Triplaner machines are in a class of their own. About 95% of the people that buy these put this type in their home gym. I do not typically sell these to those with bone issues or lymphatic problems or those with health complaints, especially swelling.

Most triplaners until 2012 that I have found had one motor and had a small sweet spot where there is mostly linear vibration. Standing on the edges of the single motor triplaners had more side to side motion. The new dual motors in the newer designs have larger sweat spots for linear vibration and less of the front to back and side to side motion. A really good triplaner has just enough front to back and left to right motion to stimulate the stabilizer muscles and make them better for working out.

​The olde models I have seen had larger single motors but the original problems having two motors were that when they went out of sync the motors at times canceled each other out when they become "off center".

Having two motors that go in the "same direction" working synergistically is the latest in triplaner technology and the company that makes them is keeping their patent just like the original company that made the German pivotal machine. The side ways and front to back motion must be directly proportional to the linear. If the speed of the machine is jacked up and the plate starts shaking side ways too much relative to the linear motion, this is why it raises concerns with me. I really like the newer models that came out in 2012.

If I am going to sell a dual motor tri-planer machine, I have to be sure that the two motors are balanced. 

​Also, after talking to chiropractors, I have been told that the sideways motion and front to back throws the back alignment off. They said we are linear beings. The spine can get out of alignment if the body is pushed side to side. Note: This is not the same as pivotal where the plate moves up one side at a time but doesn't push the body laterally.

The dual motor models with the larger sweet spots for this type for people would probably be better with those with bad knees. The knee joint is supposed to be take force linearly. If shaking the knee joint side to side which it is not designed for, some of the people that have called me have told me that the triplaners give knee pain that already had a knee issue. The newer type has a more limited front to back and left to right and standing closer to the center gives more linear movement. Larger motors with larger plates is the preferred joince in gyms. Triplaners have came a long way since they were first developed. Each brand is slightly different due to patents. One thing in common is to have the bare minumum front to back and left to right motion that gives just enough to make it triplaner. Remember, the joints in the knee are designed to work at one angle. Too much lateral or front to back is something many people try to avoid. Walking on un-even grounds in nature is what we want to mimic.

Side to side motion or front to back does not create upward G force.
Until 2012, the top of the line tri-planer vibration macines cost around 7,500 to 10,000. Just like the pivtaol ones lke the Galileo, that cost nearly 18,000 when it first came out, the tri-planers copycats are now coming out to improve what has been working. Some use air bladders which came out around 2010 and now there is special double cushioning in the later models that started in early 2012.

Having air or dual cushions in the two types that are out right now, each has its own unique way of stimulating bone density and muscle tissues. Some people prefer the air bladders and others prefer more of a pop feel and can handle more G force at higher amplitudeds.
Tri planers usually have a 5 to 7 year warranty as they are usually made better and weigh around 300 lbs because of the tri-plane (3 dimensionals) movements so it won't drag across the room. The newer type motors now have a 7 year warranty. Be cautious of the y gear warranty. Make sure that if it needs to be serviced in the warranty period they will not charge you to ship a 300 lb machine back if they don't have a local service person to handle it locally. Find out before you buy if there is a local service technician who is on call is my best advice. The biggest companies will have the machine sericed in your own home.

Beware of some companies offering a huge wararnty when their machines are really cheap and light weight. I have seen several tri-planer companies come and go. There are only a few that have been out for a long time or new companies that are importing from manufactures that have been arond a long time.

Triplaners are the types that are most often found in gyms. If doing the exercises that require more space, a larger plate is almost mandatory. All the triplaners I have seen on the market have large plates. It is hard to do dynamic exercises on small plates but just limiting to static poses.

Time Management:
The triplaners are focused more on working out than any other type. In about 30 minutes (not just 10 minutes like they say you can get a whole workout, they are usually referring to one body part, such as 10 minutes lets, 10 minutes for chest, etc., with a triplaner, in about 30 minutes, because a triplaner is so intense, an entire body workout can be done in 30 minutes. This is because of the vertical mixed with the forward (front to back plate movement) and side to side vibration. This is not like the spiral which has pivotal and spiral (circular) movements. Many people get tri-planer confused with tri-motion. See my spiral (tri-motion) page in case you are confusing the two types..

