​1 HP = 746 Watts
SCAM: The power of a vibration machine to handle someone over 200 lbs is the big problem in returns:
The power of the motor, the most expensive part of the machine, is defined by horsepower which even I have been mislead​. THE HP RATING ON MANY MACHINES IS ONLY AN INDICATION ON HOW MUCH THE MOTOR "IS CAPABLE" OF USING, not how much power the motor is producting. The other determination of how much power or G force the machine can give is the configuration of the plate and the frame. One machine can vibrate at 14 hertz and another brand at 14 hertz and both deliver different G forces. Plate speed does NOT guarantee the G force at selected speeds that people expect to get results. A well designed vibration machine, can use much less power and produce high G forces if it uses expensive components and engineered properly. The lowest horsepowers are 200 watt machines and the expensive ones usually have 500 to 900 watts. A 500 watt DC motor can be just as powerful as a 1000 watt ac motor. Many machines with twice the wattage and horsepower don't perform as good as half the powered models. The models I have rarely had returns on were the motors that were larger that didn't stress out as much and quickly burn out that were DC powered. The models that didn't fall apart and rattle after a year of usage were never the plastic type.
There are 2 types of Pivotal or Oscillating machines. One goes up to 14 hertz and the others go up to 30 hertz.
​Almost 95% of the machines sold on the market are the models that go up to 14 hertz that do not have 2 horsepower motors and usually a very short plate.

Most vibration machines that only go up to 14 hertz will start vibrating very loud and move across the room if no weight is on it. Machines that go up to 28 hertz have to be either very heavy to cover up the cheap components and engineering or can be rather light weight if engineered like the original linear machine brand that goes up to 30 hertz and is not really that much heavier than the residential models. If someone wants to get a 10 minute workout like they did on the original brand that everyone copied when all the knockoffs came about around 2007. Some companies made copycat machines very poorly and others put a lot of engineering in their machines to make it similar to the original. The original that still is being sold that goes up to 30 hertz was German engineered and the company still has a patent on how they made it work, otherwise everyone would be making it. The German's invented it. They had the best design. Although I am pretty sure it could be redesigned, no company as of this day has attempted to build a vibration machine exactly like they do because they can't use the mechanism that was patented. The only company that comes close is the Hypervibe and the Vivovibe 4460. It has the same "power" as the German made models that cost over 10 to 15 thousand dollars. It has about 75% of the feel and smoothness but almost 100% of the power and G force. Best way to put it is buying a Mercedes and putting a Ferrari engine in it. The models that go up to 14 hertz do not feel anything like the original. The benefits from 14 to 30 hertz is what the average machine lacks.

I am not knocking the models that only go up to 14 hertz. They are what most people buy that don't have bone issues that usually have a lot of swelling in their body. The people that usually benefit from the pivotal models that only go up to 14 hertzs are those who want a machine to help lose weight. For weight loss, lymphatic and circulation reasons, up to 14 hertz is enough. They just don't get the bone building vibrations and as intense of a workout. Note that the weight loss on the models that go to 14 hertz usally isn't through calorie loss like you would get on a sweaty 22 to 28 hertz workout. It removes fat in a totally different way. Removing toxins with the negative pressure in the one way valves. Some people are overweight as they eat too many calories and store fat. The others, are in homeostasis and store excess fat to hold toxins and trapped blood proteins so the organs don't acidify.
I get the most positive feedback from about 80% of my customer who buy the pivotal models that go up to 28 hertz (and now spiral, models that go up to 14 hertz but have a 2nd spiral motor).

​When to Buy Oscillating (Pivotal):
Exposing the story I dug out
Almost everyone has read somewhere that the first users of whole body Vibration were Russian Cosmonauts. Well, this is not exactly true. Although the Russians did use vibration to reduce the negative effects of lower gravity, they didn’t actually use vibration plates. Instead, they used different devices that either directly vibrated their muscles or vibrated pulleys that they worked out with. 

The first vibration platform was actually developed in Germany in the mid-90’s and was called the Galileo. It was an oscillating platform (pivotal). So, considering it was the original platform and was used to achieve all the benefits that the entire WBV industry is based upon, the question “when to buy an oscillating (pivotal) platform� is better answered by explaining why an oscillating (pivotal) platform may NOT BE NECESSARY to buy. 

There are two reasons when not buy an oscillating vibration machine:

Situation 1:
•They ONLY wants to improve the circulation of fluid (blood or lymph) in the body. Although an oscillating plate can be used for this purpose, a vertical, tri-planar, or “spiral� platform can be equally effective for this. Since movement may be all that is required to improve lymphatic movement and circulation in the body, any platform can work.
​Situation 2:
•They want to improve muscle function – Whether to increase tone, muscle mass, or improve function of the muscle (force and power capabilities), most show that a vertical type machine can be as effective as the oscillating types. The vibration speed should be vibrating at least 20 hz. Only a few pivotal types can go up to 20 hertz. The ones that don't usually just focus on moving fluids. Bone density is usually being achieved at the high speeds where there is more G force.

Outside of these two situations however, a high acceleration pivotal plate covers all the bases. It can be used for moving lymph, improving circulation, and improving muscle function, but ALSO, for chronic pain, bone density issues (osteoporosis and osteopenia), flexibility, balance, relaxation/massage, and weight loss (or more appropriately, creating positive changes in body composition). REMEMBER - Most claims made from manufacturers are quoting results achieved on the Galileo (an oscillating platform)!

Last thing, if you are buying the oscillating type, make sure that it can go past 14 hertz if you don't just want to move fluids and only for health reasons besides bone density. I have not had any customers tell me that the models that only go up to 14 hertz has helped them with bone density the way they expected.

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Choosing based on specific concerns


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5 Hertz Vibration
5 hz pushes out more toxins than any other speed as long as their is a longer plate. 6 hertz is good as well but usually requires a slightly higher amplitude (usually 11 to 14mm). Most machines only go up to 10 hertz.
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Zero belts
Shaft drive plate, not belt driven

See Vivovibe 460 here.

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