Most people that benefit from leg massage are those with injuries and those with swelling issues. Improving leg circulation (usually swollen legs) is what most people needing a massage who are toxic call me about.

There are two types of massage and most people get it wrong. Even I thought deep tissue massage felt better than Swedish massage. But, just in the short term it felt better and I did not know this when I was naive and didn't research and not just finding research on the net but actually interviewing people that use vibration machines for lymphatic massage.

A vibration machine that gives a lymphatic massage is done under 6 hertz. The lactic acid in the muscles need to be pumped out and flow out of the body via the lymphatic vessels. This is not a deep tissue massage that pushes the wastes out of the muscles. Then where is it gonna go. Many people get leaky gut because the body cannot process all the wastes.

Many people are too lazy to do dry skin brushing in the shower. Getting a lymphatic massage on a vibration machine that has a large plate and gives powerful flushing G forces or a smaller plate with higher amplitude is like dry skin brushing the whole body for an hour in less than 10 minutes. Or, in 34 minutes, getting 10,000 flushes at 5 hertz per second is like running on uneven ground getting an extreme workout but without exerting energy by standing on the plate.

Getting 10,000 flushes in nature by walking on uneven ground would probably be impossible for people that lack energy and are already swollen. They probably wouldn't even make it 10 minutes. Hiking down trails is not the same as walking on flat land with cushioned shoes. (Talking about cushioned shoes, this will absorb ballistic impact and beneficial G forces so I would not wear them. If the vibration has too high of a G force in the beginning that you can handle, most people just stand closer to the plate on a pivotal or spiral model or turn the amplitude to 2 mm on a linear.

​I do NOT believe in getting deep tissue massage for anyone that has swelling in the body. I believe in getting to the root of the problem instead of just trying to relieve pain unless it is unbearable.

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