Below are the top 8 things to know when trying to find out if a machine is a cheap knock off, uses cheap components, or is poorly engineered for cheap mass production.

1. Plate structure: If you don't wnat your machine moving across the room or making a lot of noise, make sure it weights at least 70 pounds. Most of the companies that have been in business for more than 5 years make solid metal frames. This is what happens with light weight plates, the motors become off center because of cheap plastic structures come apart, crack, and the stability of the motor is reduced. Most machines are quiet at first and the problems I am talking about usually happen just after the warranty is over. Go figure.

​2. Know if you are getting the promised G force based on your weight. Cheap machines simply vibrate without the motor belt being able to give constant G force to the plate. Better quality motors can give the force through the entire motion. If you are standing near the edge of the plate moving at 10 mm, cheap machines can lose their g force in their plate after 2mm and the other 8mm amplitude you just move up and down without feeling the g force, similar to standing on a foot massager.

3. Beware of companies selling cheap machines that use the research from NASA that were done on machines that are nowhere near their price range. I have seen companies selling 60 pound vibration machines that have only 90 day warranties using marketing content from high end machines on their website to sell their cheap machines.

4. Vibration machines that retail for under 2000, (not discounted but having a MSRP under 2000). I know what it costs to make a quality vibration machine and the components that make up a machine that sells cheap usually have the same warranty as the more expensive ones. This is an inflated warranty. Anyone can put a warranty on their machine. Probably why I see companies show up on Google Ad words every year and in 6 months go out of business that buy 400 machines and once sold, close shop. I have seen it happen so many times, especially during the holiday season. I have not heard any success stories on machines that I personally know that don't produce enough G force.

5. Make sure that you don't just look at the horsepower of a machine to measure its power. I will say that 99% of the machines that don't break down have at least 2 horsepower, 500 watts DC or 900 watts AC, and weight at least 120 pounds for people that are over 200 pounds.

It makes me so angry when companies making vibration machines with cheap components and cheaply engineered. If you go to you will see so many comapnies selling their machines for 150 bucks that have the same size frame and control panel look as the ones that are engineered inside to hold up against rattling plastic frames, noisy motors, and have very high EMF that you can check with a simple 30 dollar EMF meter. It seems that most of the better made machines are not made in China or that they are made in China but owned by American owners. I have nothing against Chinese owned companies but like I said, the ones that are all on Alibaba that many USA importers are importing, they are all the cheap ones that cost them under 200 and they sell the at home shows and other events until they sell out, then usually close their shop. I see over a dozen companies get on Google Adwords and start a website selling their brand that they imported. Once sold out, the website dissapears. I am not sure they planned on doing this at first. They probably, just like any business person, doesn't know that they will be getting warranty complaints. No business likes handling warranty complaints. The higher quality machines rarely break down and thats why they ones I like have been in business for 5 to 10 years and some since the beginning when vibration machines first came out.

​Beware of companies claiming they have a larger motor. Ask them if they have the right support in the frame that can handle the energy produced by the motor, otherwise you can get stuck with a rattling machine that falls apart, plastic starts to crack after about a year. If the vibration machine is engineered with precision which costs a lot more because it requires higher end components, the frame should not have any wear and tear. This is why most pivotal vibration machines stay at the 14 hertz maximum limit and the linear machines don't have very high amplitude but just high frequencies. The linear machines from can even go up to 6mm. Most linear machines only go up to 2 to 3 mm, and some 4mm. But then again, the ones that have high amplitude can cost nearly 10,000 dollars. The average person doesn't need this much power unless an extreme athlete. Most machines that don't go past 14 hertz for pivotal and 2mm for linear, don't really need as much steel. Any company adding tons of steel to a machine under these specs, I might have a question or two for them as it seems overkill for the power of their motor. You will see that most in that category that put steel in their frames usually have part steel and part ABS plastic.

Most quality pivotal or oscillating machines that are residential should last over 3 to 5 years if used on its highest level but only for 10 minute sessions before the belts and motor doesn't overheat. If using it for lymphatic purposes, if done at the low speeds, should last over 10 years with a 2HP motor. The only ones that can be used in a residential setting without having to replace the motors and belts EVER, or at least I have never heard of one needing to be fixed, are the original German patented ones. The Hypervibe is probably the closest machine that comes close in power and engineering as the German made ones.

