NOTE: Find out if your cellulite is from heredity or from excess toxic waste buildup. There is a difference!  Know what to do in each situation and how to know which one.
Take the Cellulite Quiz. Our health coach will call you during the time you request to go over your results.

Warning to those that have Cellulite Blockages and poor circulation and fluid retention (especially in lower legs):
I feel that I have to bring this up because people call me usually about a week after they get the machine and complain they are itching. Some people say that it itches to the point worse than an itchy mosquito bite. This is usually a sign of circulation at its worst and not being able to eliminate the toxins, especially in swollen legs.
Most people that have thick cellulite in the legs (usually cold to the touch) tend to itch more and their legs get red. Its a rapid change that needs to be understood before bringing blood to areas that have been constricted for a long time. Most people with cellulite tend to be more sensitive on a vibration machine, some people calling me saying they have bruises from the machine. This can usually be prevented if people know what they are doing.
If your cellulite in your legs, near your stomach, or somewhere else. Some people have cellulite through genetics and others from toxic overload. If the cellulite is on top of the tummy, usually people have digestive disorders. If in the legs, usually from a lymphatic system that's bunk.

Home Help for Cellulite reduction:
Hundreds of women have called me and emailed me to tell me about their cellulite problems. Most have no clue why its there and how to get rid of it properly. It is very discomforting to rid it but the hours of discomfort is well worth it if you can make it through the detox pains of secreting all the waste in the cellulite out of the body.
If the lymphatic drainage is roo fast, the vibration machine will only aggravate the problem. Read about the ways to do it properly or you will be returning the machine when you didn't take the right protocols to drain the cellulite the right way.

1. Many people, before going on their machine, take a few minutes to dry skin brush their body to bring the circulation back to the skin. This kinda restores the skin for people that are prone to itching. Itching in the beginning is the biggest complaint I get on high acceleration machines. 

The brushing can help stimulate the lymphatic vessels under the skin to help prep the session also.
2. Determine the right temperate of the room to have your vibration session. If too cool the body won't try to cool itself with sweat. If too humid you might want a dehumidifier. You don't want to waste time doing it wrong. The body eliminates sweat differently in each climate. Sebacious, oil based sweat versus just sweating like a dang pig, water based sweat just to cool yourself.

3. Magnesium oil (sold at whole foods). It smells a little funny and can be stingy but it is becoming so popular that Whole Foods now carries it. I was shocked to see that they had a huge display with magnesium oil one day I walked in there. This is probably one of the most helpful things they sell. The healthiest thing in that store that most people don't buy is dandelion. Very few people buy it as the astringent taste is not used to by most people until they build up their ecology. There is a reason most people need to put oil all over their salads to make them palatable which totally does the opposite of what people using a vibration machine need to line their guts when trying to digest the wastes pumped from the lymph. Most people see very little results in lymph drainage because of this. With magnesium oil, you want to prep the skin as much as you can.
Remember, almost al the complaints I get, (cellulite, skin problems, bone issues) are almost always problems with the gut. An aggressive (dormant, not transient) probiotic usually provides the help with most gut issues.

Know this before trying to get rid of cellulite:
 In order to shrink the fat cells that are just under the skin, the fat cell msut be totally seperated from each other and given enough space for the one way valves in the lymphatic system to open and shut to create a negative pressure to suck out the toxins out of the cellulite so the fat cells can shrink. Lymphatic drainage is not easy to happen if the vibration machine is just vibrating at top speeds that most people like because it feels so good.
The fast speed can prep the body, usually standing on it at 20 hertz or over, to break open the blockages in the cellulite that bring tons of blood to the area, often turning the legs pink and itchy. Most people with cellulite itch like a #@()*! when the machine is actually doing its job.

​The more protocols someone takes the quicker the cellulite can be drained. Many people just focus on lymphatic drainage to rid the unwanted toxins in the fat and others focus on building the connective tissues around the cellulite so the skin can get back its original tone and the connective tissues form elasticity. Also the people that have hormonal problems might want to stabilize themselves and prevent the hormones from fluctuating back and forth so their can be balance. Most people that have cellulite do not have hormonal balance that call me so focusing on detox might be the wrong way for them. Many people that have little toxins in their body have cellulite also. Knowing how to treat it first is always best so you don't treat the wrong problem.

How helpful is the right type of vibration for cellulite drainage
There are way to vibrate and ways and just remove waste out of the body but has no effect on cellulite removal. A special type of vibration needs to target certain lymphatic issues, clear blockages, etc. If the blockages aren't broken, then it can be just a big waste of time. Vibraiton for lymphatic drainage can reduce swelling and soothe the muscles but hte focus might also need to be on the super thick fibers thatbind to the septa in the body. These are the collagen fibers that run THROUGH the fat cells which most people have no idea about. Everyone I talked to does not want these thick septa strands to push even harder onto the fat, making the skin more orange peel like. Do it the wrong way and lose the fat the wrong way and watch the cottage cheese dimples never disappear.
​The mechanical pumping action of the right vibration machine can create nearly the perfect milking motion that is at a set speed for an extended time and is the most efficient way to do yourself. Please take my quiz below. Takes just a few minutes.

Many people will go to extremes to reduce their cellulite by reducing the toxins and excessive fluid buildup buy this does not help with fixing the connective tissue.
Edible seaweeds and green juices from juvinile grasses are one of the biggest things that improved my body ecology. 
Getting the shrink to fit skin can be a possible result with a less toxic body.

Where is your cellulite located (helps determine force to break up blockages)?
How unevenly distributed is the cellulite?
​Which type of cellulite do you have? (soft is easiest to detox away)
Are you overweight (cellulite has no direct relationship with weight)
What is your age?
When did you start getting cellulite?
Do you have any hormonal problems?
Do you have any red bumps on your skin anywhere?
Do you exercise regularly?
​Are you taking collagen?
How much cellulite do you have? (do this if you haven't already. 
Grab some cellulite between your hands and push it close together).
​Do you know if your body is acidic?
What is your weight?
What else should we know about you
I try to make that everyone that takes the quiz gets called back the same day. If you let me know what time to call, I will try to call you at that time. If I believe someone is too sick to use a vibration machine or there are other steps that should probably be looked at first, I will tell you. There is about 1 in 10 emails that I get that doesn't qualify someone for a machine. Thanks for taking the time to read my site.
How tall are you?
Are you taking any anti-cellulite supplements?

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We are open now
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pretty much evenly distributed
its in patches
Very loose and soft and super wobbly and it jiggles when I walk
​I am of a larger build and my cellulite is not wobbly and I am more solid built and muscular
Yes, I am underweight
I am at my normal weight
I am overweight
recently, maybe a few months ago
had it a long time
just lately
no, I do not have hormonal problems
Yes, I have some hormonal problems
I try to eat healthy most of the time
I have not been eating healthy lately
I have some red bumpiness on my arms and other places.
no I do not have any red bumps
yes, I am taking collagen
only shows when I pinch it
I can only see cellulite when lying down but not when I stand
Cellulite can be seen weather I am lying down or standing
Yes, it is very acidic
Yes, it is and I am on a better diet now to make it less acidic
under 100
100 to 130
No, my pH is fine.
upper thighs
mostly on my tummy
my butt
all over
just one spot
I am obese at the moment
130 to 165
165 to 200