My first site mainly focused on people with lymphatic issues and people that were overweight. I have seen a lot of success with weight loss but not so much success with people with osteopenia, osteoporosis and back problems. My focus on this site is from al the comments and issues people had that have bought with low bone density or some type of bone issue. I have had returns on machines from people that tried for months with extended 30 day return policies and the machines still didn't help. They even went back to the doctor and they confirmed that the machines weren't helping. I know that a lot of the companies that say that their machines help with bone that I personally work with but do not give the bone building G forces people could be getting on a machines dedicated to bone health. 

It was hard because all the companies claim that their machine does what the original Galileo machine does for bone density.  Even the 300 dollar ones claim it. But people that can only afford 300 bucks believe that those will help and end up keeping it because they feel so good to stand on as it gives great surface (under the skin) circulation which is still a great health benefit.

​If someone is just trying to lose weight then I have the machines that will go up to 14 hertz. If someone wants to lose weight and get the benefits from spiral vibration, I have those too. If someone wants to build bones and do all of the above, then a machine has to be able to cover it all. Usually a machine that can handle the weights of very heavy people have to have at least over 2 amps or 900 watts. I will say that most of the machines that I sell are 500 watts. Not everyone needs high acceleration vibration to build bone density.

Choosing based on specific concerns
My best selling spiral machine from 2010 to 2014. Still my best seller in low acceleration machines up to 14 hertz. Not everyone needs a machine that goes over 14 hertz. Remember, a machine that goes to 28 to 30 hertz that starts out at a low hertz, can always do lymphatic and bones. So, if someone can afford a high acceleration model, you never have to worry that you might need it to go beyond 14 hertz one day.

It all just depend on what you are using it for.
For swelling, the spiral machine is always going to be my first pick. The VT400 has the 27 inch plate and goes down to 5 hertz. As long as you can get in residential pivotal machines
The Hypervibe is the featured machine on this site. I did not focus on this machine on my previous site. For people who might benefit from vibrations over 14 hertz to 28 hertz, this is the machine that I focus on.

​So far, I have not had one return on this machine. It costs more than the spiral and the machines that only go up to 14 hertz. If you don't need it, I will not recommend this machine. For just weight loss and lymphatic vibration, people can stick with the spiral type. No need for high acceleration.
If you have low bone density or any type of bone issue, please check with us before buying a high acceleration vibration machine.
Depending on the situation, a linear or pivotal model may be better.


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We are open now
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