Same Machines.   Different Importers.   Different frames:

Since the Galileo was first copied, the majority of the machines had 1.5 HP, 500 watts, and a small 21.5 inch plate. You can find machines on Ebay for as low as 250 dollars with these specs and there are websites selling machines for nearly 2000 dollars with the same specs. These are the pivotal machines that some companies inflate their prices to make them seem like a better machine. Another thing is that they almost all go to 14 hertz but they have usually 50 frequency settings.

50 Frequency settings is a meaurement of increment settings, not actual frequency. It can be on level 50, and with a 250 lb person, it can be running way less than 14 hertz.

Many people are paying even reduced pricing at 1200 or even 899 for machines that have the same specs.

I have been on the almost all of these heavily advertised machines and they all feel almost identical to me. They all have the same G force feel, the same acceleration feel, and the short plate.

Choosing based on specific concerns
Some machines are private labeled and other are the original import. Anyone can send a label to put on the machines and get their own private brand who buys a container of machines, usually about 120 machines. Usually the original importer or manufacture will have the higher price and the private label companies will be cheaper.
These two machines look almost identical and have a slightly different display but everything else is the same. The Vmax Elite 7 comes out of Canada and the Vibacore 5000 comes out of the states but all of the machines come from the same company. These tri-planar machines have the same motor and components. Just the display panel (not the screen) is different.

One company charges me less than the other even though it is the same machine.
If you see a brand you like and if there is a cheaper alternative that has similar specs, I will do my best to find it.

Cheap look alike machines and coping with them after you buy them.
I hear it all the time…. I love my machine. I feel great. I use it several times a day and my circulation is improved" etc.
This is so BS it's not even funny. They think they are better. What is very odd and actually funny to me is that not one of the people who buy these cheap, low powered, low acceleration machines EVER complains. Just "feel good" feedback. This is why I request people to give me feedback on their machines. With a machine that actually has enough G force and slow enough to pump out toxins and fast enough to break up blockages in cellulite, there can be discomfort for about 10 days. It's not always about feeling great.
With most cheap machines, there is no discomfort, no detox symptoms, no complaints. People may lose some weight but its mainly caloric energy that burns calories, not usually the visceral at around the organs holding the toxins so the organs don't acidify. At least the circulating toxic blood carries more oxygen to the body, but rarely any detox.
Please see our detox page and what to expect during your the average 10 days of discomfort. If you really can only spend 300 dollars for a machine, just monitor any detox discomfort. If no discomfort or symptoms of detox (because it happens in almost everyone that does it right), then you might want to consider using your machine just for better circulation in your lower legs but not necessarily draining the toxic fluids out into the liver to be processed then the gut to be eliminated. Please see my page on problems with cheap machines.

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