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October Annual Report - 
Information based on the last 4 years of having my website up.
BIG TIME Warnings for new buyers.

It's been almost 8 years now studying vibration machines and the feedback is now telling the truth of what works and which machines don't. Dozens of companies have came in business and went ouf of business. New things have been added such as spiral and prices have finally dropped. This page will share some relevant information so someone doesn't buy a machine blindly or get on it being naive.

As good as it feels, chronic and vibrating too long after the bones have had enough vibration (less than 10 minutes) a day on high frequencies), may not be good. Most people overdo it thinking they can get build their bones faster. Osteoblasts and growth hormone to build the bones will reach a point each day and vibrating longer won't do any  good. Knowing the right way to build bone density will save a lot of time. This is no time for trial and error for many people. I have physical therapists and chiropractors who own very large vibration studios who I consult with to make sure people get on the right program.
If doing it for lymphatic drainage, I personally go on for about 10 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes before I go to bed. I do not go on the high speeds more than 2 minutes a day. That is enough for me. I never go past 30 hertz on a linear machine. I will never go at speed that make my eyes blurry.
​There are machine that can help more to build bone density, the ones that go to 20 hertz and others that go up to 28 hertz and can get the best strengthening workout imaginable.
These are usually done in short bursts, not an entire session so it can be good to have a machine that can go up that high, especially if trying to build bone mineral density. 20 hertz is what most people use the machine up to for all common purposes.
99% of the people I talk to get the most benefits at settings under 14 hertz as most people are trying to lose weight and stimulate their lymphatic system. Only the people that have bone density issues want the machines to go to 20 hertz. Remember, you don't want to exeed the daily vibration exposure. I have Googled the ISO standards. I use these machines to mimic the benefits of walking or running on uneven trails. Simple as that.
To avoid the consequences of not using the vibration machine properly, I am very cautious of selling machines to people that go over 14 hertz unless they are advised by a physical therapist that can customize a program so their won't be over usage. I have physical therapists that can assist people by phone for anyone wanting a machine over 14 hertz.

Many people call me who have back injuries and I do not want to recommend a machine that will aggravate their backs even more. (please take my back quiz if you have a back problem). I get calls from people who know how to use the right machine and they all say how their vibration machines helped their backs and o there, they end up returning the machine they bought from someone else cuz it neither helped or it caused more back pain.
I will say that the machines that cap off at 20 hertz might are enough to help build back bone mineral density. The ones under 14 hertz do help, although.
Remember, some machines might not go to 20 hertz but they have over 10 mm amplitude on the tippy edges of the plate or they have longer plates. A plate can have 10mm amplitude on a 21 inch plate just as well as it can have 10mm amplitude on a 27 inch plate.
I stand on mine for at least 2 hours a day on 5 hertz and stand at about 3/4 the way from the edge. This plate is not really "vibrating" but more like rocking side to side to resemble walking on uneven trails and getting the G forces as if I were hiking slowly through the woods as I would in nature before all the paved trails in the city. I have been using these machines daily since 2004 and have not had nothing but feeling great every day. 

Over the last 5 years, the tri-planar type machines have been popular for its on usage in the machines that don't go under 10 hertz for lymphatic drainage. Mostly elderly people have complained that their lower back hurts from them because of the horizontal movement of the spine when the motion of the plate goes side to side (not pivotal but triplanar). Everyone seemed to get worse that had already had some kind of a back problem.
But, depending on the condition of the spine, many people have built bone density. With a tri-planar (3 dimensional) motion, the body gets the cross, side to side G force that gives force to the lateral pillars in the bone. Linear machines give G force to the vertical pillars and they get stronger while the lateral bone cells get less. By getting G force stimulation in all the angles, it helps builds all the pillars. Chiropractors have told me that the vertical "Trabeculae" is actually not the part of the bones that deteriorate first, it is the lateral ones. So, if a pre-existing condition is not too bad it can help so the lateral trabeculae doesn't deteriorate over time.

Fat Loss Problems ( What people just DON'T GET!!!!!
I have not found any vibration machine to help with Gut toxins, these are carb based and not fat soluble toxins that are stored in the fat. A good Colonic or an aggressive probiotic should help that. Lymphatic movement will NOT diffuse toxins out of the gut but can stop them from ending up there. So many people are confused its frustrating when I get calls and I have to explain this every single time. I don't really mind as I like being the person who educates people on "real" information and not hype like so many people even that have worked with me. Most people that get on these machines do not take an a gressive probiotic and the ones that do all say they are happy with theirs but all call me up with complaints that an aggressive probiotic would eliminate.  
By moving the toxins out of the gut and out of the fat cells, doing both gets the best results for most of the people that have called me.

Bone PUZZLE? Different reasons people build bone density
The G forces that come off the plate might help stimulate bone cells but some people that do not use the machines on high speeds still somehow can build bone density. The plate movement can stimulate hormone release, specifically human growth hormone that when released helps build muscles and bones.
Testosterone is the most common hormone that they find in the blood after growth growth hormone is secreted after using the machines and cortisol which breaks down muscles and bone is slowed down. When people get stressed out they release the hormone that can break down the body. Not good. If the machine doesn't have enough G force to stimulate the Growth hormone and stop so much cortisol each day from being produces, then the machine is not as effective. Just standing on a vibrating plate won't always do it.

