Most overweight people get mislead in buying a vibration machine. Most people buy as their first vibration machine a cheap one that when they get it doesn't help them lose weight and they return the machine and never ever want to use it again. The cheap one with low horsepower and the most important thing is AMPERAGE. There are 500 watt machines that cost 3000 dollars and there are 500 watt vibration machines that cost under 500 dollars. The difference is, the amperage that is enough so that overweight people don't stand on it and the motor slows down.

The problem is that the obese people that call me sometimes cannot afford a motor that can handle their weight and the manufacture specs say there machine can hold up to 350 or even 400 lbs. Sure it can but the machine bogs down and the upward acceleration begins to move up and down without giving that G force pop at the bottom of the acceleration. You can see the legs of someone that is obese just moving back and forth. Put them on a machine with a high amperage DC motor with at least 2 horsepower side by side to a cheap one and they will instantly feel the difference. This is another reason why I have not found companies at home shows have a really good one to compare the cheap ones they are selling.

The lower powered motors are good for circulation and can make obese people feel good but does not create a negative pressure within the body to flush out lymphatic fluid by pumping the one way valves. Most obese people have blockages, usually a sign of cellulite as cellulite is a physical image of a blockage.

If just working out and circulation is what an obese person wants, they can get away with a machine that is low power. If they want to release toxins in the stored up fat which is the body's means of homeostasis, then high G force should be mandatory. I will not tell someone that can only afford a low priced machine that it will work if it won't. Otherwise, I would be selling them. Ebay usually has the 300 dollar machines that many people end up getting because they all look the same and end up trying to see if they will work because they have the same specs.... same size plate, same hp motor, same frequency range. When they pay 300 and it doesn't work, to pay a 20% restocking fee and shipping to and from, people usually decide it's not worth it because it can cost as much as the original price of the machine to return it.

I get calls all the time from people who bought these inexpensive machines and realize they don't work. I am not going to try to convince anyone that they don't work. It will happen on its on.

Remember, you can't just go by a company specs saying their machine has a maximum weight of 300 lbs or whatever. 

​Obese people can get the 10,000 flushes a day (34 minutes) but due to toxicity and not wanting to get a headache, splitting it up in shorter sessions during the day to get that 34 minutes is the best advice I can give. Anything more than 10,000 flushes is probably overkill.

NOTE: Beware of getting tempted to buy one of the 300 dollar vibration machines for weight loss.
Overweight people are getting mislead in buying a vibration machine, especially a low cost, low quality product that does not have enough power to work effectively. The motors have to have enough torque to work effectively. They need to be of the quality that allows them to lift your weight fast. The problem is that many obese people cannot afford a motor that can handle their weight. Even if the manufacturer's specifications say the machine can hold up to 350 or even 400 lbs, it does not guarantee that it will work well. 

The machine bogs down and the upward acceleration lags, it fails to give the pop at the extremes of the cycles. You can see the legs of a heavy person just moving back and forth on one of the inexpensive machines. Put them on a machine with a high amperage DC motor with at least 2 horsepower and you will instantly see the difference. Beware of home show demos where you can be shown a good machine, but sold a cheaper model without trying it. The low-power motors are OK for stimulating circulation, but not so much for moving the lymphatic fluid. At high speed the one-way valves of the lymphatic system cannot open and close fast enough. If you have cellulite, edema or swelling, you might need to use the low speed setting to move the fluid and clear the blockages.

Obesity is a name for the situation where the body needs to store toxins it is not able to eliminate, and is using fatty cells as the storage device. When you release the stored toxins and are not able to move them out effectively, they can make you feel quite unwell. If you can only afford a low priced machine, and want to use it for weight loss, don't do it. You will be better off not wasting your time.

You can find a "great" deal on eBay for a 300 dollar machine that looks good on paper: right specs, same size plate, same power motor, same frequency range. You pay your money and it doesn't work. You are asked to pay a 20% restocking fee and shipping to and from, so you decide it's not even worth returning. Now you have another piece of equipment that you are not using, and you hope to find someone foolish enough to believe that you can get quality for cheap and take it off your hands.

