It takes about 6 months for the body replaces all of the cells in the bones and entire skeleton. Nutritionally, we can only build as much as the minerals and nutrients we get to build. Just getting the bone building G forces without the right minerals to build the bones is a waste of time. You don't want to just get calcium deposits nor do you want to stress the bone without the right mineral support. It is not just about taking calcium. That is probably the thing people ask if they should do most and the answer is no. It depends on each person.d

For Bone Density Issues: So many people have either a bad back or low bone density which was one of the reason I make references on my site about bone problems. I didn't want a site that is an exercise site. I am on my own finding which machines people tell me has helped their bone problems by calling everyone I could that has emailed me who bought at least a year previously that bought for increasing their bone density. 

Some of the people that bought said it didnt help and others they use it every day and their bone density improved dramatically. Almost all the people that it helped bought vibration machines with certain characteristics. I can only go by what the people all have in common that improved their bone density. I did not meet them but none of them know each other and pretty much all said the same thing.

So many people are calling with osteoporosis and now osteopenia. I didnt even know what osteopenia was before starting this site. Many of the people with osteoporosis exercise regularly and still have problems. Almost all of them either use fitness equipment that give negligible G force to the body. The "smooth" cardio equipment they use and just weight lifting doesn't have any ballistic impact, or maybe fractional. If the bones can't fight "gravity" in a certain way, the person is just setting themselves up for failure. Osteo....

More importantly our brain, in the end, determine how many bone producing cells (osteoblasts) that we make  and osteoclasts (bone eating cells when the body knows it doesn't need to produce extra bone cells). When we get the ballistic impact from gravity, you cannot trick the brain into making more bone cells. I learned this in basic anatomy in high school. I finally can apply it to something real besides trying to memorize those two words for a test I probably just memorized so I could graduate. Do you really think I wrote my term papers for art appreciate and English 102. I made a D- in both classes including doing extra credit and sitting by smart people.

Notice: If we sit all day at a desk and our body doesn't get the stimulus to inform the brain to build bone cells, if that was me my bones would become less dense each day. If I had a lifestyle like this I would come home and immediately get on a machine that can help build bone density. I don't play around when it comes to my health. It doesn't matter if the vibration machine I use when I get home after being stagnant for hours, such as a long drive or after eating dinner our and going to a movie, 5 hours of no bone building signals, I immediately get on my machine when I get home. 

If using a vibration machine to build bone cells, it does require some force and might feel uncomfortable at first. Most people stand near the middle and work their way up to the edge of the plate. The plate must have enough acceleration to build up enough G force to help build these cells. 

​Most people prefer the pivotal machines that go over 20 hertz if looking for enough G forces to help build bone cells. Most people with bone issues have hip problems and back pain in the lower back, so almost always one type is preferred over another.

There must be high acelleration in order to help build bone cells. This can be with a high amplitude linear or a pivotal type that has at least 10mm amplitude and goes over 20 hertz.

Compare high acceleration machines I used for bone density here.

Choosing based on specific concerns

It has been confirmed that exercise giving the body g forces forces your bones to strengthen. We are supposed to work under load: carry things, walk, climb, push and pull. Surprisingly, the most important factor in bone density is not exercise, it is the pH balance of the body fluids. If we are being acidified by our life-style, our body is pulling available calcium from the bones and using it as a buffer to keep the fluids in balance. The body can be acidified not just by food also. Usually it is eating against our metabolic type. To balance the pH, some people need to eat more protein, others need very little, so getting an individual profile would be very beneficial. There are online questinaires that take a while, about 30 minutes to fill it out and get the answers back. Its free too and makes you wonder about what you really are about. Either way, to strengthen the bones, using it under 20 hertz on machines that claim to increase bone density is just setting someone up for failure when it takes about 180 days for the brain to make the body build enough bone cells. It really makes me sick and want to expose names of companies that either purposely claim this or expose companies that think their machines that don't go up to 20 hertz will actually affect the bones. The bad thing is that people can't return a machine after the standard 30 day trial and get stuck with a machine that doesn't build bone density. It can move lymph but people aren't spending over 2000 dollars on a machine that just moves lymph. It's sad and frustrating.

Common Bone compaints:
Most people that buy vibration machines in the past are people who are light weight typically. Mostly women, not overweight either. People usually call me in the mid stage as the bones aren't too weak but not as strong that it starts to get noticible.

Many people have had a hip replacement. I would only recomend a pivotal or spiral for people with this. Too many people have returned other types of vibration machines as they jarred their hips. The bone thinning process is actually homeostasis. But, it is happening to early, way before people expect it. The thinning process can't actually be stopped but it can be slowed. Having the right ratio of Vitamin D and calcium is good but the calcium no matter how much many people take, it leaches out of the bones. IT DOESN'T MATTER HOW MUCH CALCIUM IS SHOVELED IN. THE CALCIUM CANNOT BE STORED UNLESS THE pH is balanced. All the supplements to help bones in most people usually have not worked and is just setting themselves up for failure if the pH is off. It's basic chemistry!!! If the body is acidic, the calcium goes in to buffer the acidity. If too alkaline, then, I guess you dont have osteoporosis or osteopenia. Ask any 17 year old high school student who at least made a C in their class, they should be able to explain it.

