Choosing based on specific concerns
What has worked for most people with similar body ecology should work for similar similar people.
Warning to those that have Cellulite Blockages and poor circulation and swelling:
I feel that the itching complaint is so big that I have to bring this up because people call me usually about a week after they get the machine and complain they are itching. Some people say that it itches to the point worse than an itchy mosquito bite. I recommend for someone that is working at capacity the spiral vibration machines but only using the spiral model without the pivotal motion at first until the body can handle more lymph turns. Before the legs can start getting upward G forces, the spiral can help the body's circulation. Some people are so toxic that they might find it better to put only ONE leg on the plate and the other leg stretched out on the floor while laying on their back. I am serious about starting out with fewer lymph turns when first starting out.

If you have a larger amount of blockages or high amounts of cellulite, you might need a machine that can maintain 28 hertz to open up blockages that haven't been opened in years but only for a few seconds at the high speeds. Most machines are 500 watts. The Hypervibe has almost double that (900 watts). Most machines are rated for watts at peak. Continuous power is what is needed for a machine to maintain 28 hertz with heavier weights. After testing the 500 watt motors that go to 28 hertz and the 900 watt Hypervibe motors that go to 28 hertz, the higher G force usually makes people itch faster. Sometimes a lower powered machine that doesn't have so much G force might be all someone very toxic can handle. If you need help picking out the right machine based on your needs make contact.

​I know this was a lot to read but I have to cover all aspects of a question someone might have concerning their detox. I can go into more detail if needed.
From the Minerals Page:
Taking minerals for bone density before vibrating:
I have heard vibration dealers telling those who aren't getting results to take bone mineral supplements. If you stuided anatomy in college, you would know that the mineralization processing for our bones happens when we are a kid and stops when we don't grow anymore or reached our full growth after puberty. So, if you hear someone trying to say you are not getting enough minerals just remember what you know about the bone process. Read a book in the library on the bone chapter and it will make sense. The body of most peole are in the inflammation state (take a 20 dollar amp meter tester from Radio Shack and check your voltage).

Why are all these dealers telling us to take minerals to "ossify" our bones. Do you really think that a vibration machine will help your the bones without doing what is needed first? People are already stiff and have mineral deposits all over their body. As an adult, there is no need for me to take bone minerals. WE DON'T REQUIRE THEM. If the root of the problems is not fixed first I don't see how a vibration machine can help anyone. The mineral buildup deposits will just make the body more stuff as our development is already finished.
Interviews based on the most relevant health complaints from customers we interviewed.

Question: Which people will get help with their back and which won't. About half the people that have bought machines from me say after one session their back feels better and other people with back problems say it does nothing? Why?

Answer. it depends. Many people have pain from toxin buildup in the bone disks like mercury. Others have pain from lack of minerals. I wouldn't recommend a vibration machine with5out knowing where the pain is coming first or it can cause the situation to get worse. So before knowing which machine to get, knowing if the vibration is needed to build bone density and help get to the root of the problem or that the problem is not related to what a machine can do. About 50% of the people benefit and the other half don't. This is why.  I need to know if the pain is a feeling of pressure or a just a weak, pinching feel from weakened bones. Does the pain happen when you walk or does it happen when standing? Can you jump rope barefoot? Does the pain occur more in the night or the day? Do you have a problem walking on uneven ground?

​Balance Problems:
Question: Many of the older people say that the machines help them with balance but some say it doesn't help at all? Why is that. I don't want to sell a machine to someone if I'm able to know if the machine won't help them. I don't want to set someone up for failure and then they have to return it.

