If you want to become a dealer and get into the business, its very cheap to go get a local business license and tax ID. It usually costs under 100 dollars. If you are interested in becoming a dealer just to buy one machine or numerous machines to resell, email me.

Become a dealer and get wholesale prices now. When you are a dealer through us, you have access to all the machines we sell, not just one brand. Serious inquires only please.

Choosing based on specific concerns


We now wholesale the spiral vibration machines. All machines come with a one year warranty from us which is the same as the manufacture gives but dealers and importers add on their own warranty, most 5 years but that adds about 800 dollars to the upfront cost. You will see that some brands have a 2 year warranty and others a 5 year warranty.

At the price we sell them at it can include a 1 year warranty or none at all. Since most of the spiral machines are inspected and have approval rating by third parties, they usually don't break within the manufacturer's 1 year warranty.

If you want to buy at pricing for resale, let us know. We can give the one year warranty or no warranty at all. Without warranty is about 800 dollars cheaper. Remember, the cost of replacing a machine is factored in about one in 10 machines and the cost of possibly fixing a machine that someone abused is factored in too. Even though you might be careful, other people who abused their machines raises the price for everyone and the manufacture doesn't know who really is taking care of their machines and which customers will put them in gyms and clinics and abuse them.

If you want to buy 4 which is our minimum to give our first tier discount, call me for the price. The prices are at least half off the prices that most dealers sell for and less for higher volume. We get better deals when we order volume. We don't play games and make you buy more. If we got the same price on 1 or 100 machines, we would give you the same but we don't. We are at a very low tier pricing though and pass on the savings.

Once approved to become a dealer, go directly to our dealer page by clicking the picture above. Minimum advertised price contracts, and or resellers license and Tax ID and Business license, health care professional's license and other forms are required.

We are open now
8am-7pm Central
We are open now
8am-7pm Central