Powervibe Motion 1
$1995 ON SALE $1795
Maximum power: 1.5 HP DC
Vibration Mode: Pivotal
Power consumption: 500W 
Vibration Frequency: Up to 28 Hz
Vibration Amplitude: 10mm
Frame: Mostly Steel

Powervibe Motion 1 PACKAGE SPECIAL
Buy a Motion 1 and get
Free Bottle of Green Superfoods
​Free Bottle of Probiotics
Free Bottle of Cell Food
Free Energy Pendant
Free 1 hour raw food consultation
Powervibe Motion 1: The original model I sold and still my best selling in all pivotal machines.
It has the most powerful DC motor in its price range and is the most popular pivotal machine that I have sold, especially to chiropractors. This was before spiral machines came out. There are many people that just want a single vibration that do not have circulation problems that want spiral, getting the clockwise, right spin on the plate as the plate pivots.

I have never had a return on any Powervibe machines. I won't sell to gyms but only residential users and clinics. This has way more G force than any other machine in its class. It is a great lymphatic vibration machine.

One thing I don't like abut it is that it looks similar to the ones that cost a fraction of its cost. I want people to know that it is no where near the low quality of it's look alikes. This is a very powerful machine. I would say that this is the most powerful 500 watt pivotal machine out there on the market. Even though it has the same 500 watts you will see on others, it is engineered so differently that it feels totally different. Much more G forces even at the same speeds. This is one of the few brands I feel comfortable selling as it has negligible EMF, is very quiet, and doesn't rattle and the rail feels solid and doesn't feel like its gonna vibrate loose.

I offer a 30 day trial on this model. If you want to try it and don't like it, send it back or wait a few days or so until I sell it to the next person as a demo, and they will pay the shipping. Either way, on any machine I sell, no one is ever stuck with anything they don't like. Keep buying every machine till you find the one you like. I do not care if someone buys 10 machines and returns 9 of them as long as they keep one. I do not loose money on returns. I always have someone wanting a discount on a used or demo model.



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We are open now
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