The thing in common with everyone that calls me complaining about sore muscles is LACTIC ACID.

Unless there is an injury, muscles shouldn't stay store for long. A congested lymphatic system and buying machines that don't have enough G force at the low speeds (5 to 6 hertz or lower) is the problem.

Once enough lactic acid builds up in the muscle, the muscle becomes sore.  The muscles are acidified.

Many people stand on the machine and jack the speed up which feels great and is great for circulation but the lymphatic system is what flushes out the wastes. You don't just want to circulate the toxins back in the body but remove them which so many ignorant and naive people don't ever learn. It should be instinctive but culturally its not.

On the slow vibrations of 5 to 6 vibrations per second, the lymph system can drain the lactic acid build up in the muscles. Just lying on the ground and letting your calves and hamstrings rest on the plate, this can help too. You don't actually have to vibrate the muscle where there is pain. Many people vibrate the feet and legs and it creates enough pump to flush the whole body, just takes a little longer.

The machines that vibrate at high speeds require muscle strength and create more lactic acid. The people with sore muscles have enough lactic acid to remove without creating more. Using the vibration machine as if it was a massage tool to flush out the wastes on the lower levels is what should be kept in mind.

Staying on the machine for enough time, 34 minutes if running at 5 vibrations a second, will get you around 10,000 vibrations, which would be like walking 10,000 steps in nature. 10,000 steps a day is what all of the professionals that teach the lymphatic system have told me.

NOTE - a word on Fibrin
What many people tell me who have helped their sore muscles:
I have heard from a lot of people that almost always have sore muscles have a lot of fibrin in their body. A lot of people can't train to hard as they are prone to micro tears in their muscles that take longer to repair than people who don't have a lot of fibrin in their body. Taking fibrinolytic (fibrin-dissolving) enzymes can usually help lower the inflammation if they are taken with muscle repairing nutrients. Many people think they can just take a supplement to fix things that are caused by issues causing inflammation that the supplements just help relieve, not help fix. Having lots of fibrin is what most people with sore muscles complain about, or at least till they know they have a lot of it. Many people are dealing with auto immune issues the wrong way or what just soothes them. There are certain ways depending on why the muscles are sore or why there is inflammation to deal with it. In each person there is usually a different protocol.

Choosing based on specific concerns

These dry, cold blooded snakes, non venomous snakes give a better massage than any human can give.
The bigger snakes kneed your tight muscles and the small ones kinda soothe you. It's a very cheap therapy, considering you have more than one snake working on your body.
Almost 90% of people prefer their massage therapist to use more pressure. Yes, it feels good and releases a bunch of lactic acid and toxins in the muscles. This also helps the body to relax while getting a massage. Personally, I don't believe in massage. It is only a technique to try to balance the musculature. If our muscles were more absorbent we wouldn't even need one. Most people that call me are in the inflammation state and are only trying to loosen up and relieve pain when it could be prevented if they did lymphatic exercise and the muscles became more absorbent and not filled up with acid. It absolutely pisses me off when a therapist tells someone to "make sure you drink lots of water" after the massage. So freakin insane its funny.​

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