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Buyer Beware: Vibacore Triplaner machines are not allowed to be sold on Ebay, just as you want see any other triplaner company selling on Ebay. If a dealer is selling the 3000 or 5000 model on Ebay the warranty will be voided.
VibaCore makes both the triplaner and tri motion motors. Note: Please make sure which type is the one you need as both are totally use different vibration technologies. See my tri-motion (spiral page) and the TriPlaner page to see how the two types differ.

The triplaner is best for stretching and building core strength and can also be used for lymphatic drainage. Their triplaner motors have a built in full color monitor that has a virtual personal trainer which is the first machine I have found that has this. 

The virtual instructor has different workout modes for different needs. It makes sure the person is doing the workout correctly. Many people are using the machine for bone density and others for lymph and others for body building. A person using it for bone density might want a different setting than for bodybuilding or lymphatic drainage.

It also has 8 workout programs which come in handy so you don't have to manually keep changing the speed settings which makes the workout longer than 10 minutes.

For those that have balance problems it is easier to do static poses and do the stretches you would do on a pivoting model.

Both the 3000 and 5000 models are super heavy. The 3000 model weighs 210 pounds and the 5000 model weighs about 307 lbs. Most machines on the market weigh about 75 to 130 pounds. The heavy frame dampens the sound also.

The only machines I can compare this to are the $10,000 dollar machines that I have went on in gyms. Just about all the expensive membership gyms in Manhattan were I first tried the triplaner machines have these in their studio. When I closed my eyes I could not tell which model I was on. The 5000 seems to feel a little more solid for heavier people but the 3000 made no difference for people under 200 pounds. Many people add two 50 pound dumb bells and increases the weight to 300 pounds. I would recommend the 5000 model if the total weight is over 400 pounds even though it is rated for 500 pounds maximum weight.
VIBACORE 5000 Versus 3000 MODEL
I have one demo available at a reduced price.

Notice: If you are under 6 feet and light weight, you will not notice the difference between the 5000 and the 3000 model. The 3000 model is more than suitable for the average person that wants to build bone density and flush their lymphatic system. Both models have the same ability to tone the body and increase strength. The 5000 model is only better depending if a larger plate is needed and very heavy weights are being added and less noise is desired with heavier weights.
This is the Vibacore 5000 model.The big difference between this and the 3000 model is this one has dual motors and the 3000 model has only one motor. The motors are 350 watts each and high amperage creating very low EMF for its power created. Most machines in its price range are 500 to 900 watts. With 2 motors each motor doesn't have to work as hard and creates less noise as the work is split in half.

Both machines start at 20 hertz. The 3000 model goes 10 hertz higher to 60 hertz. The 5000 model goes to 50 hertz. As a point of reference the Theravibe, which goes the highest and is 18,000 dollars, goes to 80 hertz. Doing a squat at 80 hertz is almost impossible for anyone to do for very long.

The plate size on the 3000 model is almost 29.5 inches and the 5000 model has a 39.4 inch plate, 10 inches longer than the Theravibe, and that is huge. At 39 inches, that is more than shoulder width apart and for doing wide leg squats and pushups, the extra long plate is something most people want that don't just want to do standing exercises.

The 5000 model will hold more than 500 pounds without bogging down. I had this monkey looking guy I had to pay in Union SquareI that was clearly over 400 pounds. He was sitting on a milk crate with a sign saying Free Advice and I figured I could get him to this studio that had the machine and have him hold dumb bells to make his weight over 500 pounds. This is teh only picture on the net that I could find that looked like him and I hope it doesn't offend anyone.
Below is the Vibacore 1000 model. This is very similar to the other spiral models on the market but this one has a 500 watt motor. Most of the ones that have the same frame have a 300 watt pivotal motor and a 200 watt spiral motor

This is one of my best selling models.
Although it looks similar to others, the Vibacore 1000 model weighs 90 pounds which is super super heavy. These cost more because of the better motor it has. The ones that have 300 watt motors can be quite noisy which you can see in some of our videos on our site. For solid vibration and less noise at super heavy weights it will cost more than 1795. You get the power of commercial machines as long as the users are under 265 with this. I was very impressed when I first tried this machine. I thought it was just going to be another knock-off with a different private label of the current spiral machines that I have already tried and sell. The 500 watt motor makes it feel more solid like the spiral machines over 2,000 dollars. It is way worth paying 300 dollars more to get the upgraded motor in this model. The manufacturer just started putting in the 500 watt motors just recently.
Call me for the lowest prices on the Vibacore line. I am giving a 30 day 100% money back on the price of the machine. If you are debating between the 3000 and 5000 model or you want to know the difference between tri-motion and tri-planer, call me at 1-866-945-9072. These ship out of California and if you are local you will save money by not having to ship a 300 pound machine.

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