NOTE: What a sluggish lymphatic system can do -
Those with a sluggish lymphatic system usually have a poor gut ecology and should probably be on a probiotic, especially if they are turning 15 times as much lymph in one session. (most people cannot handle more than 2 minutes of 3+ G force of high lymph turns that do not have the assistance of an aggressive probiotic).
Take the Lymphatic Quiz. Our health coach will call you during the time you request to go over your results. This will help determine how many teaspoons of lymph per minute (lymph turns) is appropriate?

These things must happen in most people to purge the toxins out of the body. If prepping the body before getting the machine with aggressive probiotics and temporary supplements relative to each person, the symptoms will usually be less. Post vibrational protocols like can also speed up the drainage too.

Most complaints are the white furry tounge, mucus discharge, people saying they can't get warm, getting a headache or dizzy when they get off, kinda like sea sickness on a boat, sweating, craving snacks right when they get off.
How long have you had your inflammation?
Do you have any redness over where the swelling is?
D​o you have a whitish haze on the back of your tongue?
Do you have any unwanted hairs such as inside the ears (more common with men who have sluggish lymphatic systems. 
What is your weight?
How tall are you?
How is your balance and equilibrium?
How would you describe the inflammation you have in your body? Where are your
inflammation areas?
​Do you know if your body is acidic?
Have you lost or gained more than 10 pounds more than 3 times in your life?
How old are you?
What else should we know a bout you
I try to make that everyone that takes the quiz gets called back the same day. If you let me know what time to call, I will try to call you at that time. If I believe someone is too sick to use a vibration machine or there are other steps that should probably be looked at first, I will tell you. There is about 1 in 10 emails that I get that doesn't qualify someone for a machine. Thanks for taking the time to read my site.
Do you have inflammation from an injury or because of needing to detox?
Villious lining inside the intestine. Takes about a year to grow several pounds of bacteria in the gut. It's about the size of a small kitty cat.
You don't want the symtoms of a sluggish lymphatic system to worse and create even more damage to an already compromised lymphatic system when the lymph nodes are always blocked. Make sure you talk to someone who knows what they are doing if you don't. Avoid the trial and error. Know the 2 minute rule.
Creating the negative pressure does one of three things that usually need to be detoxed. The other two NO VIBRATION MACHINE AS FAR AS I KNOW CAN DETOX NO MATTER HOW LONG OR WHICH MACHINE YOU USE. 

​If the swelling is a natural cause the vibration machine might not help but if their is toxicity and toxins out of the fat need to be seperated by draining them into the lymph vessels and to the gut it will NOT WORK unless the body can get the protein and carb proteins first, otherwise the toxic waste will just build back up in the gut and the problems actually worsen. I sold so many machines and didn't know that these machines will not diffuse the toxins that are in proteins or carbs as these are not fat soluble ones. This is the only thing I regret as I didn't know it at the time. But, so many people had inflammation and overweight from fat at the same time that most people end up getting the results they wanted.
Do you have cellulite you want to rid?
​Do you get infections often?
Have you had radiation that may have scarred or injured your lymph nodes?
Do you wear any compression bandages?
Has your jewelry become tighter?
Do you feel you need to decongest your body?
Does your swelling cause any mobility issues?
Has your skin recently become thickened or notice lymph leaking through skin?
Do you have low energy often?
How long have you had swelling in your body?
Do you have any damaged lymph nodes from injuries or surgeries such as a crash or knee or hip surgery?

We are open now
8am-7pm Central
We are open now
8am-7pm Central
Just recently
At least a year
yes, there is redness
yes, most of my tongue is white
just the back
no, not at all
Yes, and in my nose too
No, I do not
yes, I am taking supplements
out of wack
so so
I do not have problems with these.
Yes, it is very acidic
Yes, it is and I am on a better diet now to make it less acidic
Yes, I have lost more than 10 pounds on several occasions
No, my pH is fine.
under 40
40 to 50
50 to 60
More than a year
under 100
100 to 130
130 to 165
165 to 200
Yes, I want to get rid of cellulite
yes, I have had radiation
yes, I wear compression bandages
yes, actually
no, not really. I just need to move around more
yes, I am less mobile
yes it has become thickened
yes, my energy is low mid day
I get tired late in the day
I get tired late in the day
I'm tired all the time
under 3 months
3 months to a year
over a year
yes, I think my lymph nodes are damaged or I wouldn't be so swollen