​Answer. There are 3 things that you want to ask them. If the problem is circulation, people usually have an instant sense of balance just briefly after using the machine. The 2nd reason for balance problems depends on core muscle strength, nothing to do with circulation. Many people that do yoga or pilates have good core muscles but poor circulation but their core stabilizer and core muscles make up for it.
​The third reason is toxicity levels which if high can cause a lack of sensation. 
Using a circular spiral motor can bring circulalation in the feet and the pivotal motion can move the lymph at speeds near 5 hertz. If too fast, the valves can't keep up with the vibration and don't flush out waste. Pivotal also works the stabilizer and core muscles as it is not perfectly linear and the body has to adjust every second. The core muscles are the short muscles around the spinal column. Usually dancers and yoga teacher have this. This is not the outer muscles like the pecs and shoulder muscles.

​As a rule, most toxic people usually have a lower sensation below their knee. Oh, and a 4th reasoon tha that a vibration machines can help is to increase the balance center in the inner ear (some people on roller coasters get dizzy others don't. I would find out if the balance problem is more from a toxicity issue or a circulation issue, weak core muscles or inner ear problems. A machine that has little G force can help with circulation but to build core muscles a machine with high acceleration is more helpful.

Body Building Usage:
Question: Which machines do you recommend for people that want to build muscle?
Answer: First, I know you don't like the machine that don't go over 14 hertz but many older people usually prefer to workout at lower frequencies if they are in poor muscular condition. A 200 lb person that is getting accelerations of 2 g forces will feel the accelerations of 400lbs or double their weight. A more conditioned 200 lb person who can workout at 5 G forces can handle 1000 lb quick bursts of G force on the acceleration. A machine that gives nearly 15 G forces would need to be a bodybuilder who can tolerate that force. But it's only a 15 g force for a split second on the acceleration. It is not like lifting 3000 lbs but a split second 15 times your body weight feel that happens so fast it can fatigue an entire muscle in less than 10 seconds. I would recommend a tri-planar machine for someone is focused on bodybuilding but doesn't need the benefits of the lower speeds. Tri-planars are popular among those wanting to build core muscles. It will not pump the lymphatic system like the low hertz and can just circulate toxic but more oxygenated blood. It's a give and take.

Bone Density Issues
Question: Everyone calling that has bone concerns are saying their doctor said they have osteoporosis and osteopenia is coming up a lot too. Seems that the matrix of the bones in all these people have one thing in common. They all say they drink milk to get calcium but doesn't the bones mineralize on its on just by the muscles pulling on the bones? How do I know if these people are demineralized?

Answer. Most people that I have talked to that have bone density problems are acidic. The body, as a buffer pulls calcium out of bones to alkalize body. It's in suspension in lymphatic fluid. Drinking milk has not helped most of the people I have worked with. Many people are not mineral deficient but do not get the G force that nature intended. Others exercise a lot but do not have mineral reserves. It is hard to do one without the other. There are people that improve their bone density on the machines without changing their diet at all. TAKE THE BONE QUIZ HERE

​Question: Why does everyone that calls me sound tired that calls me who has fibromyalgia. Seems they are in a brain fog and always just researching. They usually complain about swollen legs or inflammation all over their body. One question.. they never get sick.. why is that?

Answer. Their fat is holding toxins and trapped blood proteins. It is the body's natural way of holding in toxins so the organs don't acidify. The inflammation all over their body is probably the only thing keeping them alive.

Question. I try to tell them about ways to detox and they never are open to anything. I feel like I always have to convince them. The more I try to tell them the what can help the more they get defensive like I am trying to sell them something that won't work. I don't have this problem with anyone else. It seems that the sickest people are the least open to my advice.

Answer. They are functioning at such a low vibration that anything that seems like a magic potion seems unrealistic. it is hard for someone that is tired all the time to imagine being full of energy like they did when they were a kid. Most people with fibromyalgia have a low body voltage. It seems very far fetched to think that in a few weeks their energy could turn around and they would have instant vitality. 

Question: I get questioned a lot, how much should I stay on the plate to get my circulation back. It's hard for me to tell them because I know that their blood is toxic and they will just be circulating toxic blood. Even the people that are moving toxic blood, why do they all say they get energy after standing on the plate for a few minutes?