G force dampening -
Make sure that in order to get the most G force out of your machine that it is on a hard wood floor or concrete. Many people put it on a carpet or put a mat under the pate so that it does not vibrate the floor and cause too much noise or the picture frames to come uneven on the wall. A good machine will be balanced and won't cause these problems to begin with but many people put yoga mats under their machine to dampen the floor vibration and noise. This significantly absorbs the G force from the plate.
Notice: Some machines are great for working out that go to high frequencies and do not go to the low frequencies for lymphatic flushing.

Make sure you buy the right machine for your needs. Some of the most expensive machines are great for the gym. Most personal trainers buy one type and chiropractors and physical therapists but a different type. There is a reason. Just make sure you don't make the mistake many people did in the past.
Horiztonal Trabeculae - Certain types of vibration can help build just as certain types can aggrivate it.

Again, if you have a question that needs to be answered by a chiropractor or a physical therapist who own vibration studios and have studied vibration machines longer than I have, let me know. There is no time for trial and error when trying to build back bone density.
Normal healthy bone on the left.

For those that live in a building with others:
I would only use a dampening mat only if the neighbors below are complaining that their lights are rattling and you are getting messages under your door from management that you need to stop.

Please buy a machine that is balanced and doesn't shake fiercely at high speeds to avoid most of the problems that can occur. If you can't see the display to change a setting because the rail is vibration so bad, that is a sign that others can hear and feel the vibration below.
Warranty Problems:
Ever since several companies came out with a 5 year warranty, distributors are giving their own warranty. Any dealer can give a 5 year, a 10 year, or a 100 year warranty. The funny thing is that the manufactures who build them only give it a 1 year warranty. I have heard so many stories when people try to return their machine or get it fixed they won't  fix it for them or repair it under the warranty agreement. Some copanies have taken returns without questions and others make you send it back and if they find one thing that they think you did to damage it, they have your machine and good luck getting it back fixed without paying for it.

One company said that they didn't dust their machine underneath and dust caused the problem. They asked the customer if the dusted every month and then they wouldn't fix it because they didn't follow the instruction manual. Some companies will send a free pick up call tag from UPS and pay the shipping back and others will fix it for free during the 5 year but you pay the shipping one way or both ways. Just find out first.

This is a specific warning about using any vibration machine at 5 to 10 hertz on the low settings.
I have found that the body should never be vibrated more than 20 minutes when the body is very toxic and especially with people with very low energy on low speeds. It is always recommend when just beginning to only go for about 3 to 4 minutes and do it twice to 3 times a day instead of all in one session. Many people think that they can go on it for longer and release more toxins but the body will go into homeostasis and adapt and the fat cannot release further toxins even when their is a negative pressure in the lymphatic vessels. Most people get the most benefits in just the first 5 minutes. After that, the law of diminishing returns kicks in. Any lymphologist will probably tell you the same. This is considering that their is no rubber mat on top of the plate and shoes are not being worn. Even though the body is moving up and down the G force is diminished with cushioning.

QUESTION? Why do I get popping noises in my joints when I use the vibration machine?
A. The most common reason is because the collagen in the joints becomes more hydrophilic and absorbs body fluid.

For foot and heel pain, many people sit down on a chair and put their feet on the vibration plate. Many people annot stand on it as they have knee and ankle issues. Many people also turn in their hands in and press their fingers into the vibration plate.

Joint Flexibility Warnings:
Beware of machines that give too much stress to the joints. Someoen with joint issues that already has degeneration needs the correct machine so that they don't damage their joints even more. Many people get on and thnk they are repairing their joints when they actually, are not.
A good machine will make the body itchy just as the joints will start heating up the longer someone is on the machine. More body fluid enters the joints and this is what makes more range of movement and more lexibility.

If you ahve bone concerns, know this!!!
Before you read any further Google "Wolf's Law"
I have been talking to a lot of chiropractors and osteopaths and they all use this term. The reason I made this site to focus on bone density is because the machines I used to promote didn't have enough force to help build bone density. didn't focus on that because I didn't know that so many people would be calling me with bone concerns, not just lymphatic issues. If the machine doesn't have enough force it probably won't have an affect on the bone cells. They say that in order for bones to grow their has to be increased activity in the osteoblasts. They also say that stimulating just the tendons and the muscles can stimulate the growth hormone also for the bones and not necessarily getting G force on an already comprised painful back. So they say that results can come from hormone stimulation or just mechanical vibration G forces. It is hard to say which of the 2 is really doing the work.

The fat cells in the body don't disappear. They are there to hold toxins and acidity. Most people want to get rid of fat but don't realize that the fat cells stay but just shrink. The Fat in the cells metabolize and shrink. Creative the negative pressure and hydraulic pump in the lymph valves can take the toxins out of the fat to metabolize the fat and can be metabolized faster if calories are being burned in the fat.
Lymphatic Drainage warning:

No matter how much swelling in the body, PLEAASE don't go on more than 10 minutes a day.

Over half the people that call me have some type of swelling in their body.
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