NOTE: Lower the acidity of the body before ever trying to build bones with a vibration machine!
Take the Bone Quiz. Our health coach will call you during the time you request to go over your results.

Do you have low bone density?
Can you jump rope without your back hurting?
Does your back hurt after sitting or staying in bed a long time?
Do you go to a chiropractor and get adjustments?
Have you lost any inches in height?
Do you know what has causes your bone density loss?
Are you taking mineral supplements?
Do you have any fractures?
If you have had any fractures, what stage would you say your bones are in?
Inflammation is part of the bone healing process. Are you taking anything for anti-inflammatory conditions?
Do you feel your bones are weak?
What pace have do you think you have been losing bone density
Bone loss pattern: Excessive or normal
Do you know if your body has stopped producing bone building cells entirely?
Have you started anything to strengthen your bones yet?
​Do you know if your body is acidic?
Do you have back pain most of the day?
Do you have degenerative disks in your back?
What is your weight?
If you have had any fractures, what stage would you say your bones are in?
Have you lost or gained more than 10 pounds more than 3 times in your life?
How tall are you?
How old are you?
Are you underweight for your height?
If you have ever had a fracture, was it because of a non trauma?
What else should we know a bout you
I try to make that everyone that takes the quiz gets called back the same day. If you let me know what time to call, I will try to call you at that time. If I believe someone is too sick to use a vibration machine or there are other steps that should probably be looked at first, I will tell you. There is about 1 in 10 emails that I get that doesn't qualify someone for a machine. Thanks for taking the time to read my site.
Contact me today for a free ½ hour phone consultation to discuss how I can help your compare vibration machines that you are looking at, components and engineering differences, and how to determine the right power you need and vibration type based on your body ecology. If I don't think a vibration machine is right for you, I will tell you. About 10% of people that call me have such compromised health that they do not qualify for a vibration machine until other issues are resolved.

yes, my bone density is low
no, it is not low
no way
just for a few minutes
yes, it does not bother me
yes, it does hurt if I sit or stay in bed too long
yes, I get adjusted regularly
yes, it does not bother me
yes, 1 to 2 inches
no, not yet
I think it is because of my diet
It might be because of stress
I don't work out enough
yes, I am taking supplements
yes, I have a current fracture
I had a fracture in the past
I have no fractures
not sure yet. I hope to find out.
reparative stage
remodeling stage
Yes, because the pain is too much
No, I am letting my bones heal naturally?
I really am not sure the best way to go about it. Everyone is telling me something different to do.
Yes, I think they are weak
slowly over time
just started
Not sure
I can handle the inflammation pain and do not want to delay healing taking anything to stop the inflammation
inflammation stage (most common, almost everyone is in this stage)
not sure
I have a normal bone loss patern
Excessive bone loss
No, I hope not. How do I find out if this has happened?
Yes, my body doesn't make bone cells anymore.
Not sure
Yes, I am taking several steps to increase my bone mass
no, not yet
Yes, it is very acidic
Yes, it is and I am on a better diet now to make it less acidic
yes, I have degenerated disks
reparative stage
remodeling stage
Yes, I have lost more than 10 pounds on several occasions
inflammation stage (most common, almost everyone is in this stage)
No, my pH is fine.
under 40
40 to 50
50 to 60
yes, I am underweight
40 to no, I am not underweight
yes, it was not from a trauma
no, it was from something else