Answer. Their blood is still intoxicated but the vibration oxygenates the blood. The blood is cycling quicker and all the joints and muscles and organs are getting oxygenated quicker. Oxygen is getting to the muscles and pH changes in the body.

Question. What is the worst that can happen if the blood is circulating too fast than the liver and all the organs can process? Is it really improving the body if the blood is circulating better but is toxic?

Answer: The heart pumps a gallon of blood every minute - that's all of your blood volume.
When any lymphatic activity brings toxins out of their hiding places (fat cells, cartilage, bones), the body's  filtration organs need to deal with them at the same time as they are trying to keep up with regular metabolic functions. For this reason you could be feeling tired, light-headed, dizzy, headachy, etc. It is important to try and take the toxins out of the body. The most effective means are sweating (sebaceous sweat), ionic foot spas, steam baths, and clays. Especially zeolite is effective at binding heavy metals and taking them out of the body.

Question: Everyone is complaining that they have inflammation. Isn't it good when the body is inflamed. Isn't it natural that the body becomes swollen and red and gives the pain signal? Isn't this this the natural repair cycle?

Answer. There are two types of inflammation and you want to find out which one it is before trying to tell someone that they need to do something to get rid of the swelling in their body. 
One type is from an injury and the body is in the healing mode. The other is the chronic inflammation state where there are toxins that are causing the swelling. Some people will become more inflamed the next day after they work out and others won't. I would end every session with a few minutes of gentle lymphasizing at 5 hertz to flush the wastes to reduce inflammation after a workout so the muscle don't get inflamed and sore.

Question: Where is most of the inflammation coming from?  Is it the lack of movement or too much toxins? 

Answer: It is the body's reaction to presence of toxins, absence of nutrients, lack of movement, and vibrational disturbances. The inflammation is the body's healing reaction. It is appropriate when dealing with a small injury, but here it is systemic, all cells are affected.

Question: One last question, what is the voltage level of most people with chronic inflammation. I know -25 milivolts is the average for a healthy adult.

​Answer. Normal cells are at -50mV, inflammation raises the voltage to -90mV. Look it up in the documents I have if you want.

Question: Last thing, if people are experiencing pain, isn't that the bodes way of repairing itself?

Answer. That's right: pain is a signal of repairs under way. We are supposed to rest and allow the body to repair the affected tissue. But if the problem is systemic, there is not getting away from it.

Question: So why try to do things that will get rid of the inflammation like a vibration machine, isn't' the body trying to swell a way of homeostasis?

Answer. Yes, the body is trying to return to balance. Part of the reasons some people become chronically ill is lack of movement, lack of work load. We are supposed to walk 10,000 steps every day. A good vibration machine can supply this movement in a shorter time.

Joint pain
Question: A lot of people are also calling complaining about their joint pain. Why are their joints wearing out if they don't exercise? How do I know which vibration machine to recommend? No one I talk to seems to know why they have their joint pain, they just say its been happening a long time.

Answer: There are 2 big reasons why people are probably calling about joint problems. First is just wearing away of cartilage and the other reason for the pain can be mineral deposits.

Question. One guy said he had bone spurs.. it makes exercising hard for him. .what are bone spurs?

Answer. When the pH balance of the body is off, usually too acidic, the buffering minerals are taken out of the storage (bones) to circulation (lymph, blood). At times of rest and repair these minerals are deposited back into the bones. When there is imbalance between calcium, magnesium, potassium, manganese, boron and strontium these minerals are deposited in the wrong shapes or wrong places. Instead of creating completely smooth surfaces in joints we get spikes that act like sand in gears - extra friction.

Knee problems
Question: OK, people with bad knees say they cannot lock their knees, especially on the high speeds, so does this rule out all the high speed machines for them?

Answer. I don't think they should use the high speed machines. Perhaps they could use a low speed (5 hertz) machine instead.

