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Joint pain & Vibration Machine Use:

Many people are calling me that have joint pain and have no idea why it happened. The most common thing I hear is, "I'm getting older". This is so BS.

These people have worn cartilage or arthritis usually, which is just inflammation of the joints. I usually hear they have problems walking and can't exercise and want a vibration machine so they can exercise so they won't get pain when they exercise. Many older people would love to run but their knees hurt them too bad. I've seen so many people that complain like this and if they take the right protocols, they shouldn't have to live in an inflammation state.

Another thing I ask is if they are on any inflammation suppressing supplements. I'd say about half the people who I talk to are taking some type of supplement. I will say that many people talk of a liquid glucosomine drink they buy at Whole Foods. I am not going to mention a brand as I am not marketing for any company. A lot of people tell me that this works but as much as this is helping them, I know it is not getting to the cause of the problem and most people don't want to deal with the cause.

If someone really wants to deal with the cause, they need to figure out what is causing the inflammation in the first place. Most people did not have an injury which would cause inflammation in the "healing" state. If inflammation is not grouped together with the body giving a higher charge, -50 mv (get a battery tester from a local Radio Shack and test the voltage of the area).

If there is swelling from an injury the last thing I would tell someone is to do something to reduce the swelling. Many people use ice packs and whatever else they have heard to reduce swelling. It's just that their are two reasons people swell. One from an injury and the other from acidity and toxicity.

It's so sad that the body is trying to make the injured area swollen while the person does everything to inhibit and stop the swelling. It's just like when someone gets a cold, they take medicine to stop the cold. The cold is the body's natural way of expellling the toxins that are in your body. I know a cold is a good thing.

​A vibration machine can remove the swelling in the body but not in a non-inhibiting type of way.
The vibration machine can help with joint pain and help move the toxins out of the body but the root of the problem should probably be addressed too. The people allergic to nightshades or the people allergic to casein in milk or gluten in wheat needs to address what is causing their metabolic type to have joint problems.

Some people even use high doses of hyaluronic acid to restore cushioning in worn out joints. Some use the glucosamine. Everyone seems to be trying so many things to help their joints when they body is still signalling the joints to to become inflamed and swell for a reason. It's called HOMEOSTASIS. If people paid attention in 6th grade class they would have remembered this and would know how to apply it to life situations. No one cares back then because it's just a word to memorize just until you can get a good grade on a test.

By removing the crap out of the joints not by inhibiting it but by removing the toxins and increasing the voltage of the joints so they can actually work better, is what nature has designed for us to do along with getting rid of food addictions that cause the pain. Getting rid of acidity makes us less acidic and crave less acidic foods. We can't do one without the other.

Standing on a vibration machine designed to create a negative pressure in the joints so they can release the poisons causing pain and the lymph vessels can diffuse the toxins out so it can be transported to the end of the lymphatic system where it dumps in the liver to be then be processed by the gut.

Joint pain is usually alleviated by doing sessions that focus on low frequencies for circulation.
Doing a session that focuses on half the session for lymph drainage at low hertz and the other at super high hertz for blood circulation is usually the best combination that people with joint problems talk about. Any machine that vibrates at over 12 hertz and doesn't slow down or loose G force with heavier people can work. If someone is very heavy, they might want to get one that vibrates over 12 hertz in case it slows down unless someone can afford a high quality one that doesn't slow down within the maximum weight range allowed.

The linear machines aren't as popular for people who already have joint pain. With linear vibration machines, its hard to train in a standing position as with people with hips and knees and spine and pelvic joint problems sometimes have a hard time with linear. The oscillating usually has more advantages over the linear for people like this. Put it this way, if someone can't jump rope on a hard floor, then I probably would see someone using a linear type. People with joint problems cannot handle as much ballistic impact and a pivotal motion cancels out each of the vibrations in the hip making it more popular among people with joint problems.

For people who are overweight and have joint pain
​When not to exercise: (this is up for debate)
Overweight people are already tired and unhealthy and exercise can be bad for someone already sick and tired who have a stressed out body that is already depleted and in fat reserve mode or survival mode. There will probably be a time that a fat person should focus on athleticism but only until they are flushed of most of their toxins and are not having a reaction of storing energy, or fat. It can be very easy to wear out the joints prematurely when there is excessive weight, especial on joints. By building up the resources in the body and eliminating the toxins people should not have the tradeoffs that are negative. Please don't burn up this stored energy we are holding onto from food. This is a very wasteful way of using our resources. No animal in nature goes on a treadmill for an hour to lose weight. But they do constantly walk on un-even ground and soak up all the G forces that nature intended. Most animals that walk on un-even ground are fit and have no extra fat on their body, their skin almost shrinks to fit their body.

​For joint pain I use either the oscillating type or the spiral type. I do use linear as long as it goes down to 5 hertz.

Having the spacious feeling and flexibility in my joints is a result of a good body ecology.
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