This is the model we tested that came out about 6 years ago. It cost around 12,000 back then. 
Their new models under 2,000 dollars are more powerful than the most expensive one back then., made just outside of Los Angeles California, is the only linear type vibration machine company that builds machines in the USA. Nothing is imported. Motors, welding, all the major components are built by hand.

Until now, they only had high end machines that went as low as 10 hertz while their cheaper ones started at 20 hertz. Most linear machines on the market in the $2,00 range start at 20 hertz which can easily be seen by researching linear machines on the net. What is also cool about Hypergravity is they can go up to 6 mm amplitude. Most cheap machines only go up to 2mm amplitude and few to 4mm.

Having 10 hertz if it only went to 2mm would not have enough G force and would be a low acceleration machine. At 5 to 6 hertz on their higher end models, it is a true super high acceleration vibration machine. Their elite model that sells for around 10,000 is the only ones in their line that can go this low. All their others are made for only working out and other issues for higher speeds and start out at 20 hertz.

Most linear models start out at 20 to 25 hertz and dont give the lymphatic drainage that the low hertz machine go. The elite model goes down to 10 hertz which is unheard of in linear vibration.

I went to the place where they build them in Caliornia. The build everything from the copper windings for the motor to the welding of the liquid steel to make the plates. There is no plastic in their frames. They are heavy though. The cost about 300 to 400 dollars just to ship as they are all welded into one single piece. Every other company I have compared makes linear machines I had to put together.

After selling the Hypergravity machines on my other site for 4 years, I have not had one machine break or returned to me. The machine I sold the most was the Gyminator and the MyGym. I have sold many custom made machines to some baseball and football teams too. Almost all of the commercial machines by them were sold to gyms and teams. Not that many but a few that I actually had some good conversations with. I never knew they were famous athletes until after they bought.

One thing that I don't like about them is that they cost so much to ship. Because they are all a solid piece and don't come in lots of small pieces you have to put together, there is no way around it. If it could be compacted it would probably cost a third of the price like the other steel machines but having 100% all steel frames, it can't.
At less than $2,000, there's more power in this motor than the one in the video in the left. The most powerful motor for under $2,000 on the entire market I have found.
Hypergravity Vibration Machines
Famous for ALL Steal Construction (not steel construction. 100% pure welded steel. No pieces to put together. Just one big piece of steel. Won't wobble as its all one solid heavy gauge steel entire piece. Only on the market like it.
Bone-O-Vibe (The 275 Watt, Jumbo Motor, Super High Amperage Workhorse)
Custom made for us with a few drawbacks which I personally asked for. Many people get turned off but if explained right, (see below in orange box) is the only way I can sell a model this cheap. It took me

As of summer 2012, the first ever linear machine that can go to 10 hertz while having enough G force to help stimulate the lymphatic system and go to 5 mm amplitude and a DC motor. Usually, only AC motors which are more efficient but had EMF, were the only ones that could go this low. I refused to sell them. The motor in the Bone-O-Vibe is about 40% of the power of the $12,000 dollar Elite model (500 watts) Hypergravity makes and with 275 watts, it's motor is equivalant to most motors that cost around 8,000 dollars.
Bone-O-Vibe Warranty:
90 days, not 2 years like they normally give. 
The 2 year warranty the manufacturer gives, and I asked them, is because so many gyms abuse them and they have to replace the machines and pay single or double shipping for an unreasonable customer that is a "problem customer" that takes advantage and abuses the machine. The manufacture has told me that they add in the price in the "retail price" the shipping to and from and the cost of a possible motor replacement in that two years.

The difference in a 90 day (or Zero warranty) is that if something goes wrong, they will just charge the cost of fixing it. Since none were broken in the entire time I've been selling their machines, I don't think its fair. Most people are buying for residential. Why should they have to pay more for a machine because scammers abuse their machines and try to get it replaced.

So, since most people get turned off by having no warranty. I paid extra to have at least a 90 day warranty just in case of a manufacturer's defect. If someone doesn't want even a 90 day warranty, I can adjust the price for that too. If someone wants the full 2 year warranty they will give, the price will be adjusted for this also.

I am now trying to get machines without warranty cards if that will bring the price down on all the brands I sell but as the manufacture said, people will still try to complain if a machine breaks in a year. I am getting the manufactures to agree to lower the price and charge people the exact cost in case something breaks any time, even 10 years later. Most problems don't happen within 2 years anyway. I know this from selling vibration machines since 2008.

Choosing based on specific concerns
Bone-O-Vibe (2 year warranty) AT COST UNLIMITED REPAIR
$3,699 ON SALE $3,299

Bone-O-Vibe (90 day warranty) AT COST UNLIMITED REPAIR
$2,799 ON SALE $2,399

Bone-O-Vibe (No warranty) AT COST UNLIMITED REPAIR
$2,699 ON SALE $1,999

Vibration mode: LINEAR Vibration
Power consumption: Commercial DC motor
Vibration Frequency: 10 Hz to 60 Hz, with 1 Hz increments
Vibration Amplitude: 5 mm
Bone-O-Vibe Package
Platform dimension: (24″ x 14″)
Power: 315 Watts DC
Weight Limit: 330lbs (450 Static)

Buy a Hypergravity Bone-O-Vibe and get
Free Bottle of Green Superfoods
Free Bottle of Probiotics
Free Bottle of Cell Food
Free Energy Pendant
Free 1 hour raw food consultation
30 Day Money Back Guarantee on ALL Hypergravity Machines
New 2014 Model Bone-O-Vibe
The new wattage is now increased from 275 to 315 watts.

(Wattage calculation):
The new Wattage is now : 90 Volts DC Voltage X 3.5 Amps = 315 Watts.

Now at the same price.

Note: To everyone that is asking. All Hypergravity machines have Vibratory Bars for upper body vibration. Many people have arthritic hands and shoulders and have very little circulation in their upper body and have swelling in the arms. Most people that use computers all day long enjoy squeezing the handlebars with their hand. It definitely gives me that tingly feeling just like my feet feel right after I get off the machine. Shoulders will itch just like people's legs do when standing.

Above is a the motor that goes in their residential and light commercial models (the 1800 dollar model and the 6000 dollar model have the same motor but just different weights). They have the same power.

The red one is the motor they make that is in their commercial machines. It is huge. The red motor is the biggest motor I have found that is put in a linear machine. More power than most people need.

The red motor is a 5.5 amp motor. The grey motor is 3.5 amps.

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