I just wish that they would let others use their original configuration so everyone could enjoy the smoothness of them. The models I sell are the closest I have found to the original design. For the linear models, I have weeded out the models that stray from being as close to 100% linear.

Beware: Change in frame structure 6 months later, a year later, or 2 years later. 
Usually the frame loses integrity in cheap machines. Study "shore hardness" or google it and when you wonder why your vibration machine starts sounding loud and starts to move across the room on high speeds or the rail shakes so hard that you can't even see the display, this is what I am talking about. 

But rarely does this happen when the machine is new, which really agravates me.  These companies know very well that the reason that they say they will replace the "entire" machine with a new one when something goes wrong is because the machine can't be fixed. Those companies cross their fingers hoping the complaints will happen after the 1 year warranty period or 90 day period which some even have.

The reason they probably don't mind giving you another one free if you bitch after the warranty period is because it was a cheap knock off from China to start with and they sold it to you for over a 1000 dollars and it cost them a fraction of that. Good machines keep their structural integrity, "or shore hardness" as they call it, for the lifespan of the machine if not abused.

Things to look for in a cheaply made machine:
1. Importing Chinese components and "manufacturing" or putting it together in the USA or Canada and claiming it is not a Chinese import. There is nothing wrong with things made in China if the components and engineering is done right and overseen by people that don't lie.

2. Specs: if it says it goes up to 28 hertz. Make sure it really does, or just ask us, we probably know if it is a scam.

3. Companies that have not been in business for over a year. Beware of companies offering long warranties to match the companies that offer 2 year warranties. They probably won't stand behind them. Hopefully they will.

4. Machines that are all plastic and no steel or iron in the frame.

5. Beware of a company saying that their residential movement can be used in a commercial setting.

Also, cheaply made vibration machines cause a lot of heat usually after a 10 minute workout on high speeds. A cheaply made machine with low "shore hardness" with cheap belts and motors that have aluminum windings that get too hot compared to copper windings, a familiar odor will happen. It smells like burnt rubber.
​Once you smell this, you should probably immediately turn the machine off. Once the belt gets too hot or the copper or aluminum windings fry, the machine can break and it is not under warranty as it was abused. Another reason people get pissed when the manufacture charges people for new belts and motors even when under warranty.

Choosing based on specific concerns
5 things they aren't telling you. It's what they are not telling you about their machines.
These are the 5 things that you might want to consider when comparing a vibration Plate:
Platform Size: Longer plates take more amperage but give more G force
Platform Weight: Heavier Plates = Higher G force
Guage of Plate: You want the plate to transmute the G force, not vibrate itself uncontrolably
Steel VS Plastic: Self explanatory
Amperage: The horsepower of the motor means nothing if it has low amperage

Make sure your machine has at least some or most of the approval ratings. ETL, ROHL, ISO 9001, or UL Listing. UL and ETL are the most important but if a company gives a big warranty on machines that do not have these make sure they have a bigger warranty in case there is a problem down the road. Almost all of them have CE listings. Above is a picture of a machine that has lost its integrity.
The 300 dollar vibration machines are good for what they are as long as you know what to expect from them. If you expect to get 15 lymph turns per minute. It not gonna happen. The lymphatic vessels need a strong enough G force to create a negative pressure to diffuse the waste lymph in the one way valves in the lymphatic system. Most of the people that have thick cellulite that want circulation, these can help circulate the blood to the blockages but after that, these people don't know that they need to flush all the wastes out that haven't been circulated in years, otherwise the cellulite and stored up fat probably wouldn't be there in the first place.
I will say that most of the people that have the most blockages (cellulite) are the ones that cannot afford the more powerful machines and end up buying a cheap machine, usually under 500 watts under 2 horsepower.

