Choosing based on specific concerns

See my Sonic Vibration Buying Guide page here
It took me a long time to review all the sonic models. 
​The SONIX brand has been through a tough time as they were first 18,000 starting with the Theravibe and slowly now they have finally came down in price. Sucks for those that bought the Theravibe from me (Note: theravibe is now out of business and so is the Evolution).

I told them to lower their prices. I got busted for discounting them and they tried to control the prices I charge. Now that something that has to do with a patent, Sonic Life now has a model that is for light commercial use. This would of costed about 12,000 back about 5 years ago. These cost 5999 now unless you can get a demo or a factory second. They might have a rough edge or some other flaw. They still come with a full warranty and I am the one that gets these first because so many other dealers want to charge full price.

these feel totally different than a motorized model ike the Vibeplate or Hypergravity. For those that have bad backs I have never had a complaint about it feeling like a jack hammer.

For those that want bone vibration, ti will not feel like the ballistic impacts that the motorized ones give you where your eyes tear. 

The SONIX 3 -2014 model
The older ones weighed 130 lbs, this one about 95. They took the 4 heavy fans out and analog control panels. I only carry the Sonix 3 models, the digital control models. You can keep this speaker on all day with people under 265 and it won't ruin the speaker. No jarring at all. For people with a low voltage below -50 millivolts, this can really be the best to rid the wastes and poisoned blood that are keeping the voltage low and if used with 95% oxygen, making the voltage go up even more. The body cannot be in bad health if it is above -50mv. There are tons of books on this. I read them all. Once you feel the tingle, it is time to get off the plate. If there is any itching, get off the plate immediately, over doing it.
Every machine seems to have a sales pitch. The spirals can claim to put a right spin on the blood (see spiral page to watch how things spin in circles). If you talk to a blood specialist,they will all tell you that the spin on blood represents the voltage of the cell. Spin it one way it goes down, and clock wise, voltage in the opposite direction. The higher the cell voltage, the more energy a person can have.

​Do a volt meter test with your body. See if the voltage of the cells go up after a 10 minute session. Most people get energy as the cells become oxygenated and go to a higher voltage.
Discounts, demos, and factory seconds:
There are some models that have cosmetic flaws (nothing at all wrong with the speaker or electronics). These still have a full warranty but might have a scratch along it somewhere, a dent in the railing, slightly off in sound, a rattle actually, or some other flaw. These are sold at a reduced price for those that are interested. Please contact me by email if you want to be on a list for one of these. Some don't beep like it should when you change speeds, some have displays that flash when it shouldn't. 

If you do not want a warranty and you don't plan on abusing your new sonic vibration machine, let me know. I have different prices for those that get machines without the warranty card. It sucks but the people that abuse their machines make it more expensive for the peole that take care of their machines. So, if you need a discount and want to take on your own responsibility for any machine you buy from me, just let me know up front before you think that I charge too much.
Women only. Do not read this unless you are a woman
17 HERTZ - for women only.

As the vibration gets goes from 5 hertz to 10 hertz, to 15 hertz, to 17 hertz, the vibration is stronger and the end of the wavelenght settles in certain spots of the body. If turning it to 50 hertz, you feel it mostly in one end of hte body, if turning it to 3 hertz, you feel it in the opposite end, but at 17 hertz, it sorta settles somewhere in the mid section. 17 is the number that most women say they get enjoyment from vibration machines. I promised this lady I would bring this up on my site. I have to keep this professional but I talked to this women for an hour and she told me she has these women only parties and finally she told me how she sold them. She didnt advertise on the net. She bought 4 machines from me every month and I never could figure out how she did it. I don't hear from her anymore but I promised I would mention "17 Hertz". Now, I have my favorite hertz, but I'm not telling anyone!
$4999 Sonic 1 and 2 models.

We do not sell these. Many people are discountign these. These are all pretty much out of warranty and if sold though a close out, there is no warranty on the analog models that had over heating problems. Beware is all I am saying. You can get these for 4999 or as low as 3999 but if they break you are screwed. Make sure you know the serial number and verify it with the manufacture beore buying. Some have warranty and some dont. These are phased out as far as I'm oncerned but tons of stock was sold cheap and the warranties were started the day the liquidators bought them so they probably don't have a warranty left even if you send in the warranty card right when you get it.
Inhaling 95% oxygen while detoxing the lymph:
...letting the lymph drain while oxygenating the blood at the same time. Many people ask if this iwll oxidize the body. I have talked to so many peopel that do this and this seems to be what people get the fastest detox with. I use this and I can work out harder cuz my body creates more "ATP" what is why they say the main reason to use 95% oxygen for those with low energy.