​Obese people can get the 10,000 flushes a day (34 minutes) but due to toxicity and not wanting to get a headache, splitting it up in shorter sessions during the day to get that 34 minutes is the best advice I can give. Anything more than 10,000 flushes is probably overkill.

Choosing based on specific concerns

Some people never lose weight no matter how hard they exercise. This is a good thing. It means the body is in homeostasis, trying to hold on to the fat so the acids and toxins have somewhere to go so the vital organs don't acidify.

Don't be one of the people that doesn't understand this concept. If you are overweight and don't know what I am talking about, call me. It takes me just a few minutes to explain it.

Make sure you have enough to flush the acidity out of the fat. (Homeostasis): The fat is holding acidity and toxins so your organs don't acidify. Lose the waste- Lose the fat!
NOTiCE: If you don't have sufficient amplitude, and you are using it on low frequencies (2 to 3 HZ), expect to get on the machine at least 10 to 20 minutes about 5 to 8 times per day. If you have about 2 hours a day to do this, you can get away with a lower amplitude model. If you can afford to buy a 2 to 3 hz machine with higher amplitude, expect to get the results in less time. It is the G force that determines how much toxins and acids leave while the one way valves in the lymphatic system open and close while releasing toxins that the fat stores.

WBV machines are popular among people that want to detox who cannot eliminate naturally due to a weakened body chemistry. Don't just buy a wbv machine so it can do all the work for you that you are capable. If you are just lazy and don't want to exercise, these are no excuse. These can be an easy way out for those that don't want to exercise to lose weight, honestly.

But, if you don't want to exert energy by doing work from all the stored up calories and you have money to burn, then why not, get a wbv machine.

One should ask themselves why they want to burn calories. If their body is in homeostasis and storing fat like it should, why not fix the problem that is causing the body to store extra calories. Jogging with a heavy backpack on can burn 300 to 600 calories in an hour. One pound of fat gives 30 miles of running in the heat. 900 calories, or 1/4 of a pound of fat that many people burn while sweating in the hot sun is like running 30 to 45 miles in calories. Metabolising energy that fast is not good unless the body is properly hydrated and mineralized. A 900 calorie loss is very hard on the body and many people abuse themselves in even the most soothing of all models.

The way to metabolize stored energy is to get mineral reserves built up so you can develop cell energy from mineral ions instead of fat and calorie retention.

If you are just trying to lose weight and for that reason only then you don't need a fancy model. Many people hop on the scale right after each session to find that they lost weight. DON'T FOOL YOURSELF. This is just water loss and calorie loss. You didn't replinish anything. You just lost the calories, your valuable energy reserves. If you did not rid a lot of toxins causing you to hold on to the fat you are holding you will usually just
gain it right back and become bloated all over again. I hope people don't buy the wrong type of machine for the wrong reasons. Study more about the different types and pick the type that is good for you. There are different types for everyone. If you are overweight, you might just be in homeostasis and not toxic at all or you might be on such a poor diet and gain weight without eating many calories and you are overweight due to toxicity and acidity. Make sure you know this stuff before you choose a wbv type.

Those who get the best results that I have interviewed focus less on burning valuable calories but instead by focusing on getting the acidity and toxins out of the fat through the lymphatic vessels as nature intended.
If you want to lose weight by burning calories or more by pumping all the wastes in the lymph so the body doesn't need to store as much fat, let me know in the comments form on my quiz. Some machines have higher amplitudes but have as low of frequencies and some have very short amplitude capabilities but have a higher starting point vibration speed.

Remember, the way to shrink the fat cells is to diffuse the toxins out of the fat by the lymphatic vessels. If there are too many blockages in the fat, usually with people with cellulite and thick belly fat that is not being used daily for the body's energy cycle, the machines over 14 hertz may be needed to clear these blockages. Blockages can be so thick and the fat so dense (usually people at least 20 lbs over weight) when the fat starts to look like cellulite.  Vibrating at over 14 hertz can oxygenate and bring blood circulation to the area and the lymphatic system can work better when the fat gets warm and oxygenated by increased blood flow to the cellulite areas.