Question: Don't they need the G force to build their bone matrix? 

Answer. Any vertical motion against gravity will exercise the cells. More powerful motors with do it faster. Bones develop in response to the pull from muscle attachments. That's why people in zero gravity lose bone mass - it takes no effort to get around.

Question: How do you build something if at the same time if they don't have the bone reserves to support the g force?

Answer. Weak people usually need to start gently. Slow motion. Low amplitude. Nobody can go from sick to healthy in one day, from coach potato to athlete in three sessions: it is not physiologically possible. Make a plan of action. It should take a week of exercise for every year that you spent sitting around without physical exertion to build a good body ecology.

Muscle tone
Question: Many people call me and ask about how they can get their muscles more tone. The question is, if their muscles have a lot of toxins in them, should they be trying to tone up toxic muscles and how do they know if their muscles are toxic with lactic acid. Also, why do some muscles feel harder in some people and softer in others after they do the same types of workouts?

Answer. Some people are genetically set up to be better sprinters, others are better endurance runners. Some have more of the fast-twitch muscle cells, others have more of the slow-twitch muscle cells. Know this before buying a machine if you plan on getting a high acceleration model.

Lactic acid builds up in response to anaerobic cellular activity. Cancer cells produce lactic acid as the byproduct of their activity. The reason for cells to switch from respiration to fermentation (lactic acid production) is insufficient oxygen. Oxygen is transported by the lymph, and its oxygen carrying capacity is directly related to its pH. When it becomes acidic, it loses its oxygen carrying capacity. For that reason I would strongly recommend doing the Advanced Metabolic Typing Test to determine which foods make a person acidic, and which foods make them more alkaline. What is alkalizing one person can be acidifying another. Some people should not get on these machines until they adjust their body ecology first.

Sore Muscles
Question: How can people still be getting sore muscles if they are not overtraining. People are following the exercise posters and they still complain they are getting sore muscles. What is the problem? I though the machine is supposed to get rid of the lactic acid while they workout?

Answer. It IS from overtraining. Muscles are still getting lactic acid buildup but if the lympahtic system cannot drain it fast enough, their muscles might always get sore. Starting at a low 5 hertz setting before and after each workout. should drain the endotoxins and help with micro tears in the muscles.

Question. A lot of the athletes that call me say they use some kind of fiber enzymes. is this something new. I never head of this. I take digestive enzymes with my food. Are they talking about metabolic enzymes? What they heck is this.. I Googled it and found nothing on it.

Answer. When an athlete is pushing against resistance to develop new muscle fibers, he or she is also causing micro-tears in the existing ones. These micro-tears are being repaired with the body's universal repair material - the fibrin. It is the same material that you can see as scars and stretch marks on the surface. The pain you feel the next day after a hard workout is the inflammation in the tissue as the body is trying to repair the damage. A fibrinolytic enzyme will lyse (dissolve) the fibrin, making it possible for regular muscle tissue to be built in the repair areas. People can train harder, without skipping the "sore" day when the use the fibrinolytic enzymes in activation dose quantities. 

Question: I want to talk to you about swelling. All the vibration personal trainers are telling people to drink lots of water to dilute the toxins… but for people that are already swollen and have inflammation over their body.. isn't drinking water counter intuitive?

Answer. It may be counter-intuitive, but it is the right thing. Most people who eat large amounts of protein need to also ingest lots of salt - sodium is one half of the sodium-potassium pump that removes cellular trash from the cells. In the presence of sodium the body needs to hold water to keep the solution from becoming too concentrated. That's why vegetarians can be skinny, but meat eaters look more plump - they are holding more water.
By drinking more water you help the body flush out the overly concentrated minerals and cellular metabolites. TAKE THE LYMPHATIC QUIZ HERE.

Question. Also, many of my customers have swelling in their lower legs. Why is this.. why the legs.. not the arms.. whats the best way to get rid of it or is it homeostasis to keep the swelling there instead of all over the body?

