and a 300 watt motor is fine. Others may need a 500 or 900 watt motor for their weight class.
I will say that the models that have the fewest complaints are the higher amperage control panels and at least 500 watts. The 300 watt models are good and heavy people can go on them but the "pop" feel just isn't there like the higher wattage models. Some models can be 2HP but with 300 or 500 watts, so just having 2HP means little to nothing when you don't know the amps or wattage. Also, if a the model has a 10mm versus 11 or 14 mm amplitude on the tippy edge of the plate in relation to the length of the plate makes a difference too.

Because I sold all of them… I now realize why some manufacturers always had their spiral break downs and others, never one return. Because I have sold about 5 major brands, I know which brands people complain about and which never have any problems. If only sold one brand I could say that I am not familiar with the other brands. Each brand has a slightly different feel. Somme have 2 hp motors. Others have 2.5 hp motors. Some have 500 watts, some have 1000 watts. Most customers don't know which motors are more powerful because they don't know how to figure which will give the most G force to the plate. Amperage, wattage, horsepower. It's very confusing to a naive customer.
Just like buying a oven, if you are baking a cake and set the temperature to 350 degrees, you don't want it to really be 330 degrees. You want to make sure that each oven has been tested. If it doesn't have an output of 2HP when it should or it the motor is 460 watts when it should be 500, this is when a product should be a reject. I believe there is a reason why some are not ETL listed, ISO 9001 certified or ROHS and CE certified. The most expensive company that I hear charges about 50 thousand to test and put their label on the machine is the UL listing. The ETL listing is just as expensive and if the machine has an ETL listing, you can be super assured the product is quality. Most are just CE, ROHL and ISO 9001 certified. A machine usually will cost a lot more that looks like the same machine when it is ETL or UL listed. Most people don't know one certification from the other so many companies can get away with not having that listing. I didn't even know until I tested the machines and it all makes sense why some seemed to have problems 2 years later after 2010. It is 2012 at the time of writing this and this is now when all the 2 year warranties are finally over. I will wait to see what happens. So far, the main brands that had all the problems are out of business. This is starting to all make sense.
I only will deal with companies who import spiral machines who have been in business at least 5 years.
High Amperage, Dual Motor
Spiral Motor
4U 2000 - Spiral motor
Original Distributor
VIBRA PRO - Spiral motor
Not tested yet. Customer reviews good so far.
VMAX TRIO - Spiral motor
Stronger motor, slightly noisier. Holds over 400 lbs.
MEDIUM motor, good for people that are under 200
VIBACORE 1000 - Spiral
MEDIUM motor, good for people that are under 200
ForeverFit - Spiral
Located in Canada. They have the new upgraded 2.5 HP motor.
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Although, two identical looking spiral machines can be the same, one importer might have EVERY component UL Listed, some might just pay to get their motor UL listed or have electrical certification.
The more expensive ones usually have more certifications. I think the reason is that they want to make sure their are no reject machines so in teh future they don't have to worry about if the machine was defective as it is always the customers word against theirs. I just don't think it they charge more and for this reason. I think they should charge less as they are tested and they are more likely to not have a failure down the road. Usually any problem will happen the first month in a reject machine. It's all marketing hype if you ask me. If you ask somone else they might tell you differently. Many people want a longer warranty. Many people would rather pay a cheaper price on the same machine and get a shorter warranty. Getting the certifications on a machine is a personal machine.
Many people are using the spiral motor at the same time as the pivotal motor because it feels good. I had to ask to find out that the one way valves need time to open and close and rely on an upward motion to create the negative pressure to create this milking motion so the fluid can travel to the liver. The valves have to all pump in the same direction at the same time to create this negative pressure for the fluids to diffuse toxins out of the body. The spiral direcdtion goes one way and the pivotal another. Please consider using spiral separately if doing it for lymphatic drainage.
2014 VT500 Vibra-Trim

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