Vibration machine UNDER 14 HERTZ are designed for therapeutic tasks and OVER 14 HERTZ is designed for strength training and bone vibration. 90% of my machines are sold under 14 hertz.

When sitting on the plate with your back of knees on the edge of the plate, as you sit on the plate the legs are stretched out with heels on the floor (not the entire foot but legs all the way out as you lean forward). The legs are next to the ankles. This is a 3 minute setting that will help flush out 3 to 4 teaspoons of lymph per minute. DO NOT DO THIS MORE THAN 3 MINUTES AT A TIME. You want a machine that doesn't just massage the nasty cellulite fat but empties the fat cells. Lymphatic vibrational massage can help empthy them, not just vibrate the fat and move it all around. Remember, their are one way valves that need time to create a negative pressure to diffuse the toxins out of the fat so fat cells can shrink and be emptied. It really bothers me when personal trainers tell people to exercise to burn more calories. FAT IS HOLDING ONTO CALORIES FOR A REASON. DIDN'T YOU TAKE 5TH GRADE SCIENCE. ITS CALLED HOMEOSTASIS.

Speeding up the lymphatic drainage can drain the toxins and fluid retention built up in teh body but THIS IS NOT BURNING FAT. I don't believe fat should be burned but kept on the body until the body is brought back into homeostasis where their is no reason to carry fat and cellulite anymore. Physical exercise and lymphatic exercise together can increase the results.

​With under 14 hertz machines, most people start feeling good within a few days but can take longer to see results than it would be on machien that goes over 14 hertz. (do not confuse this with speed settings. Machines that goes to level 60 usually go up to 14 hertz. Newer machines have a hertz readout on the machine, not a speed or level setting. DO NOT GET THIS CONFUSED OR YOU MIGHT BUY THE WRONG TYPE).

​Under 14 hertz are the more therapeutic machines usually just get to the areas where the fat has a higher circulation. This is called dynamic fat. Over 14 hertz machines can better help the areas where the body has fat blockages, which is usually cellulite, mainly in women. This is static fat that has a naturally low blood circulation. This fat is rarely used for energy as it is usually blocked with toxins and trapped blood proteins and amino acid build up. MANY WOMEN EXERCISE AND NEVER LOOSE THIS FAT AS IT IS THERE FOR HOMEOSTASIS TO HOLD TOXINS. If more women would do more lymphatic massage sitting on the plate they would probably know what I am talking about. Women call me frustrated that they work out all the time and can't lose the fat. there is a reason. People are just so ignorant. The fat hasn't been stimulated in so long that it is starting to clump up and look nasty. PLEASE REMEMBER TO NOT TRY TO STIMULATE THESE CELLULITE FAT BLOCKAGES FOR MORE THAN 3 MINUTES A TIME SITTING ON THE PLATE. SOME PEOPLE LISTEN, OTHERS DON'T AND THEN CALL ME AND TELL ME I WAS RIGHT.

(Especially at 28 hertz, feels like a freaking meat tenderizer. So much oxygen is being circulted in the body it feels like nothing I have ever experienced before)

At UNDER 14 HERTZ, this is where the body can get a lymphatic massage.
At OVER 14 HERTZ, a person who likes deep tissue massage and needs extra G force and heavier vibrations to force blood circulation back into the cellulate fat blockages, etc.

​Getting both lymphatic massage under 14 hertz and deep massage at 20 to 28 hertz, combined has given people the best results based on the feedback I get.

Lymphatic drainage is not immediate on the under 14 hertz machines and can take several months to fully diffuse most of the toxins out of the fat.

What is immediate on the machines over 14 hertz is the blood flow to the areas where there have been blockages for years (over 14 hertz gives an incredible itchy feel so be careful to get off when you feel this).

The way that i think is best is to go at speeds over 14 hertz to liquidify the wet part of the coagulated areas in the cellulate and force as much of this liquid into the deeper layers of the skin and then do lymphatic vibration at 5 hertz to diffuse it into the lymphatic ducts.

