TiP: Losing too much fat too quickly can put the body out of homeostasis and toxins can acidify the body.
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When did you start gaining weight?
Do you have a lot of energy?
Where is most of the fat you want to lose?
When you sweat is it mostly water based or do you get really oily?
Do you sweat a lot when you workout?
Elasticicty of skin:
​Do you know if your body is acidic?
What is your weight?
Cardiovascular strength: 
Have you lost or gained more than 10 pounds more than 3 times in your life?
How tall are you?
How old are you?
What else should we know a bout you
I try to make that everyone that takes the quiz gets called back the same day. If you let me know what time to call, I will try to call you at that time. If I believe someone is too sick to use a vibration machine or there are other steps that should probably be looked at first, I will tell you. There is about 1 in 10 emails that I get that doesn't qualify someone for a machine. Thanks for taking the time to read my site.
​Fat in most people with inflammation is not the fat that is used for energy, caloric energy. The big pot bellies and cellulite on the legs is living tissue that will secrete the stored up toxins and fat secretions (losing weight) based on the hormones the pituitary puts out. Another reason you see many people in gyms that never lose weight. The hormones from the body tells the fat to hold on for homeostasis and to become more inflamed to protect the body's organs from becoming inflamed instead. Not all fat in people is bad. Many people need more fat in their diet to hold onto the toxins they get in the environment they live in. Having "some" fat even if it looks flabby can be a good thing for a person that remains toxic. An example of getting fat surgically removed and the person has no where to store toxins, this is when it's not good. Some people are overweight and never get sick and tired as they are holding toxins in the fat but have so many minerals in their body to buffer the acidity, they are always fine. So, it's good to talk to someone who knows this stuff like I did who isn't just trying to sell you something who takes a genuine interest in your health. To get this information I could never find it in books or from doctors. There are many underground books I read that if published would be taken off the shelf immediately.

Note: After you lose the fat - Most people that have compromised elasticity will have hanging skin after they lose the toxins and fat in their body. Make sure that you tell your dealer about your body ecology if and the condition of your skin so you get on the right plan before and after. If you are on the wrong plan and lose weight to fast, you can get the folds in the skin that is not good. Depending on how long the skin has stretched and how much overweight, the skin will take that much longer to go back to its normal size. You can ask what to do based on your body ecology so you minimize this issue.
Many people dry skin brush themselves to increase the elasticity of their skin, some people take the hot shower cold shower , and some people just loose weight slowly who are not in a hurry and that really helps too.
Do you have any cellulite?
How quickly do you need to lose your fat?
Do you know your body fat percentage?
Are you mineral deficient?
Do you prefer to burnf fat by burning calories or focusing on detoxing the fat cells? (there are two approaches that we take).
Buring fuel instead of clearing the blockages from excess toxins in the body can be more degenerative than helpful when working out. Burning energy reserves is not always appropriate and many people do it.

When the body is already toxic and the person wants to lose the fat that their body created (homeostasis), free radicals created can make the body try to store fat while the mind wants to rid it. This is the problem that most people don't learn. The anatomy books I read didn't tell me this stuff. Applying what I learned about homeostasis and knowing how burning fuel when the body is degenerate makes the body store more fat. I did not read this in a book. I learned this through experience and talking to people that changed to detox instead of caloric restriction and burning.
Contact me today for a free ½ hour phone consultation to discuss how I can help your compare vibration machines that you are looking at, components and engineering differences, and how to determine the right power you need and vibration type based on your body ecology. If I don't think a vibration machine is right for you, I will tell you. About 10% of people that call me have such compromised health that they do not qualify for a vibration machine until other issues are resolved.

The fat that hangs over the belly is much better than teh fat that pushes the fat out that is around the organs (visceral fat). The visceral fat is what most people should probably worrry about, the fat around the organs and heart. The fat on men, for example that hang over their belt is the homeostasis type fat holding toxins.The fat that starts higher up near the chest is what I would worry about that protrudes the belly. Different protocols should be taken depending on the type of fat someone is trying to lose. 


We are open now
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We are open now
8am-7pm Central
the last 10 years
yes, lots of energy
no, I am tired a lot
yes, it does not bother me
upper body/arms
mid body
water based
yes, I sweat a lot
I have very little elasticity
My elasticity is fine
Yes, it is very acidic
Yes, it is and I am on a better diet now to make it less acidic
It is good
I get tired and feel I need suger
Yes, I have lost more than 10 pounds on several occasions
I don't know. Haven't really pushed my self lately
No, my pH is fine.
under 40
40 to 50
50 to 60
I've always been overweight
lower body
all over
I do have some
just a little
no I don't
Fast. My health is in a dire situation
At my own pace
I am not putting a time on it
yes, and I don't want to leach minerals from my bones to buffer toxins
I am not really sure
I want to do it by burning calories
I want to shrink the fat cells without so much exercise but by diffusing toxins out of the fat
I want to discuss my options. I don't know yet