​If choosing a machine for bone issues, I would not go with anything other than the very low amplitude linear that goes to at least 50 hertz. If Pivotal, a plate that goes over 14 hertz that you can stand close to the middle and get enough G force. Almost all lineal machines and only a few pivotal machines have enough G force for most bone density issues. If you have bone issues, make sure you are buying based on your weight. Certain machines are ok with people under 200 and others bog down and diminish the G forces, especially if the machine has a low weight capacity.

Why I choose the Hypergravity and Hypervibe as my top two choices for bone density:
For one, the weight limits are under 330 and are not built for heavy people. It gets high G force for those that are not too heavy. MOST PEOPLE with osteoporosis are not overweight so the linear model from is designed for those that need to build bone density but don't want to pay for a motor that can handle barbells and heavy weights like their machines that start out at 20 hertz. The people that are lightweight that get 6 times the G force of their natural weight for split seconds (not a push but pop feel) get the G force without ballistic impact. Lighter weight people don't get the G force that heavier people get when they exercise and walk, probably why I have never had an overweight customer with osteoporosis.

​NOTICE: Machines under 14 HERTZ.
People have gotten help with bone density on the lower acceleration models. I will not trash talk them. 
​Antime a muscle contracts to move a bone it bends the bone in a way to produce osteoblasts but not from G force. (In my martial arts class, the kick boxers take glass beer bottles and for about 5 minutes tap on each shin to make their kicks harder so they don't get sore shins. They do this to their elbows too). So, just working out on any machine or just running can build bone density but for someone who already has low bone density, it can be too much ballistic impact to run but most people walk on flat ground which is the total opposite of uneven ground and they think that walking is good for them. WALKING ON UN-EVEN GROUND IS NOT THE SAME THING AS WALKING ON EVEN SIDEWALKS.

When someone has bone density problems, it is not a time for trial and error or to sell someone a machine thats too low of an acceleration that may or may not help with bone density.

Turn your head to the right.... kinda cock your head to the right.. not just moved to the right and you will  see something more than the face in this picture.

Get it in writing that you can return a machine with 30 days if you don't notice any bone improvements.

Five Reasons for Low Bone Density
If you don't know the reason you might have low bone density, please contact me before buying a vibration machine. 

1. exercise level low - not enough pressure on muscle attachments

2. collagen level low - not enough structural material for all connective tissue

3. pH balance off, acidic - minerals are leeched out of the bone to buffer the acidity (most common)

4. mineral balance off - calcium-magnesium-boron-strontium not present in the food in correct amounts and ratios

5. vitamin D level off - not enough calcium being re-deposited back in the bone
Many people continue to take mineral supplements to help prevent bone loss which is really just buffering the acidity of the body. THE BODY IS NOT IN THE OSSIFICATION STAGE ANYMORE. Study basic Anatomy 101 and you would see right through the scam. The bodies of most people that call me are just leaching minerals by the day from their bones into the bloodstream (no wonder they say peoples blood looks good when getting a physical). The pH of the body must be slightly over 7 pH to keep the body running well. Leaching mineral from the bones is actually homeostasis. Again, another thing I paid attention to in class although I had no idea when the heck I would ever need to know this stuff and finally I appreciate what I learned, many decades later.
Bone mass, even in an acidic body can be built just by putting pressure on the bones. Adding any stress or G force to the bone puts a charge on the bone cells. The harder the stress the strong the reaction to build bones. Duration makes less of a difference than the impact. So, don't just stand on a machine thinking its gonna build your bones. This attracts what is needed to make the bones more dense. If you really wanna know it has to do with the hormone release from the brain which is complicated to explain. I don't mind explaining it if you really want to learn about it. I enjoy teaching what I have learned. 
NOTICE: Please note that only the bones that are getting the impact stress can signal the body to build bone density. So the machines that don't vibrate the body enough might not get any results. See my pivotal versus linear page. If the low acceleration pivotal machines are canceling out at the hips, the back gets very little G force but the legs get stressed, it might just build strong leg bones but for all the people that have bad backs, the high amplitude pivotal machines can e helpful as the linear on some machines can feel like a jackhammer unless they have the right amplitude settings. Some people have such compromised backs that they can only find the pivotal machines helpful and others can tolerate the linear machines as their back is not too compromised.
Note: Just focusing on building the bones is not the only thing to consider. The bones must be bendable and have elasticity. Many people take mineral supplements and their bones get too hard which and become too dense in a way that they break even easier, especially with too much calcium. Hlaf the focus should be on keeping them bendable buy doing the things that not just increase bone density. 

Everyone calls me to get help with bone density but never the other issue. Most people are not even educated enough to even ask questions about the state of their bones and how to ratio bone density and bend ability. Usually the people with the lowest bone density tell me that they do not have the one thing that increases flexibility of the bone. Breakability is not the same thing as bend ability of the bone. Know this before getting into a bone building routine.

Having bones that are properly mineralized and not leaching to buffer the acidity of the body is not the same as having pliable bones like most people have had when they were a kid.
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