Here's how whole body vibration works when you have the right machine.
First, if buying for losing weight and lymphatic drainage (reduce swelling in the body), please make sure your machine's hertz starts out no higher than 6 hertz if pivotal or spiral and 10 hertz if linear.

The vessels must be pumped at a slow enough frequency to act as a sponge to soak up the wastes to transport them to the final exit, the gut. I have not had great feedback on machines that stat out at high frequencies for people that have puffy flesh and a toxic lymphatic system. Looking in the mirror to see if there is a whitish haze on the back of your tongue can be a good sign of a toxic lymph system.
​Please use low hertz so the anti bacterial lymphatic system can do its job.

Most people who buy machines without the low frequency and having enough G force (usually on plates smaller than 27 inches) will NEVER feel that itchy or tingly feeling that ​they would probably get on a machine that was right for them.

Buying Guide
For years, I've been independently comparing and testing the vibration machines that will hold up to heavier weight and maintain enough G fore to inhibit the lymphatic system and squeeze the one way valves to pump the lymph. The machines I look for are the most stable when the speed is turned up high and the acceleration is accurate even with heavy weight withing on the plate within the maximum weight limit. On cheaper machines, it is best to know the weight of the person as the speed can slow down and frequency is not as accurate.

​I try to give clear and concise explanations on why I choose each brand on my site that are vibration worthy. I don't accept manufacture's marketing and don't pick favorites that are subjective or biased.
I don't accept the specs on a brand until I review them. I have seen too many specs change based on weight and model to model.

Things to Consider:

Acceleration: Do you want a hard feel, a soft feel, a self-adjusting acceleration to account for your weight as the machine pulls more amperage to the motor? If focusing on lymphatic drainage a slower speed with higher G force can be needed with a larger plate. 

Inversion: Some have 10mm amplitude on a 21 inch plate and others have an amplitude of 10mm on a 27 inch plate. The model with a 21 inch plate will have to pivot at a larger angle than the 27 inch plate giving it a different angular feel to the ankle. If bad ankles, please consider this.

​Noise: Some vibration machines are just so noisy no matter how much weight is on them. The plastic frame can vibrate itself making a lot of noise instead of the plate mostly vibrating the body. Most cheaper machines get noisier usually after a few months, but never at first. When things get off-centered with heavier people on them that usually should have a lower weight limit on the specs, it is just not fair to the customer. No one regulates the specs. Any company can claim their own maximum weight limit even if the manufacturer says 265 and the importer chooses to put 400 lb weight limit on it. This is why many machines start to warp. I hear the stories all the time.

Springs: On linear machines, the springs hold the weight up. Some springs are made of higher carbon alloy and others are made with cheaper, low carbon steal. Heavier people will know that over time the higher quality spring supports will hold up longer.

Mats: Some cheap mats are glued on and others are more permanent.  On cheaper models many people have told me they have to keep replacing the mats. Some mats on the cheaper machines have a rubber smell. They leach a rubber smell similar to tire stores when you walk in there. This usually happens on new model and doesn't last long. If a vibration machine that is not new or may be refurbished that "normally" should have that fresh formaldehyde smell, then I would question it. A new fresh made vibration machine just put in the box after manufacturing might have a rubber smell from the mat. Just something to watch out for.

Price: Many vibration machines look very similar but under the frame is what is different. A 500 watt motor may not be better than a 375 watt motor that is German engineered and "green" and uses less electricity and makes less noise. Some machines are 500 watts and 1.5 amp and others are 3 amp and can cost twice as much. After talking to mechanical engineers and electricians, they have explained why some machines can cost two to three times as much and why some machines that have the same specs but engineered differently can have different power and G forces. The problem is that many of the machines feel good at first but after a few months or a year, they can significantly go down in power and the manufacture doesn't cover this under warranty as they might consider it normal wear and tear. Know this before buying and don't get stuck with a machine that loses its G force and power after you buy it.

Life Span: Steel machines help the machine keep its structure stable. The cheap plastic machines will almost never last more than a few years of keeping its physical structure. The structure of a quality built machine should last about 20 years although the bearings will usually need to be replaced every 5 years depending on the quality of the bearings. If a company hasn't been around more than 5 years, you might want to find out because if after 5 years you want to know that the company is going to be around to replace the bearings. Machines usually don't break within their warranty period. Make sure that they have a 5 year warranty on the frame and motor.

I wish sellers would stop promising the people stuff that is generic for everyone. I have sold vibration machines for over 4 years now and follow up with many people. People are using vibration machines blindly and the machine ends up not being used. Once they learn how to use it they starting getting results because they never used it correctly. Some people are so toxic that they should not go to high accelerations and then to 5 hertz to drain out the waste. Their body can barely process the waste. Why tell people to do what will remove the most waste? It's not for everyone. Also, stop mixing valuable advice mixed in with sales hype. I'm tired of generic advice.

Using the vibration machine the wrong way can make the imbalances you already have worse or even create newer problems if the body is too toxic to process the waste.
They think they are putting olympic athletes on the cereal box and making adults think its good for them.
It is messed up that people who are sick and tired are getting advice that is only to lure them into buying something. These aren't' health professionals people are listening too. They make you feel special by asking you a bunch of questions. Are they calling you repeatedly after the sale or just repeatedly until you buy from them.
All of the vibration machines are good depending on its usage. The main question is, "which machine is the best fit for you?" If you’re not sure which vibration machine is the answer, call me.

Choosing based on specific concerns

Warranty: Make sure your warranty starts from the day you purchased the machine, not the day that the dealer purchased it (dealers warranty).
WARRANTY SCAMS: Many of the machines that have 5 year warranties are the dealers or importers warranties which is fine but if a machine is only made to have a one year warranty and is priced at... just say 1300 with a 1 year warranty because of its quality and frame and motor structure... do you think it is right for a manufacture to charge 2000 dollars and give a 5 or even 10 year warranty. Well, paying the 700 dollars more just buys you another machine if it goes bad which most machines even with a 1 year warranty last way over 4 years. All the machines I sold in 2008 till 2012, I have not had a single one break that was 2 horsepower or more. I have never sold machines under 500 watts so I avoided the problems of customers who buy small motors that can't power their weight.

So, its at your discretion to buy a warranty over a one year warranty. Many of the companies that have been in business for 5 years or longer have a track record and it can be good getting an extra warranty through them.
Special slide show Presentation
Ever wonder what's inside your machine?
See a presentation of facts and comparisons between the breakdown of vibration machines. Photo gallery and videos of internal components side by side and compare for yourself. See the differences in sizes of motors (500 watt vs 900 watt motors) and internal components that might surprise you.

Contact me today for a free ½ hour phone consultation to discuss how I can help your compare vibration machines that you are looking at, component and engineering differences, and how to determine the right power you need and vibration type based on your body ecology.
Vibration Machine Motor Review
Take a look into the different motors put into vibration machines. The one on the right costs $800 and the red one costs about $2000 dollars. 

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