For those that have swelling, doing exercise that creates more endotoxins when the person is already in the inflammation state. (Note: this is different than the healing state. Inflammation can be healthy when there is an injury. The inflammation from an injury brings blood to the area and raises the voltage of the area. But, inflammation after this state is called the inflammation state. This is after excessive time of being inflamed. Many people live in an inflammation state for years and years until they have enough pain. 

Most people that have swelling are usually in pain and usually go for the high speeds, especially on a spiral vibration machine because it feels so good but this is not the way they should. Actually totally opposite of what they should be doing. Most people with swelling who have bought from other people don't get the results they want in years and then I talk to them and 2 weeks later they notice a night and day difference.

It usually takes about a week in people with severe swelling until the viscosity of the lymph starts to thin. With a probiotic, it can take half the time. If you get on the machine and think the first session is going to do anything except make you feel a little better think again. For lymphatic flushing, the best time to do it is in the morning right when you wake up and right before you go to bed, the times when the body has been stagnant all night and doing it before bed makes the lymph circulate so you wake up feeling less tired when the body is in an inflammation and swollen state. Drinking a cup of water also helps the metabolism of the wastes. An dehydrated body will have a much harder time getting out of the inflammation state.

Many people have injuries that cause the area to be swollen and they want to get rid of the swelling. Most people are very naive about this. It is VERY IMPORTANT that if swelling of fluid starts to collect around an area, this is part of the healing process. If the swelling is still there after the healing process, this is the chronic inflammation state. There is a difference. This is after the area has had enough time to heal. The voltage of an injury (electrical charge) is usually at a lower negative voltage. -50 millivolts is very common. But, after the body is out of the healing state it can go to -15 for example, which is a sign of inflammation without the body trying to add electrons to the area.

If you go to Radio shack and buy a 15 dollar tester that you test the voltage of batteries, ask them, they will find it for you. When I am sick, my voltage goes down from -25 millivolts. Getting rid of the swelling by increasing the voltage of the body through eliminating toxins that might be causing the joints to hurt and the area being tender and red.

Before just thinking swelling is bad, it can be a good thing but usually a bad thing in about 90% of the people that call me. People that have had a recent injury are usually the types that need swelling to heal the injury, not swelling because the body is so acidic and toxic with blockages and cellulite.

Inflammation (swelling) in a Nutshell
When I swell: One type of swelling is good and the other type is bad.
There are four symptoms associated with inflammation: pain, heat, redness and swelling. Doing vigorous exercise can create pain and mobilize more endotoxins, putting you even deeper into the inflammation state. Inflammation is the process your body uses to recover from an injury. The healing process brings blood to the area and raises the voltage of the cells. Chronic inflammation produces mostly just pain in cells that are damaged, but too toxic and weak to be repaired.

IN a nut shell:
Most people with swelling like to go for the high speeds, especially on a spiral vibration machine because it feels so good. It is the opposite of what they should be doing. Most people with swelling don't get the results until they start using the slow speed pumping action. It usually takes about a week for the viscosity of the lymph to start to thin. If you help your elimination by using a soil-based probiotic, you can cut the time in half. Make sure they are aerobic.

Don't get on the machine thinking that each session is going to make you feel better. Think again! You will be putting toxins into circulation! For lymphatic flushing please do a number of shorter sessions, not just just one long one. Doing it in the morning is good, because your body had the chance to eliminate toxins for several hours. If the body is not hydrated with enough water so the toxins can be eliminated, using the machine won't work as well. I always drink some water with lemon and aerobic probiotic powder. I always keep lemon water in the fridge and just spring the probiotic in it so its all ready for me any time I want it.

Choosing based on specific concerns

Shrink to fit skin and homeostasis in body weight is from a good body ecology.
People have an average of about 16 pounds of excess mucus within their body.

Globulin is what describes the inflammatory protein accumulation in the body.
Silent inflammation from a poor lymphatic system can  proteinreuslt ins that cause swelling in the body.
​An adult body contains about 2 quarts of lymph fluid. Exercise can increase lymphatic drainage up to 15 times as if we were resting. Running on EVEN ground increases the flow about 6 times. Vibration machines, depending on the acceleration and G force, and enough time allowance to allow the negative pressure for the one way valves to open and close, can increase the speed up to 15 times. I have found that the best way to drain the toxins out of the body is to have a session at 22 hertz to break up the blockages (cellulite for example), and then go down to 5 to 6 hertz to drain the fluids giving it enough time for the vales to close to allow the lymph to come back in and not just vibrating the valves back and forth at high speeds which I have not found to create this negative pressure to help detox.

Puffy Face = Slugglish Lymphatic system
​This is not fat. A lot of people that think they are overweight have pounds of mucus and interstitial fluid all over their body. It is sad when toxic people who would normally be fat go to gyms and exercise to make themselves look skinny. I can always tell by the puffiness under their chin. Some of the skinniest people have that little extra swelling under their chin which really means they probably have a very bad body ecology. The first thing I notice in someone's face is if their chin has the swelling under it. Although they may have burned enough calories to keep off the fat they can't "burn away" the interstitial fluid buildup. This is not something that can be ridden by exercise, the pressure from the inflammation, actually its called "silent inflammation". The problems when people do not swell and their interstitial fluid does not expand, their problems manifest themselves in a different way. They don't gain weight or swell but they often have acid reflux and "IBS" and skin eruptions. These people are not in homeostasis and their body is not using fat to hold in toxins and the normal swelling process.
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If the plate is moving too fast the one way valves cannot create a negative pressure pump and if it goes to slow then it won't create enough pressure to begin with. The slow models wth the larger plates with higher amplitude at the ends of the plate will give higher G force with a slow moving plate to create enough G force for most blocages.

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