Answer. When the heart is not keeping up with the load of circulation, and the kidneys are unable to get rid of all the toxins, the body has to retain water to hold all the minerals in solution. Because of gravity, the toxins are concentrated in the feet and in the pelvis. The best way to help the kidneys is to use an ionic foot spa to pull the toxins. Other means include sauna, hot alkaline baths, other forms of sweating, and supplementation with zeolite.

Question. Should people with swelling do longer sessions or shorter sessions. Most people that get results say they do shorter sessions but all through the day.. the people that do 10 minute sessions say they don't get results.. they do the 10 minute sessions because it says to do it in the manuals… so who is right and who is wrong.

Answer. It would probably be better to do a greater number of shorter sessions to allow the body to transport and process any toxins that have been dislodged from their hiding places. With higher level of toxins many people will feel dizzy, get a sense of unreality, get headaches, skin eruptions, bowel problems, etc.

Weight loss
Question: If the body is gaining fat to act as a buffer to hold toxins in the fat, should people expercise? Also, on fast speed machines that don't go as low to 5 hertz, the body is shaking so fast that the one way valves are moving so fast they can't function, will vibrating on a fast speed plate just add more inflammation and stop the weight loss process because the one way valves cannot flush due to too fast vibration?

Also, concerning weight loss and high speed machines,
If they never go to the low 5 hertz and they all start out fast where the lymphatic valves cannot function, at the high speeds will the body swell more and just circulate toxic blood since the lymphatic system can't drain when the valves are opening and closing too fast? It seems that the cheap machines all start out at higher hertz and have little g force. when would you recommend a cheap machine to someone? 

Answer. The valves can't keep up with the fast vibration so the body sweats it out instead of dumping the toxins in the liver.. take a spoon and scrape off the sweat and you will see it is a milky color, not as clear as people with good lymphatic systems. Their sweat is more clear and not as stinky. TAKE THE FAT LOSS QUIZ HERE.
A Sample from our ebooklet.....

What to do the second your skin starts to itch. 
When you first start using a vibration machine (or even just start a new exercise program), you are mobilizing toxins that have been stored, been pushed aside into your low circulation areas, especially fat deposits usually in the lower legs. The vibration will introduce circulation into places that have seen none or little, and all stored toxins are being pushed back into circulation.

Many people may experience it as headaches, a sense of other-worldliness or disorientation. The most common issue is that you start to itch like crazy. As your elimination organs are probably already working at capacity (that would be your lungs, liver and kidneys), the only remaining elimination pathway is through your skin. You might start seeing clogged pores and skin eruptions but more likely you will end up with an inflammatory condition.

If the legs or a part of the body is becoming more inflamed and swollen, probably the body is working at its maximum cleaning capacity the second your body (usually the legs) start to itch. It seems the people with fibromyalgia and excess cellulite are the people that complain about itching the most, based on the calls I get. 

The reason that most of the lymphatic coaches I have talked to say to only use the high speed to break up the blockages and then go to the low hertz to pump it out of the body for ONLY up to 2 minutes is because most peope that are working at capacity usually itch and cannot process the toxins that have been stored so long in the body as quickly as the lymphatic system can suck the toxins out of the fat. The vibration machine is working great and doing its job but the body ecology of the person may or may not be able to handle it. There is an online metabolic typing test that usually can tell you what your body ecology is like. Google it. If you can't find it I can send you the link. It's free. It takes about 30 minutes to answer all the questions. This will be a good test to see what your body ecology is like and what the state of your health is in.

