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Its been 5 years as of today since my first time. During the last 5 years I have sold on average about 2 to 4 machines a day on my websites. My first site was, in 2010 I built and in 2012 I am making a new one for 2013 that will have all my experience with each machine. The complaints I get on different ones. I am going to review the problems peole had with certain brands. I am amkign a comparison chart that shows the returns from each machine and why it was returned. 

On some machines, they give a 5 year warranty on the original machine but if the 2nd machine breaks, that is not under warranty. Its a 5 year warranty but only for one return. That is not fair. I don't deal with companies who did this to my customers.

There are some new machines coming out in 2014 from companies that have had a bad reputation on their earlier models. When someone is spending 2000 for a machine and expects a 5 year warranty, I will ONLY sell machines with 5 year warantys that pay for shipping to and forth. Customers got so angry when they ahd to pay 200 both ways to get it fixed.. Thats 400 dollars. The biggest way to find out if you are probably gonna be stuck paying the shipping is if the price is really cheap. Its either a knock off from another country that has no use warranty or some other shady reason why.

I will list below the top problems I got:
1. Machine starts to shake. With out a reinforced frame, the parts can loosen inside. Most of the spiral onnes had this problem on the earlier ones that were not reinforced on the bottom with extra steal. (People are still selling them and these are the cheapest on the market. The Vibratrim VT400 is an example of one that has the reinforcements. (When the VT500 that we have been waiting over a year on comes out this fall, hopefully it will have every single flaw taken out.

Some flaws in some machines are:

2. Crappy Weldings that make the frame crack and make noise. Usually after 3 years I got this problem.

3. Electronics and screen burn out: On some brands, the screen starts to flicker and gave out. This is no longer a problem since 2010.

4. buttons: they got jammed. The button gets stuck and you have to pick it out. You have to get someone to install new buttons. This happened a few times.

5. Wobbly rails. They lose their stability as the frame loses integrity. 

6. No customer support. Companies don't answer their phones when there is a problem or you have to email them
and expect to go back and forth by email for a 2 weeks.

7. low amperage motors: Some have 500 watts and others have 500 watts but some are higher amperage than others.

8. Horsepower: some say 2 HP but I didn't know if it was 2 Peak horsepower or constant until I had to have an electrical engineer test them. A 1000 watt motor with lower amperage can be weaker than a 500 watt higher amperage motor.

9 Watts: I thought that more wattage is better. Now I know that 1000 watts is only more powerful if the amperage is higher.

10. Low gauge steal. Some say all steal but they don't tell you its low gauge and too thin.

11. Who pays shipping back on a return if you don't like it. Bigger companies send a call tag. Some companies you are stuck with shipping.

12 Low g force: There was not enough force to the plate. Usually from a shorter plate. I only recommend ones that are at least 27 inches. The bigger the plate the more g force on the edges. Just like a helicopter wing has more force near the edges even though the blade near the motor is going at the same pace.

13. Belt noise: The Vivovibe 460 was the most successful shaft driven without a belt. It can handle more weihgt and doesn't bog down.

14.. Belts got loose and the plate skips

15. Models that are lower in weight tended to vibrate the floor and the machine too much. Research vibration white finger.

16. Belts that get weaker but the manufacture won't replace them because the belt didn't break. Every year a percentage of the G force is lost due to the belt stretching out

17. On levels of 20 hertz or more, they start shaking. The vivovibe goes up to 25 hertz and does not shake like the belt drive ones that go to 25 hertz.

18.. Not enough G force at 5 hertz for lymphatic drainage due to a shorter plate.

19 Getting sudden loads of toxins released into the bloodstream and not knowing who to talk to that is educated on moving lymph the correct way base on the person.

20. Not knowing what to do when toxins get circulated back into the body when the body can't eliminate it like it should through the liver getting too man released wastes.

21. LCD display shakes to much on high speeds and you can't read it

22/. Getting too much circulation to the point that the body starts to itch. I prefer machines that don't start out above 5 hertz for this reason.

23. buying a linear when you probably needed pivotal and vice versa.Most people prefer the spiral of all the machines and is why its the best selling type on the market since its launch in 2009
steping on 

24 back problems. Buying a machine that I know gets a lot of returns for people that have bad backs. The types that I never got returns on from people with bad backs are the spiral and the permanent plate liners, not the jackhammer type.

25. getting machine that someone says they need to get rid of Cellulite. Some machines are better at breaking up blockages and others start out to fast that people start itching and the session has to end soon. Never keep doing it if you itch. Over oxidation of the blockages.

25. fixed force. Heavier people get the bad end of the deal as they often buy at the machines weight limit.. If someone is 230 and the machine is rated for 265 to give the rated G force. If they are that close to the maximum rating, getting one that is rated for 330 to 450 lbs is recommended.

26. people calling with fragile bones. Definitely the vibe plate. the plate doesn't move but the motor sends pulses through the plate. Most elderly people like the vibe plate and can't handle any jarring as they have weak bones.

Those are all my notes for the main complaints.

The latest tweaks to vibration machinery.
The spiral Vibra-Trim VT400 and the the 2-N-1 took over the spiral market. originally sold the first one for 4495, then they came down to 2995 and at most home shows they go for about 2500.. Vibratrim Vt400 first got the reinforced base and sold theirs for 1995. They were the first to import them and make them more affordable. At least 3 companies told me to call them to stop them from discounting them. didn't put the reinforce base but added 1000 watts and 2.5 HP instead of 2hp motors the others had. A lot of other knock offs keep changing things. They add more and take things off and every machine was different.

Note when the new design comes out in the fall (The VT500), hopefully we won't have to worry about what one machine lacks and the other has. The 1000 watt forever fit was so strong that it only was stable when really heavy people got on it. The Vibratrim had so much amperage at the low speeds (opposite of the Forever fit) that people had to stand closer to the middle of the plate.. 

With the new size plates, and the higher amperage and wattage and horsepower being proportional, hopefully the user can just find the right to stand and get more constant G force as the machine is supposed to not bog down with heavier people making the speed settings not really what they say they are.

The Vibra-Trim VT500 is supposed to be different in components so I will wait to give my opinion on them until they are out.

I assume the award winning Vibra-Trim VT400 price will go down and the newer one will be around the same price it sold for. We will see. It is supposed to still have the 5 year warranty with shipping covered both ways like the VT400.

Below is our review in a nutshell.

I have finally reviewed the
VT500 and I am super pissed off. Just
found out that they have been out and the
manufacture is not advertising them in order
to sell off the older VT400 models. I am not 
allowed to advertise this on my site nor
put up my video reviews until it is officially
launched. If you have any "questions" about
the newer model, call me at 1-866-945-9072 .

The biggest change is the old style only went to 14hertz. The new ones go to 22 hertz for high speed acceleration training and is now approved on our site since it goes above 20 hertz. The lateral spiral doesn't make as much noise like the older models due to its heavier weight. It has a bigger plate giving it more momentum and g force at lower speeds.

It now goes to 11mm high on each side. The older model when to 10mm high. The older generations only went to 11mm but had short 21.5 inch length plates.

It has a rotary dials so it can be turned up and down in speed quicker without waiting to hold the old style buttons and takes longer to rev up.
The new model has carbon fiber around its plate. It will not chip away like the older models.
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We are open now
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