​2012 Vibacore Review
I have compared their single motor model and their new dual motor model. The main difference between their 3000 and 5000 model are not noticeble for weights under 300 lbs. Both are quiet and very smooth. The dual motors which are more powerful are only helpful for those that are putting a lot of weight on the plate. The 5000 model is not "better" than the 3000 single motor model, it is only for lighter weights. If it is going to be used residentially the 3000 model is what most people get. If going in a clinic or someone is going to be using it for continuous sessions, the 5000 model is probably better. Most of the triplaners on the martet only have one motor. Until 2012, the models that had only one motor cost the same as the dual motor models today. Prices have finally come down on the triplaner technology.

​New Virtual Trainer Technology -
It doesn't just tell you what to do but as it tells you, it rearanges the for each type of exercise the frequency setting, the amplitude, the timing just as a trainer would if hired to stand beside you manually doing it while you are paying them 60 bucks an hour to do.
If it tells you to do lunges, the program might set it at 2mm amplitude and 50 hertz and when it tells you to do shoulder exercises, it might change the amplitude to 1mm at a lower speed so the vibrations will reach the upper body. Very few people want to slow down their workout to have to think of what to keep changing the settings to. The virtual trainer (your new best friend) will do it all for you.

Exercise poster VS Virtual trainer.
Even if you know all the poses and dynamic moves you can do on a machine, it is not the same when the settings don't change automatically by the trainer.
I have complaints about the posters.. here is the most common type of complaint I get:
"I try to follow the exercise chart that came with my machine. It doesn't tell me the amplitude. It only tells me the frequency to set it at. It doesn't tell me how long I should do it for either. I am taller and the frequencies on the posters dont target the areas it is supposed to.

How the virtual trainer really works:
This is not a generic one size fits all trainer. For each exercise, the trainer will tell you to repeat for about 10 times the steps for a certain exercise. Once your weight and other measurements are taken during these 10 steps, it will say "completed". This is not just a trainer telling you to do what is generic for everyone like you would if you read a poster. Most people are clueless even with the workout posters because figuring out the right setting is very hard for most people.

Air bag VS Dual Cushioned Spring technology - The bests of both worlds.
Because air dampens the decelerations and removes more ballistic impaact and feels more like vibration than a verticle motion depending on the amplitude setting. Air can be adjusted to the weight of the user while springs usually cannot but don't sacrifice G force as much as air. I might have to raise the amplitude more on air bladders and raise the speed to compensate for the less ballistic impact that air prevents.

Triplaner Frames - Cast iron vs steel vs plastic vs Fiberglass
Some are so powerful that they need a cast iron frame... The downside is that these can cost around 400 to ship. Cast irons frames absorb most of the sound and help prevent the vibrations from going to the floor and vibrating the rooms next door. On cheap ones, many parnents use the machine late at night and will wake any kid up. Doors start rattling, even down the hallway rooms away. With cast iron frames, using it on the 2nd floor, wont rattle the celing fans below or the air vents on the celing. A 300 lb cast iron machine usually will stop all the problems that most people complain about from a lightweight frame.

Having a cast iron pole also prevents the control panel from shuddering so you don't have to turn the speed lower to see what you are pressing to change a setting.

A control panel in the pole with a virtual tainer must have a frame that is at least around 300 to 300 lbs or it will shudder. If the pole wobbles too much, a virtual tainer on a screan will shake side to sid too mcuh and you ont be able to watch it. It would be kinda like ducktaping my lap to to the vibration plate and trying to read this.

How a virtual trainer shortens the workout:
The most time saving thing the virtual tainer does, it combines just the right amplitude and frequency for each exercise type and also the timing. Most people will either get the right amlitude but not the right frequency that targets a certain part of the body. Having just the right amplitude and hertz tweaked for a persons hight and body type is what many people have paid trainers for in the past.

See the Elite 5 and 7 Triplaner model here.

See the new Vibacore models here (the newest USA distributor). The Elite 5 and 7 comes from Canada. Vibacore is based out of the states.

Old type of dual motor models. Old engineering
New type of dual motor tri-planer motels. Newer types. 2012 models Elite 5000 and Elite 7000

Choosing based on specific concerns

These two machines look almost identical and have a slightly different display but everything else is the same. The Vmax Elite 7 comes out of Canada and the Vibacore 5000 comes out of the states but all of the machines come from the same company. These tri-planar machines have the same motor and components. Just the display panel (not the screen) is different.

One company charges me less than the other even though it is the same machine. See my page on Copycats to choose which company to buy from when machines have the same specs but different distributorships.
This is the best picture that shows the movement of a tri-planer motion. If you cannot tolerate the side to side motion, or don't know, please contact me before you buy a tri-planer machine. They are great but not for everyone.

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