Using a vibration machine to lose weight with that mind set is just setting someone up for failure. A HUGE MISTAKE. Not by burning fat that is the body's way of homeostasis, but many people who do it right convert blood sugar to form energy, not fat. Dam this pisses me off that so many people think that they are going to burn fat on a vibration machine. Who in the F^@#% is telling people this. It might make people skinny very quick but is not sustainable exercise.
WE CAN'T BURN FAT WHILE WE ARE BURNING BLOOD SUGAR AT THE SAME TIME. Once the blood sugar is depleted then and only then the fat starts burning. It takes a little over 30 minutes for most people to burn the sugar in their blood. Obese people cannot usually workout intensely for an hour but they can move the lymph in the same way they could as if they were strenuously working out for an hour. For overweight people, the goal should be to exert the body but without trying to burn the fat which puts the body out of homeostasis and depletes our energy reserves.
So, in the past I have sold machines that went only up to 14 hertz. Letting the body get used to higher hertz and then at the end of the session spend a few minutes at the low 5 to 6 hertz to flush it all out is what has worked best.

It is a our natural response to put on excessive weight so why try to take it off. This fat is probably the only ​thing keeping people alive. What I have learned is that most of the people that are the skinniest and don't have fat reserves to hold toxins are the most sick, much more sick than fatter people. What really is interesting is that many overweight people try to eat less in hopes they will lose some of their weight. Again, this is so stupid. The body thinks it is in a famine and puts itself in survival mode. Gaining weight has very little to do with what we eat for most people. I know this because I give advice from what I have learned and see it work. Fat is like buying an insurance plan so that we don't die from an over acidic body. Going to the gym is probably one of the worst things overweight people do. Get some freakin rest and detox the fat, idiot. (maybe I shouldn't call people idiots as they assume they learned from someone who was educated properly), maybe its just learning the wrong thing. I am trying to write this site in a way that won't offend anyone but still offer my points of view without offending anyone. I used to go up to total strangers in the park and be like" I can help you lose that cellulite. You have blockage ma'am. You don't care. Why are you walking away. I know its hard to discuss this. No one else is going to tell you… or going up to people that are kissing and asking them to look at the other persons tongue to see if there is a white haze. I almost got my ass kicked when I stopped two people kissing one time so I learned my lesson.

Anyway, when someone calls and wants to learn how to lose weight, they first should probably consider how many pounds of fibrin or mucous is in their body and find out why their immune system is all messed up and why their joints are hurting or have the back problems and tightness all over their body. Most people are deficient and exercising can just generate more stress and be more destructive to what the person's goal is. Plus, you don't want to deplete the body even more if its not being replenished. Imbalances in the body can ALSO leach minerals out of the bones to buffer the body. Also, sweating out our water reserves when our muscles are already filled up with lactic acid and need that vital water.
I would get rid of blockages that causes most people to not lose weight no matter how little they eat and how long they exercise.

"Storing excess fat (reserve energy storage) is our body going into survival mode (a reaction)"

For those who haven't exercised in awhile and overweight, exercise will just rob people of their energy reserves that they have been storing as fat over the years. Burning calories to release this fat can steal vital energy from the organs in the long run but make people lose weight in the short run. The body produces cortisol which is not good. Save the fat and energy for healing and remove the wastes by walking on uneven ground or vibrating on a machine "the right way" for your body ecology. People are going to need the extra adrenaline and stored energy for healing purposes, not to be wasted away to burn calories like so many people have been taught. Overstimulating an overweight body is another thing I refer to by when I said, VIBRATION MACHINES HAVE A POWER TO HEAL BUT ALSO CAN USE THAT POWER TO MAKE YOU SICK.
Using the vibration machine the wrong way can make the imbalances you already have worse or even create newer problems if the body is too toxic to process the waste.

Read about the machines that go over 14 hertz here. If just for lymphatic drainage and there is not too many blockages, a machine over 14 hertz may not be needed and the extra money doesn't need to be spent. See my over 14 Hertz page here.
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