​Most people that have 10 to 20 lbs of fat that is not being used fore energy production but for homeostasis to hold in toxins so the organs don't acidify, usually ahve a low energy level. Getting on a low hertz vibration machine can drain the lymphatic fluid but not be strong enough to drain the areas of cellulite or heavy belly fat where it is thick and has extreme blockages. Usuaully, people that have a lot of extra fat are swollen too as the blood stops flowing and the tissues become stagnant with fluid until it can be moved, which in many people this fluid sits still for years. The pressure from the swelling and fluid retention makes it so the blood can't flow there. The more the person is swelled up, the more pressure around the fat blockages making the one way valves in the lymphatic system have so much pressure on them that buying a machine that only goes up to 14 hertz is just setting themselves up for failure and soon I will be getting a complaint saying they want to return the machine because it isn't working for them. NO @#%%!#. Of course its not gonna work. You bought a machine that's not powerful enough and doesn't have enough G force in its vibration to release your blockages.

Deep tissue vibration at 20 to 28 hertz and then getting the low 5 to 6 hertz vibration in the same session is what I want people to know they are missing out on when only getting a machine that goes up to 14 hertz.

​When there is less pressure on the lymphatic system, they can drain the toxins out of the body better. When the fat in someone gets a good vibrational deep tissue massage and the blockages can be opened up, the more teaspoons of lymph fluid the lymphatic system can transport. With blockages, someone might be moving 1/2 to 1 teaspoons of lymph fluid through the one way valves while someone with no fat blockages might move 3 to 4 teaspoons a minute and get quick results.

Using a machine over 14 hertz in people I know that have these blockages should be almost mandatory to sell them a machine not less than 14 hertz. If I don't think a machine is right for someone that is not powerful enough, I am not comfortable selling it. Its like selling someone a shoe that is 1 size too small and telling them it fits. I just don't work like that.

So, when you read about the itchiness and tingling sensation people get on the original 10,000 dollar plus  commercial Galilieo and Vibraflex machines that so many people are claiming their machine do just because it has the same motion, don't be surprised if you but a cheap machine and you don't notice anything.

If you just want to get some blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, a machine that works under 14 hertz can work, especially with a long plate of 27 inches or more. You can also burn fat and get muscle tone on these.

To build bone and clear blockages, using a machine over 14 hertz for the beginning part of the session is what I will expect to work on those that would normally return the machines that have major cellulite blockages and bones that need repairing.

Until now, most machines only went up to 14 hertz. The Galileo or VibraFlex still has the original technology to go up to 30 hertz which I can barely stand on for a minute. The Hypervibe is the first to go up to 28 hertz in a residential machine. Pretty soon, all the major brands will probably be trying to find out how the Hypervibe did it so it doesn't make the machine move across the room. Most machines even at 14 hertz will move across the room if not standing on it. Most people get the benefits up to 14 hertz but fail to get the benefits of over 14 hertz for releasing blockages and bone density. Please see my Hypervibe page. If you really want the original VibraFlex or Galileo I know a dealer that carries them but I am not a dealer and do not have permission to review or sell them.

Choosing based on specific concerns
Interview with person that tested out the high acceleration (up to 28 to 30 hertz  pivotal machines) with questions and focus on Hypervibe Technology:

Question: How come it is 2012 and there is only hasn't been one person to copy the original technology and they are just coming out with machines that go over 14 hertz only now.

A. At first, I thought it was just another act of building consumerism. I thoght that they wanted us to buy the machines that only go up to 14 hertz and then the companies that made all of them would come out with something better that mimics the original Galileo that goes to 30 hertz, but only after they sold millions of models that go up to 14 hertz.

I realize now after testing them that they are just too expensive to make. They Hypervibe, which delivers about the same power as the original Galileo, is now affordable. It costs over 2000 dollars while the original model costs about 11,000 dollars. What is interesting is that no one has tried to copy the Hypervibe. They have a similar but very different mechanism to deliver 28 hertz even with heavier people that doesn't slow down. Because they price it slightly higher than other models in its class, they put a 900 watt motor and use different types of technology, I think it is more expensive to make and copycats choose not to make it identical because there would be no profit margin in it. I did learn that they use some Australian engineer to try to redesign the machine so it would mimic the original Galileo. They did not copy the patent pending way of the original. I still question and debate if the original company is in on it. 

