Choosing based on specific concerns
Many people call me that need to tone up their muscles. First, it is hard for someone to get "toned" muscles if they are always tight and full of lactic acid. 

I want to say first that the machines that are cheap and go to medium frequencies with short plates do not have enough G force to do what the higher acceleration machines can do. A plate that is 27 inches that delivers more g force when going at the same speed as ones that are shorter where you have to stand closer to the center of the plate where there is less G force although it vibrates at the same speed. Actually, look at the skeleton above, you can see that the edge of the plate moves higher than the closer you get to the center of the plate. There are shorter plates that might have the same vibration speed but don't have enough power to power the people that stand at a wider stance that want more G force to give the workout experience many people expect. Getting a shorter plate and expecting it to do what longer plates do or models that go to higher frequencies is just setting people up for failure.

The faster the plate goes the more stimulation for toning. Considering the plate is shorter, the minimum of 20 hertz on a pivotal, for example is what it should feel like either on a linear or a pivotal. Most people workout out at 14 hertz and it just massages. There are now spiral machines that make it harder to workout on but the G forces are not linear. It basically just makes it harder to do the physical exercise (not passive) on the plate.

​Working out at less than 14 hertz  which most of the residential machines run at are more about releasing lactic acids and circulation.

Note: Anyone can tone their body on any machine just as they would on a yoga mat. But, the difference between doing the same exercises at over 20 hertz or on a spiral with both motors working synergistically is that all the muscles fibers are being activated when the machine is working at high accelerations.

Muscle Tone in a Nutshell
Most people want to tone up their muscles, to look and feel fit. But how can you get "toned" muscles if you are tight and full of lactic acid? The faster the plate goes, the more stimulation for toning. It is easier to get a higher frequency on a shorter plate. Most people workout out at 14 Hertz, but that it is a massage frequency. At less than 14 Hertz you are more likely to release lactic acid and move the lymphatic fluids for detoxification.
I always do the lymphatic vibration for a few minutes to get the lactic acids out then I do my workout and after I do my workout I just stand and get a slow vibration lymphatic workout again.
I am never sore and keep my muscles tone without needing to get massages or stretching all the time.

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