Choosing based on specific concerns

This brand looks so much like the others that for a year I didn't even bother to review it. All the specs on similar looking products looked exactly the same to me so I though all of these look a likes were the same but private labeled with different names. How can one model have a 28 hertz rating that sells for nearly 3000 and another costs half that price.
So, I bough them and had to test them to really find out what is going on because all the manufactures had the same story saying theirs did the same thing.

Nitrofit has a 500 watt motor but claims it will do go up to the high accelerations (28 hertz). When I tested it the machine did go to 28 hertz but I would only recommend it and think it is perfect for people under 200 lbs because at 250 it lost some of the "pop" at the bottom of the acceleration. For bone density, with people that are 160, 170 lbs, it will maintain more of that acceleration speed to keep it closer to 28 hertz. I would only recommend people upgrade to a 900 watt motor if they are very heavy and can afford it.

I did find out that the 2012 women's volleyball team used their deluxe model and it makes sense. They are all under 200 lbs and they could get a machine that went to the high accelerations. Another thing I am about to find out is the studies they did with this at the universities on this machine. The manufacture is having their deluxe model as the example at one of the Universities to test the studies at the accelerations above 14 to 28. Most of the studies on these machines that I has on my other site were from 5 to 14 hertz. I mainly focused on lymphatics but as more people called me with bone density issues, that made me start a site studying the models that go to 28 hertz.
I have had better feedback from people with bone issues on this site way more than my other one. The good thing about the models that go to 28 hertz is that they also go to the low 6 hertz too for lymphatic drainage. I have also just put some of the high acceleration models on my other site now too. I just wasn't aware of them at the time, for 4 years actually.

After reviewing the deluxe model, while comparing it to the 900 watt Australian model and the models that go to 28 hertz but didn't keep up the speed with heavier weights, I will say that this is the 2nd best model only that I would recommend their deluxe model for people under 200 lbs. For people that are trying to build bone density or get high acceleration workouts that are very light weight, you really can't tell the difference between the 900 and 500 watt models. Out of all the 500 watt models that go up to 28 hertz, the deluxe probably holds the most weight and is the most stable in design. 
Maximum weight capacity: 330 lbs.
Product dimensions: 30.7" x 20.8" x 54.7"
Platform dimensions: 20" x 13.5"
Unit weight: 95 lbs.
Amplitude: 13mm
Motor: 1.5 Horsepower
Frequency: 8~30Hz
Vibration type: Pivotal (side to side)
Resistance bands: up to 100lbs maximum resistance
Materials: steel construction, plastic TPR covering
CE/RoHS certified

Comes with:

  Workout poster
  Easy operation display
  Body fat reading program
  Pulse reading contacts on handlebars
  10 minute timer (adjustable by 1 minute increments)
  5 built-in workout programs
  Adjustable upper body resistance bands
  Large easy to read LCD screen
  Wheels for easy relocation
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