It is still odd that its now been around awhile and no one dares to copy it. I also find it odd that many of the companies that make them that go to 14 hertz have told me if it goes any higher the machine wouldn't be able to handle that force. I know that when you turn most machines up high and no standing on the plate that it moves across the room. The Hypervibe is the same weight and goes to those speeds and doesn't go out of control. It just doesn't make any sense. How can they have found a way to preserve the strength of the machine all of the sudden.

​Note: some models that say they will go to 28 hertz can slow down with heavier weights on the plate. Heavier weight, unlike linear models that does not slow down speed but gives lower amplitude, pivotal machines lose motor speed but not amplitude. G force is what is diminished. If a machine was rated at 28 hertz at bare motor speed, ask them if the machine delivers 28 hertz with a 200 lb person on it. Most people using it for bone density use the settings around 20 hertz. The ratings and specs in the manual are made by the manufactures, not the dealers. So, if a dealer has tested the machine, I think they should be able to tell you what to really expect. If it delivers 14 hertz and then slows down to 11 hertz with heavy people, they should not sell you a machine thinking you will believe it goes to 14 hertz with a heavy person. Usually these are the very cheap machines.

BEWARE: I won't mention names but some panels say 28 hertz on the control panel but that is just an increment setting instead of using level 1 to level 60 like some do. I don't go by this. Honestly, when I test them I have the Galileo set at the same hertz side by side with the machine I am testing. If the machine I am testing doesn't feel like the "control" model, then I know if the motor slows down with heavier people which seems to be the complaint about most machines that people buy that are too weak for them.

​There are models that go to 23 hertz or 30 hertz. Here is where it gets trick when you studied about G force and acceleration.

At 23 hertz, which some go to, they have a 14 mm amplitude. Some machines that go to 28 hertz only have a 11 mm amplitude like the Hypervibe. If one machine is going at 20 hertz for example, at 10mm amplitude and the competitor is going at the same 20 hertz but with 14 mm amplitude, that extra 4mm of distance the plate has to acceleration can make up for the lower hertz. If somone is going to be using the machine in the 20 to 22 hertz and not going to be using it at 28 hertz which is usually for advanced training, just consider the slight differences in amplitude.

​There is one other factor that applies and I know it is hard to factor in if the machine will slow down with heavier people and also considering the amplitude which usually ranges from 10mm to 14mm.

The other factor to consider is the plate "length". Some machines have a 27 inch plate and others a 21.5 inch plate. As everyone knows, the longer the plate the more G force that is delivered. If you stand toward the middle of the plate you don't feel as much G force. People need to ask themselves questions like this, " If a plate is 21.5 inch plate and goes to 14 mm amplitude and is going at 20 hertz, is a plate that goes to 10 mm amplitude but has a 27 inch plate that only goes to 20 hertz more powerful.

Does longer plate size make up for the shorter 10mm amplitude plates over the 14 mm amplitude plates.
​I guess this is the stuff that you really have to test before buying a machine to get the exact feel that you want. I will say that there has to be a mathematical formula to come up with a machine that has the same acceleration and G force but from companies making different plate lengths, different amplitudes and speeds. I will say that if two machines are going at the same speed and amplitude, a plate with a longer length will have higher G force exponentially, not just by a little. Each millimeter in amplitude, even if just 1 or 2 millimeters, makes a huge difference in the power that is felt due to plate height acceleration.

After reviewing the differnet types, I believe the most important factor that outweighs the amplitude and plate length combined is the plate speed. For most of the machines I tested, it seems that it is hard for it to go to high speeds close to 28 hertz if the amplitude is close to 14 hertz and also I notice that most of the machines that go to 28 hertz do not have a 27 inch plate. There is only one model that has a plate larger than 27 inches that goes to 28 hertz but it is very expensive.

If you want a machine that goes from 5 to 28 hertz and not stop at 14 hertz, Go to my Hypervibe page.
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