​So, when you notice yourself itching, this is when the lymphatic system is working and moving toxins around but  "not necessarily out of the body, just around the body. There is a difference. If your body is working at capacity the toxins might just move around and not "out" of the body. Many people use an ionic foot spa to pull out extra toxins that are working at capacity. Others use the sauna to sweat it out. And others work out hard enough to trigger heavy perspiration to get the toxins out

​You should not complain about your legs itching all the time. This is a sign that whoever sold the machine to them did not educate them and help them based on their body ecology. Ask your dealer questions that pertain to your body ecology and not just get generic answers like, "our machine helps with lymph drainage". Some people might be working at such capacity, usually those over 250 lbs that need to lose 50 pounds, might find that just lying on the floor with their calves and lower hamstrings is all lymph turns that their body can handle. Standing on the machine turns lymph up to 15 times, sitting a little less, and putting the feet on there even less, but that that itch might want to get fewer lymph turns but stay on the machine longer by just resting their calves on the plate so all the one way valves in the legs don't get pumped all at the same time and drain too much lymph at one time.

For some reason, most people itch more at night than in the morning. It might be better to use the machine in the morning than the night so you don't itch all night or feel uncomfortable. Remember, this itchiness goes away usually within 2 weeks and then longer sessions can start being done.

​Most of the people with inflammation have red scaly skin. I would highly recommend someone go to Radio Shack and testing your body voltage with a multimeter (I have a picture of one in case you want to know what it looks like). Most people going on a vibration machine are in the inflammation state and not the healing state. Checking your voltage can tell you what state you are in. Radio Shack almost always has one of these behind the counter. Just ask if you can use it. Make sure you bring a water bottle to dampen your hands to get an accurate reading. This is probably one of the easiest ways to tell what state of health your body in.

By not using the vibration machine correctly and not buying from and educated health professional who has experience with health issues, it can make the vibration experience a positive one or a nightmare because you never know which settings, amplitudes, and how long to use it based on the conditions you are having. It really pisses me off when dealers give customers a generic answer.

Also, when the itching happens maybe 8 minutes later for those that start working at capacity at little later than the people who are already at capacity before they even stand on the machine, starting to sweat during the workout and that itchiness that happens from toxins moving "around" the body but not "out" of the body, feels like someone is pouring acic on your skin. That's the way one of my customers put it.

​The toxins are "trying" to break away through the pores but since many people don't sweat in just 2 minutes, the toxins are just moving around under the skin. This can make someone very sick and run the risk of getting some kind of infection, or possibly a cold. If your tongue is coated with a white haze, it's a good sign that you will be one of the people that will start itching in 2 minutes.

​It's not workign when there is itching. Many people itch themselves and cope with the itch and think they are detoxing. I have even heard sellers say that itching is a sign of detox and the machine must be working. NO. This is a disbiosis in the people seeking help but don't know that they have little to none of aerobic bacteria in their gut. Having low gut flora can evolve into systemic problems as we age.

Many of the people I talk to take probiotics, usually the light aggressive brands. I will say that most people I talked to that take probiotics don't complain about the itching as much as those that don't take a probiotic. The problems that cause itching is multi-factoral that require not just using the vibration maching but using others protocals that are specific to the cause of the problem. But then again, most people want a quick fix and those are the people that rarely get better.

Slowly detoxing the body, the liver, the organs, cleaning the kidneys, and the bowel should be a major focus with people but rarely its not. It really bothers me when I can sense someone just wants a quick fix and just like it's almost impossible to just "tell someone" to eat better when they have food addictions, it's just as hard to get someone to take the step to buy even a probiotic when its a new concept to them. I am so glad its not my job to convince people of this. I will say that probably the most important things someone can do that wants to detox properly is to take some zeolite. Google it. Zeolite helps bind and remove the toxic wastes in the body

​Whole foods probably sells it in your area. They also will let your return it and almost all the things I recommend if you try it and if it doesn't work for you Whole foods is great at letting your return someone if you aren't happen for any reason with something you bought from them.
If your have any questions that you need answered, call me or send and email and I will try to give you the answer. I do not give medical advice but can tell you what has helped people with similar questions that you might have. Call me at 1-866-945-9072. I appreciate all feedback from my site. Helpful feedback = Discounts. :)

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