Peoples blood is so toxic that they cannot transport oxygen when the blood is sludgy. Most of the oxygen concentrators produce 95% oxygen but the 20 liters per minute is the strongest I have seen that are portable. I personally use this and will not use up a vibration session without it. I honestly think it triples the benefits of a vibration session with this concentrator. IF I never breathed anything but 25% or less oxygen while working out, I have missed out the first 4 years of using vibration machines daily.

I don't need as much rest time between sets, especially after doing pushups. NOrmally I have to wait twice as long to do the next set. I can burn almost twice as many calories per workotu cuz I can workout so much harder and work harder but it doesn't feel like I'm working out nearly twice as hard. If I use it on my my tread mill, I can go so much longer without feeling like I have to turn the speed down. This is for real. I didn't know until I tried it.
2014 Models:
Buyer Beware.....
The Sonic 1 and 2 models that came out in the beginning were analog models that first you had to turn it off before stepping off (they soon changed the 2nd model to automatically shut it down when you stepped off). Also they were not digital so they got hot and the copper control panel would burn out in chiropractors offices. I still get calls from pissed off chiros. I didn't make the earlier models. The new ones are almost hollow inside and very light. The weight of the person holds the machine down. They are much cheaper to ship but the components are more expenisve than the older models.

Beware of anyone discounting the 1st and 2nd versions that came out first. The 2014 model is the final edition and they say they plan on making no more changes to it.

Sonic Plate Movement and Lymph Drainage
This goes down to 3 hertz. Most machines go down to 5 hertz. At 3 hertz, this is what all the detox specialists say that allows the one way valves to open and close and flush wastes out and nutrition into the cell. Creating a negative pressure inside the cell is basically what it is doing. If someone can afford a sonic model,there is no better machine to create this hydraulic pump in the lymphatic system to flush about 5 teaspoons of lymph per minute though the body, then dumping it and liver filtering it. If the liver is screwed up, just make sure its done slowly. Don't come back to me if you get nautious and get a headache and not have to go to work the next day. Don't blame me. I have a whole site dedicated to lymph drainage also,

Circulation and high Sonic speeds (not low like you do for lymph drainage)
Talking about itching, nothing itches like a sonic machine. Using 95% oxygen really oxgyenates cells that have been restricted for ages. The body is filling up with oxygen, their is less carbon dioxide in the body, and the heart doesn't have to work so hard as their is oxygenated blood way over the normal percentage going to the heart, especially with people with sludge blood. People take vitamins and eat tons of carbs to get energy, their blood is still thick and acidic and will probably still have a hard time holding oxgyen. Jacking the speed up to the max on a sonic machine can pump so much oxygen into the cells that it will start to tingle all over. You don't need 95% oxgyen to feel this either on the Sonix's top speeds. The high speeds are for circulation and muscle toning only, and are too fast to pump the lymph. It would seem that it would stimulate stagnant lymph but it doesn't. Many people waste their time on cheap machines that go fast and they sure do feel great but is jarring in order to get to the high speeds, but not the sonic.

Coming soon, our 2014 review of the Professional Sonix models. These will hold over 500 lbs unlike around 275 like the residential models.
The Voice Coil speaker would look like this if I could see sound waves. The amplitucde gets lower the faster the speaker moves, unlike mechanical, it stays the same amplitude. This is why there is so much less jarring and ballistic impacts as the intenstity goes up.
There are different volt meters on the market. Some are easier to use than others. I personally am obsessed knowing the voltage of my body. Perfect health is waking up with nearly the same energy you go to bed with. My voltage doesn't drop like people eating the SAD diet. I don't have addictions to processed foods, I don't even believe in drinking juice. I am actually TOTALLY against drinking any kind of juice. I don't need too many salads either. I don't need the broom like most people do to sweep all the crap they eat out of their body. Please learn how to test your voltage. Some people are over acidic, some are under oxygenated, and some just full of heavy metals that rob the body of electrons.
Sonix 1 & 2 upgrades: 
I have many people that want to upgrade to the Sonix 3 models. If you are interested in buying a used Sonix 1 model or Sonix 2 model, I will sell the Sonix 1's and 2's for 50% off. I check each one and make sure they are in good condition.
Note: the free oxygen concentrator offer is only good with the sonic 3 models. Not the demo or discounted ones that I try to sell for people. I have never had a return from someone unhappy, only unhappy husbands where the wife bought without permission and the husband calls and curses me out for selling her something so expensive. If a woman calls me up to excited about one of these machines, I will always wait 24 hours to charge the card. I don't need to get a charge back from the husband calling his creditcard company. I have to say this because its happened a lot with the sonic machines. Offer is good with the purchase of a new Sonix 3 at $5995. Not good with any other offer or sale.

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