Wattage of the $300 dollar machines.
Don't get fooled by a big motor that says 500 watts and the cheap ones at the same price are 200 watts. Continuous horsepower is what people don't understand. You can have a 500 watt motor that sells for 2000 dollars and a 500 watt motor that sells for 300 dollars. They could also have the same horsepower. THE THING THAT IS NOT MENTIONED ON ALMOST ALL OF THE SITES ARE THE "AMPERAGES" OF THE MOTOR. Know the amperage before thinking your motor is powerful. I had to hire a engineer to fully explain this. 

Weight Differences & WHY:
These are about 1/3 the weight of the steal machines that usually go for 2000 dollars but look almost identical in shape. They don't need a lot of weight because the don't exert a lot of G force and are low acceleration meaning that they kinda feel like a foot massager and do not have that lymph flushing power.

When I recommend the 300 dollar machine.
They make it more difficult to do pushup and squats (make sure the plate size is big enough. Most 300 dollar machines do not have anywhere close to plates 27 inches long that are adequate for the workouts most exercise charts show). They can also stimulate circulation in the lower body and loosen up the muscles. The problem with this is if someone is not going to immediately walk on uneven ground or do some jump rope or gentle dancing (bopping up and down to get the G forces), all the poisoned blood that was just circulating will have no where to go. 
Most people that have toxic blood that gets circulated quicker while standing on a plate, the quicker circulating blood oxygenates the the body more and many people feel better. The goal should be to clean the blood and move less blood so that more oxygen can absorb in the blood. If the blood is poisoned and toxic it can have a harder time carrying oxygen. So, just moving twice or triple as much blood to make the body think that it is naturally carrying more oxygen is probably the wrong goal to have.
Most people want the quick fix and to feel better immediately which is why many people by these cheaper $300 dollar machines thinking it worked finally. After they buy it they usually realize the machine is not making any permanent difference in the body but just making them feel better right after standing on the machine.

And this is probably the biggest sign that you bought the wrong machine. During the session when peoples legs start itching, this is time when people might want to consider turning the machine down to 5 to 6 hertz but if their $300 dollar machine only goes as low as 10 hertz, or even 20 hertz on some of them, they will soon find out what it means to recycle the toxic waste back into the body.

If you have a lymphatic condition, and if my site didn't explain enough about how the lymphatic system works in relation to getting the right G force to fully pump the lymph out after circulating the blood first by the higher accelerations, please talk to a lympholigist. Most insurance will probably help pay.

When people walk on trails in nature, the ground is not even. There are hills, stumps, and rocks and tree roots all over the ground. Walking briskly speeds up the circulation while the unevenness of the ground supports the lymphatic system by helping give the G forces that people can't get on flat walking surfaces. Many people walk around a track and their head never bops up and down. Just steady on the ground and they get lymphatic pressure by using their muscles but not in conduction with G forces from the ground. It is very sad.
Bone density issues with $300 dollar machines.
Again, I only promote these for light exercise and lower body circulation. There usually is not enough G force in a low acceleration unit that I have found to help bone density. At least I haven't had anyone calling me saying, "why do you put down these $300 dollar machines when they helped me build bone density and I have no health issues anymore".
It seems almost 90% of the machines that people buy on the internet are the $300 dollar ones. I am the one that usually ends up hearing the complaints a few months after they buy them. I am so glad I don't sell these types. At least the people are only out 300 dollars or less and not thousands for a machine with an inflated price that has the same specs as the $300 dollar machines. That is when people get angry.
The part that makes people angry is that the company that sold them usually buys a batch of these machines and once sold, they go out of business and cannot be found. The best place to buy these are on Ebay as they usually have a short return policy. But if you have to pay the $50 to ship to you and pay $50 to return it and a 20% restocking fee, you might as well keep it for $140 dollars and use it as a foot massager while you watch TV.
Since 2004, while selling vibration machines not one of the people that bought one of these types has returned them because of the fees and mostly for not knowing their is something better out there. If you do buy one of these types, make sure they have been in business long enough that they will refund you if you return it. As of today, I have never met face to face with any dealer who sells a machine this cheap nor have had any conversations with them as all the sites I have found selling the machines $300 and under do not post their phone number on the site.
If you really must get a machine under 300 dollars, there are only two brands worth buying.

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